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    Dina Asher-Smith withdrew from the 200m at the Tokyo Olympics due to a hamstring injury, but will compete in the 4x100m relay.

    The 25-year-old failed to make the 100m final and then decided to withdraw from the 200m due to a hamstring injury from which she is still recovering.

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    Following his third-place finish in the 100m semi-final heats, Asher-Smith revealed he had suffered a painful torn hamstring in the British Olympic Trials final.

    asher-smith fought back tears when he announced he would have to retire from the 200m.

    “It’s been a crazy, intense, heartbreaking period. I was in the shape of my life. For sure. I’m not trying to sound arrogant, but that’s where I was,” she said, like the one from Jamaica. elaine thompson-herah defended her 100m title.

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    “I tore my hamstring at 60m, shut down and ran 10.97 (in testing).

    “The big story of the day was the clock (initially giving it a new British record before correcting it) and I was thinking ‘I don’t care about the clock’.

    “my leg was doing something different. that day i was told it was a rupture so my hamstring and tendon were no longer attached and i would need surgery. it would be three or four months before i could walk again and then a year to run.

    “I was crying my eyes out that day…it was a tough 48-72 hours for me. it was crazy. at that point I had a written statement, I probably still have it on my phone, ready to go right before the selection .was not going to be selected.

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    “I was on crutches, no crutches, learning how to fully extend it again, walking, exercising, jogging, running. we were counting down.

    “It was a 3a tear of a German classification. I think it is equivalent to a grade 2. Normally, the recovery time is six weeks to start training again. So we have done very well.”


    asher-smith won’t run the 200m but thinks he has enough to compete in the relay.

    “I’m doing the relay, 11:05 is incredibly helpful in a relay stage, especially with daryll,” he said.

    “I think we’re a very talented group. Me with a few more days of training and Daryll is in fantastic shape. I’m so proud of her. We grew within 20 minutes of each other.”

    Prior to the games, the sprinter had withdrawn from events in Stockholm and Gateshead, but the true extent of the injury had not been made public.

    asher-smith said he was initially told in manchester that he had ruptured his hamstring. She was informed that the injury would require surgery and three to four months of rehabilitation after that.

    got a second opinion and that revealed his hamstring was still attached, but was significantly torn.

    “The most frustrating thing for me is that I was in the shape of my life and I can say that with my hand on my heart,” Asher-Smith said immediately after her 100m semifinal.

    “if you asked me six weeks ago, I was pretty sure I was going to win this [100m]. I’m being completely frank because I knew that every part of my race, my start, transition and finish, were better than some of the fastest women in the world.

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    “when you face an obstacle like that [the injury], suddenly everything goes back to normal. i was discouraged to be told that it was impossible for me to be in tokyo. then, they told me that there was a possibility .

    “thanks to all my brilliant close friends who knew and have been with me emotionally. thank you all for keeping my secrets.”

    “It’s been a journey. Honestly, I’m so proud to have come here and run an 11.05 a week of speed training, because I spent four weeks trying to run again.”

    For Asher-Smith, pulling out of the 200m event that starts on Monday is something he finds incredibly difficult to deal with.

    “As the reigning world champion, and I was in such great shape, you just know that becoming an Olympic champion isn’t much more,” she said.

    “With the journey of three weeks off racing, one week running slow, and then just putting on the spikes, crossing my fingers and hoping for the best, I’m so proud to have raced here.” I’m very proud of everything I’ve done so far.

    “when you talk about the standard I want to be at, and I know I’m capable of doing that sometimes…there’s a lot more championships for me to come in and kill.”

    “we’re in the middle of a four to five year cycle and yes, I tore my hamstring at the most inopportune time, but it doesn’t really change the fact of the caliber of athlete I really love.

    “I know if I want to show that, I just need a few more weeks of speed endurance and power training to fill the void we had when I was trying to walk again and extend my knee.”

    “john told me it’s a no [for the 200m]. although that broke my heart because i’m a competitor but he’s wiser than me. yes this is the olympics but there will be another.”

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