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    Illinois basketball team celebrates after NCAA tournament win
    Illinois basketball team celebrates after NCAA tournament win

    Illinois basketball’s impressive 78-49 victory over Drexel in the first round of the NCAA tournament has left fans and analysts alike buzzing about the team’s potential. Led by star guard Ayo Dosunmu, the Fighting Illini put on a dominant performance that showcased their talent and versatility. In this article, we’ll delve into the four key takeaways from their victory, analyzing the game’s highlights and what it means for Illinois going forward.

    Takeaway #1: Dominant performance by Ayo Dosunmu

    Illinois basketball player blocks opponent's shot in NCAA tournament win
    Illinois basketball player blocks opponent’s shot in NCAA tournament win

    It’s no secret that Ayo Dosunmu is the heart and soul of this Illinois team – and he proved it once again in the win over Drexel. The junior guard put on a show, finishing with 17 points, 11 rebounds, and 6 assists. But it wasn’t just his impressive stat line that caught the eye – it was his leadership and composure on the court that really stood out.

    Dosunmu’s ability to take over a game is unmatched, and he did just that against Drexel. He attacked the basket with confidence, drawing fouls and finishing with ease. He also displayed his trademark court vision, finding his teammates for easy baskets and keeping the offense flowing smoothly.

    But perhaps most importantly, Dosunmu’s leadership and poise helped to settle Illinois down when Drexel threatened to make a comeback. He kept his teammates focused and motivated, leading by example and ensuring that the team never lost their momentum.

    As Illinois progresses through the tournament, they’ll need Dosunmu to continue his dominant play and leadership. If he can perform at this level consistently, the Fighting Illini will be a tough team to beat.

    Takeaway #2: Strong defensive effort

    While Dosunmu’s performance was undoubtedly impressive, the real key to Illinois’ victory was their dominant defense. The Fighting Illini held Drexel to just 49 points, well below their season average of 68.6 points per game.

    Illinois’ defense was suffocating from the opening tip, with players aggressively contesting shots and disrupting Drexel’s offensive flow. The team’s length and athleticism was on full display, with players like Kofi Cockburn and Trent Frazier using their size and quickness to shut down Drexel’s attack.

    But it wasn’t just the starters who contributed to the defensive effort – the bench players also stepped up and made their presence felt. Freshman guard Andre Curbelo was particularly impressive, using his quick hands and tenacity to disrupt Drexel’s ball handlers and create turnovers.

    The strong defensive effort was a testament to Illinois’ preparation and discipline – and it bodes well for their chances in the tournament. If they can continue to play lockdown defense, they’ll be a tough team to score against and will have a real shot at making a deep run.

    Takeaway #2: Strong defensive effort

    To achieve this level of defensive dominance, Illinois relied on a variety of strategies. One key tactic was their use of ball pressure, with players consistently hounding Drexel’s ball handlers and making it difficult for them to initiate their offense. The team also switched aggressively on screens, ensuring that no Drexel player was able to get an open look.

    Another important aspect of Illinois’ defense was their rebounding. The team pulled down a total of 42 rebounds, with Kofi Cockburn leading the way with 14. This allowed the Fighting Illini to limit Drexel’s second-chance opportunities and keep the pressure on their opponents.

    Overall, Illinois’ defense was a well-oiled machine that worked together seamlessly. By using a combination of ball pressure, aggressive switching, and strong rebounding, they were able to limit Drexel’s offensive output and secure a comfortable victory.

    Takeaway #3: Bench players stepping up

    While Dosunmu and the starters were undoubtedly the stars of the show, Illinois’ bench players also played a crucial role in the team’s victory. In fact, the bench outscored Drexel’s bench 28-9, highlighting the importance of depth in the NCAA tournament.

    Freshman guard Andre Curbelo was particularly impressive, finishing with 12 points, 6 rebounds, and 3 assists in just 18 minutes of play. Curbelo’s quick hands and tenacity were on full display, as he created turnovers and disrupted Drexel’s offense with ease.

    Other bench players who made an impact included Jacob Grandison and Da’Monte Williams, both of whom provided energy and hustle on both ends of the court. Grandison finished with 8 points and 3 rebounds, while Williams contributed 4 points, 3 rebounds, and 3 assists.

    The importance of bench players in the NCAA tournament cannot be overstated. With games played back-to-back and little time for rest, having a deep bench is essential for success. Illinois’ bench players proved that they are more than capable of stepping up and making an impact when called upon – and that bodes well for their chances in the tournament.

    Takeaway #4: Lessons learned for the next game

    While Illinois’ victory over Drexel was impressive, there were still areas for improvement identified from the win. One of the key areas that the team will need to focus on is their shooting – Illinois shot just 31.3% from three-point range in the game, well below their season average of 38.6%.

    If the team can improve their shooting and make more of their open looks, they’ll be an even more dangerous offensive force. Additionally, the team will need to work on limiting turnovers – they committed 14 turnovers against Drexel, which is higher than their season average of 12.6 turnovers per game.

    Overall, Illinois will need to adapt and improve as they progress through the tournament. They’ll be facing tougher opponents with better defenses, so it’s crucial that they make the necessary adjustments and keep playing at a high level.


    Illinois’ victory over Drexel was a statement win that showed the team’s potential and talent. From Dosunmu’s dominant performance to the team’s suffocating defense, there were plenty of reasons for Fighting Illini fans to be excited about their chances in the tournament.

    But as we’ve seen, there are still areas for improvement – and that’s exactly what Illinois will be focusing on as they prepare for their next game. If they can continue to play at a high level and make the necessary adjustments, there’s no reason why Illinois can’t make a deep run in the tournament.

    So here’s to the Fighting Illini – let’s see what they can do next!

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