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    dodgers and giants need one more game to decide their supremacy in 2021, and if one thing is certain heading into game 5 of the nlds, it is that both sides know each other intimately.

    “they know us. we know them very well,” receiver will smith said Tuesday. “It’s all going to come down to who wants it a little more and who’s ready to go that day.”

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    better is sometimes a relative term when comparing two teams, but in this case it applies to the entire league. The Giants and Dodgers had the two best records in MLB this season. counting the postseason, both teams have 109 wins before Thursday.

    110 wins will be needed to reach the nlcs.

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    Thursday will be the 24th game between the Dodgers and Giants this season, which is even more remarkable considering their first game between them in 2021 came in the eighth week of the season. Believe it or not, that’s not the most times these two rivals have met in a single year.

    In the days of the 154-game schedule and an eight-team national league (1904-1961), teams played seven other teams 22 times a year. in both 1917 and 1933, before lights were installed in mlb stadiums, brooklyn and new york played two extra-inning games that were canceled while tied, which counted as a game played but not in the standings, and they were repeated from the beginning at a later date.

    Those two years saw 24 matchups between the Dodgers and the Giants each, but it was 1951 that took the cake. After the 22 games between Brooklyn and New York during the 154-game schedule, they needed a best-of-three playoff to decide the National League. that year, they played 25 games, with the home team’s giants winning the final contest to advance, as is well known.

    but while this year isn’t a record between the two teams, this is as good as the dodgers and giants have been at the same time. and 24 games is a lot against the same opponent.

    “Obviously, both teams know each other well. A lot of these guys have played against each other for a long time,” Giants catcher Buster Posey said. “That’s why you play. It really comes down to competition and execution, and it’s as simple as that.”

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    Thursday will be Posey’s 20th game against the Dodgers this season, hitting .299/.382/.552 against his longtime rival. If anyone would know about this rivalry, it’s Posey, who has played 180 games against the Dodgers in his Hall of Fame career.

    justin turner has played in all 23 games between the dodgers and giants so far this season. Chris Taylor is 22 years old, as is Mike Yastrzemski. Smith has played in 20 games and has homered twice in the series.

    Cody Bellinger was an astonishing 2-for-48 (.042) against the Giants during the regular season, but is 3-for-11 (.273) during the NLDS, including a game-breaking two-run double in game 2.

    “cody in the batter’s box, he forgot what happened in the regular season,” manager dave roberts said. “He’s there, and I think when I believe that, I can trust that.”

    walker buehler and anthony descalafani each made their seventh starts against the other team on Tuesday. Thursday will be Logan Webb’s fifth start against the Dodgers this year, and the sixth against the Giants for Julio Urias.

    “We know what they do, they know what we do. We know who they want to have baseball in Game 5, they know who we want and the matchups we’re trying to pull off,” Roberts said. “Now it’s about going out there and executing, and the best team wins.”

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