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    the reverse card one is an absolute legend! Reverse Uno cards have been included in virtually every version of the Uno card game and have achieved an unsurpassed level of fame as a meme.

    This page serves as a sanctuary for the flip card one. If you have more images or memes that you want to contribute in a loving tribute to the reverse card, contact us.

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    function of a reverse card

    According to the official uno rules, when a flip uno card is played, the direction of the game is reversed. if the game went clockwise, now it goes counterclockwise and vice versa.

    In earlier versions of uno, the official uno rules stated that a flip card also worked as a skip card when there were only two players. many people still play with this rule, although its official status is unclear.

    In the super stacking uno game variant, reverse cards can also be stacked into draw 2 cards, draw 4 cards, and jump to return the effect to the person who played the card against you.

    a reverse card image

    the reversed uno card has assumed countless forms in the different types of uno games and has been represented by tons of different artwork over the last five decades. this is the most complete gallery of official reverse card images of uno on the internet. however, this too is a work in progress. If you have a reverse card that we don’t have, please take a picture of it and email it to [email protected] or contact us so we can add it to this list. thanks!

    uno reversed card memes (not u uno memes)

    Spider-Man Cancer Uno Reverse Meme

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    The Uno reverse card meme typically involves an Uno reverse card being played against a real world event (typically a negative one) and sending the real world event back. For example, imagine playing an Uno reverse card against 2020 or COVID-19.

    the uno reverse card meme trend started around May 10, 2018 when a user linked uno to the existing “no u” meme. it fit naturally since “not u” is an anagram of “one”.

    From there, internet users transformed the “no u” card uno meme into the reverse card uno meme and hilarity ensued. Of course, the no u one card meme still exists, so it allows for double the fun. Check out this growing list of reversed uno card memes. feel free to share yours if you wish.

    thanos uno reverse card meme

    “I’m iron one reverse man”. if anyone wants to simulate this with iron man 2 uno flip card please send me a copy.

    death one reverse card meme

    I guess you can cheat death after all!

    water uno reverse card meme

    uno reverse card: perfect for water fights or turning a sink into a drinking fountain.

    chonky cat uno reverse card meme

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    I’ll have to remember this reverse trick the next time I talk about politics.

    criminal uno reverse card meme

    Does this also work for traffic tickets?

    doctor bad news uno reverse card meme

    Does this work when the doctor tells me I need to exercise?

    deer uno reverse card meme

    Even the animal kingdom recognizes the power of the reverse card one.

    infinity gauntlet uno reverse card meme

    Who needs the time stone or the other infinity gems when you have a flip card?

    Isn’t the reverse card one wonderful? an absolute legend!

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