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    If you’re one of those guessing and questioning every pick, the fifth seed in fantasy football drafts is for you. With a top-five consensus virtually assured, you don’t have to face the pressure of the wrong choice to start your list. there may be a difference in preference between one or two types across industry rankings, however, generally speaking, you can let the draft fall to you.

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    this article will review the perfect draft from fifth place in a 12 team espn ppr league. each selection was optimized using projections and rankings based on values ​​from the 4for4 draft hero tool.

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    hero eraser setup

    • squad setup: 1 qb, 2 rb, 3 wr, 1 te, 1 flex (rb/wr/te), 1 kicker, 1 def, 6 benches
    • no qb restrictions: in a one quarterback league, I usually like to wait for a quarterback until after round 6; however, for this draft, I will not limit myself to that rule. I’ll stay fluid and if there’s good value in the position before round seven, I’ll take that opportunity.
    • no kicker or d/st until last two rounds: I enforce this rule no matter what draft I’m in. there is too much uncertainty when it comes to kickers and defenses. save these late round picks for dart shooters and players with a lot of potential. there is no reason to draft a kicker and defense before round 15.
    • limit 1 qb, k, d/st: I like to limit my list to one of these positions. you will most likely end up broadcasting a kicker and a matchup based defense. therefore, writing a backup for either is not recommended. As for quarterbacks, if you come across a guy in the top 10, the only time you’re going to bench him is at halftime. don’t waste a roster spot on a backup quarterback you’ll only use for a week.
    • jump to choose: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16 | draft summary

      round 1, pick 5 (5) – wr justin jefferson, vikings

      with the fifth overall pick, i went with justin jefferson. as noted above, this draft spot allowed me to sit down and select any of the top five ranked players that fell to me. in this case my top five were jonathan taylor, christian mccaffrey, cooper kupp, justin jefferson and ja’marr chase. three of those five players were drafted before it was my pick. I had my pick of jefferson and chase. According to 4for4 wide receiver rankings, jefferson was the correct selection.

      draft hero also suggested players like derrick henry, najee harris, dalvin cook and travis kelce. Usually, with an early pick, I like to go with an elite running back, so his suggestion made a lot of sense. However, in this draft, I played a little safer choosing to go with an elite wide receiver instead of two older running backs coming off injuries and another running back who has question marks around him at offensive line and quarterback. .

      For each round, draft hero also offers the best available suggestion along with four alternatives, as shown at the top of this section. Throughout the rest of the article, I’ll jot down those suggestions, as well as my best alternative to the player I actually selected.

      suggested alternatives: derrick henry, najee harris, dalvin cook, travis kelce

      my best alternative: ja’marr chase

      round 2, pick 8 (20) – rb saquon barkley, giants

      after securing my wr1, i watched seven riders get drafted. wanted to lock my rb1 as it would drop in level if i had waited until round 3. insert saquon barkley. Taking him as the 11th running back off the board, I love the value here. Coming into the season fully healthy in what appears to be an upgraded offense, Barkley will be the focal point of this offense. I wouldn’t be surprised if he ends up as the overall rb1.

      Two of the four suggested alternatives were running backs, so the draft hero’s recognition of the team’s needs matched my own perfectly. In fact, if Barkley wasn’t available, the next running back he wanted to get was one of the draft hero’s recommendations in Aaron Jones. Not wanting to wait any longer for a broker, Josh Allen and Mark Andrews, while excellent suggestions, were never considered.

      suggested alternatives: aaron jones, josh allen, mark andrews, javonte williams

      my best alternative: aaron jones

      round 3, pick 5 (29) – wr a.j. brown eagles

      Going into the running back dead zone, I was most interested in going with a wide receiver here. it was a draw between a.j. brown and tee higgins, but i went with the main goal definitely on his team. aj brown could be in line for his best season yet. With the philadelphia eagles expecting to pass more and the quarterback, pull hurts, level up, brown could easily end up as a top-12 wide receiver.

      Realizing that this next batch of runners was mediocre, draft hero’s suggested alternatives hit the spot. Michael Pittman Jr., D.J. moore and tee higgins were great suggestions. I gave each of them some serious thought and ranked them very close to brown.

      suggested alternatives: michael pittman jr., d.j. moore, tee higgins, ezekiel elliott

      my best alternative: tee higgins

      round 4, pick 8 (44) – wr brandin cooks, texans

      I still didn’t love any of the running backs here, so I decided to avoid the position until a little later in the draft. i ended up building my reception room with brandin cooks. I considered quarterbacking here, but since only three have been selected up to this point, I thought I’d wait another round.

      cooks is the perfect wr3 to have. Their team’s primary goal, the cooks must continue to be productive in an offense that will find itself trailing and needing to pass more often than not. finishing as a solid wr2 in his two seasons with the houston texans i hope this trend continues. the pencil gears up for another 1000-yard season.

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      three of the four alternatives suggested by the draft hero were quarterbacks. once again, this was the hero of the draft by reading my team and providing insightful, value-based recommendations.

      suggested alternatives: lamar jackson, kyler murray, jalen hurts, marquise brown

      my best alternative: lamar jackson

      round 5, pick 5 (53) – qb jalen hurts, eagles

      after considering quarterbacking in round 4, i decided to take one in round 5. although it was a suggested alternative in the last round, jalen hurts returned it to me and i jumped at this opportunity. I don’t just get the stack with a.j. Brown But It Hurts has a legitimate top-five advantage given his running ability. Under center behind a superior offensive line, injuries can easily lead to double-digit rushing touchdowns once again. on a points per game basis, it hurts was the qb6. he’s managed to do this while throwing just 16 touchdowns. give me that rush floor all day.

      I thought about going with another high-ceilinged, double-threat running back in Travis Etienne as the draft hero suggested, but ultimately I wanted to secure my quarterback and capitalize on the stack.

      suggested alternatives: travis etienne, dalton schultz, tom brady, t.j. hockenson

      my best alternative: travis etienne

      round 6, pick 8 (68) – rb kareem hunt, browns

      With three wide receivers already, it was time to draft a new position. while draft hero was suggesting mostly tight ends, he was curious to see what running backs were on the board. Draft Hero made it easy to quickly look up running back rankings with a simple click. seeing kareem hunt still available, he was locked in.

      since joining the cleveland browns, hunt has been as reliable as they come. finishing as rb10 in 2020 and ranking as rb8 from weeks 1-6 before injuring himself in 2021, hunting is being criminally undervalued. Producing Fantasy Points on a weekly basis, he’d get an immediate boost if his teammate Nick Chubb missed any moment. hunt has league-winning potential written all over it.

      suggested alternatives: t.j. hockenson, zach ertz, allen robinson, adam thielen, pat freiermuth

      my best alternative: rashod bateman

      round 7, pick 5 (77) – wr rashod bateman, ravens

      still in need of a tight end, the draft hero wisely suggested three of them. however, if he wasn’t getting an elite top-three pick, he wanted to wait until double-digit rounds before selecting one. With my starting running backs and wide receivers plugged in, it was time to fill out my flex. with this pick i just picked the best player available in rashod bateman. Fully healthy entering his sophomore year, and the WR1 on the Baltimore Ravens, Bateman is ready to make that jump into his sophomore year.

      suggested alternatives: allen robinson, zach ertz, pat freirmuth, dallas goedert

      my best alternative: aj dillon

      round 8, pick 8 (92) – featuring elijah moore, jets

      Continuing the theme of sophomore jumps, I settled on Elijah Moore in round 8. My first benched spot and my WR5, I couldn’t be happier with this choice. Moore came from strength to strength in the middle of the season before getting hurt and is on pace for a productive season with a much-improved offense on the New York Jets.

      suggested alternatives: cole kmet, pat freiermuth, dawson knox, noah fant, mike gesicki

      my best alternative: rhamondre stevenson

      round 9, pick 5 (101) – rb rhamondre stevenson, patriots

      With five wide receivers on the roster compared to two running backs, he knew he had to build that running back depth. rhamondre stevenson shone when he was given the opportunity last season. Reports from training camp have been saying that he is ready to take on the role of James White in New England. given this independent value and the top0-24 advantage if he manages to take on a bigger role as a running back, having stevenson as my rb3 is a win.

      suggested alternatives: chase edmonds, robert woods, brandon aiyuk, cole kmet

      my best alternative: brandon aiyuk

      round 10, pick 8 (116) – take you kmet, bears

      after gaining depth as a running back and wide receiver, I wanted to pick my starting tight end. he knew he had the luxury of waiting a few rounds because up to that point, only one other team had no tight end. cole kmet fell into my lap. Set up to have massive target participation in an offense that lacks weapons and due to positive touchdown regression, kmet was one of the post-round players he was targeting.

      suggested alternatives: melvin gordon, skyy moore, james cook, nyheim hines

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      my best alternative: khalil herbert

      round 11, pick 5 (125) – rb khalil herbert, bears

      with four bench spots remaining, I’m just looking for advantages here. khalil herbert has that. when he was called up last season in the absence of david montgomery, herbert showed the fantasy football world why he should be on the roster. in his two starts last season in weeks 6 and 7, herbert was the rb8. although he is a small sample size, it is proof that he can produce when he is in the field. herbert is one of the top roster wives in every league.

      suggested alternatives: nyheim hines, marquez valdes-scantling, j.d. mckissic, kj osborn

      my best alternative: k.j. osborn

      round 12 pick 8 (140) – rb j.d. mckissic, commanders

      adding to my runner room, j.d. mckissic is a late rounder who possesses independent value. Catching at least 40 passes and rushing at least 40 times in back-to-back seasons, McKissic is someone I can throw into my lineup for a week when I’m in a bind.

      suggested alternatives: george pickens, marvin jones, devante parker, robbie anderson

      my best alternative: devante parker

      round 13, pick 5 (149) – wr devante parker, patriots

      with my bench consisting of three running backs and only one wide receiver, I wanted to even the score. When looking for wide receivers this late in the draft, I look for guys who are making noise in training camp or have a clear path to targets. devante parker has been getting a lot of attention this summer. The aging veteran could have a few weeks of success if quarterback Mac Jones finds his way in the red zone.

      suggested alternatives: tyler bass, buffalo defenseman, ryan succop, brandon mcmanus, matt prater

      my best alternative: nico collins

      round 14, pick 8 (164) – wr nico collins, texans

      wanting another wide receiver, I had to move down the draft hero ranks a bit. Nico Collins is a deep shot of darts that could pay off. On a Houston Texans team that lacks weapons outside of the cooks, Collins is ready to be the next man. he has the potential to be a major asset.

      suggested alternatives: buffalo defenseman, jalen tolbert, ryan succop, george pickens, michael gallup

      my best alternative: jalen tolbert

      round 15, pick 5 (173) – buffalo defense

      I don’t give it much importance when selecting a defense. I usually just go with the best available. Since buffalo bills’ defense is ranked at the top of the 4for4 rankings, I think he’s a good pick.

      suggested alternatives: ryan succop, matt prater, robbie gould, cade york

      my best alternative: matt prater

      round 16, pick 8 (188) – k greg joseph, vikings

      always taking my kicker in the final round of drafts, I like to go with one who is on a superior offense that I know will move the ball down the field and be able to score often. Greg Joseph fits this criteria as the Minnesota Vikings were in the top half of the league in scoring last season.

      suggested alternatives: ryan succop, robbie gould, rodrigo blankenship, cade york

      my best alternative: ryan succop

      draft summary

      lessons learned: not sure how the draft will end after going with a wide receiver in round 1, I’m excited about my team. Locking in a top-three wide receiver, another top-12 wide receiver, and a running back and quarterback who each have a top-five lead at their respective positions, this team can certainly do some damage. waiting on a tight end allowed me to build much-needed depth as a running back and wide receiver. That said, since I’ve waited on my tight end, I’d be more comfortable with another late-round tight end on my bench in case kmet doesn’t work out. Overall, this list of top five spots looks complete and in position to make a title run.

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