Games of the XXth Olympiad – 1972

    munich, west germanyAugust 27 – September 9, 1972

    In the most controversial game in international basketball history, the U.S. he lost his first Olympic competition, ending a 63-game Olympic winning streak and a run of seven consecutive Olympic gold medals.

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    final classification of the 1972 olympic games

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    coach henry was going usa. the team quickly got through its first few games. Thomas Henderson and Dwight Jones scored 16 and 15 points, respectively, in the opening 66-35 victory over Czechoslovakia, and Ed Ratcliff scored 18 points in a U.S. 81-55 romp over Australia. cuba fell 67-48 when dwight jones led the americans with 18 points, and the us. He struggled with Brazil before finally settling for a 61-54 win. egypt was overwhelmed 96-31, mike bantom scored 17, spain fell 72-56, and the u.s.a. drilled japan 99-33 like seven u.s. the players scored in double figures. james forbes’ 14 points and henderson’s 10 others propelled usa. uu. to beat italy 68-38 in the semifinals, setting the stage for the now infamous u.s. olympic final. uu.-ussr.

    With a pair of 8-0 teams, the final between the us. and the ussr was as expected, a closely contested ball game. the ussr took a 7-0 lead and at the half was in possession of a 26-21 lead. With 12:18 to play and the Soviets leading 38-34, the US’s Dwight Jones. uu. At 6’8′, the top scorer and rebounder in the US. USA, and Soviet reserve Dvorni Edeshko were ejected from the game after a fumble fight. On the next jump between two, 6’9′ Jim Brewer suffered a concussion after being knocked to the ground. the United States. He continued to trail behind in the second half, but cut the gap to a point, 49-48 on Jim Forbes’ jumper with 40 seconds remaining. the soviets reduced the clock to 10 seconds, but tom mcmillen blocked aleksander belov’s shot and doug collins intercepted his pass as he tried to pass it to center court. collins drove to the basket and was undercut as he attempted a layup with three seconds remaining. He gave up two free throws, a groggy Collins sank both free throws to put the United States ahead 50-49 with three seconds remaining despite the fact that he honked in the middle of his second attempt.

    From there, confusion reigned. Immediately after Collins’ free throws, the Soviets took the ball out and failed to score. but a referee had called for play to be stopped with a second remaining after hearing the earlier horn and seeing a disturbance near the scorer’s table. The Soviets argued that they had requested a timeout before Collins’ free throws. the referees ordered that the clock be reset to three seconds and the final seconds of the game played. however, the clock was in the process of being reset when the referees put the ball into play. a part of the Soviet pass from the court did not hit the target, the horn sounded and the us uu. again began to celebrate.

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    however, r. william jones, fiba general secretary, intervened and ordered the clock to be reset again to 0:03 and the game to be replayed from that point. this time aleksander belov of the ussr and kevin joyce and jim forbes of the united states went for the pass, belov caught ivan edeshko’s long pass at the free throw line and the two americans slumped, belov then drove into the basket for the layup and the winning points after the game, the usa uu. filed a protest and fiba officials met to discuss the protest. the United States. the protest was denied and the soviets received the gold medals. the United States. the team voted unanimously to decline their silver medals.

    1972 usa. uu. men’s olympic team roster

    1972 usa. uu. accumulated statistics of the men’s Olympic team

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