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    tiny tina’s wonderland has many quests that can be quite difficult to understand, but can ultimately be considered fair. however, nothing can be as frustrating as not clearly knowing how to perform a specific skill which stops your progress completely if you can’t perform it. knight job quest has a moment in your questline just like that.

    In the mission, the player is asked to perform a slam attack against the llance mushroom, but is given no direction on how to perform this action or even how to get to llance in the first place. Naturally, this has frustrated many players and caused them to look elsewhere for their answers. Worry not folks, for we have come up with the answers to this inscrutable quest through this guide.

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    To perform the hit attack in the knight job quest, you must do the following:

    • to reach the llance mushroom jump on top of the mushrooms on the ground near it.
    • this will launch you a considerable distance upward towards llance
    • once you reach the apex of your jump and start to descend, click the crouch button
    • the crouch button may vary depending on your game system
    • your character will now perform a slam attack
    • make sure you target the mushroom he is standing on to send him flying to his death.

    an important fact to remember is that the crouch button may differ depending on the console you are using to play. if you are a playstation player the button will be o and if you are an xbox player the button will be b.

    what’s your ground slam button?

    One of the biggest obstacles to successfully completing the knight job quest for many players is not knowing what’s your crouch/punch button? An easy solution to this situation is for players to access their menu and go to the tab labeled controls.

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    This section highlights how all the buttons on your controller or mouse/keyboard are mapped. if you scroll down this menu, you’ll find the mapping called crouch/slide/ground slam. it is this option that will let you know which is the exact button to press to activate your hit attack .

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    how to get to the llance fungus?

    another important thing you might notice is that casting is considerably elevated compared to your character. this makes doing a simple jump and slam difficult as it doesn’t accomplish the mission objective. however, there is a simple solution to this problem.

    If you turn around you will notice that there is a small crate, a tree stump and a large mushroom close to you on the ground. The mushroom in this instance can be utilized like a trampoline to increase the height of your jump by a considerable margin.

    so it is recommended to jump on the tree stump and then while aiming at the lance mushroom, jump on the mushroom next to the tree stump. this will boost you right over the lunge mushroom, giving you an incredible opportunity to slam attack.

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    There is, however, one small issue that arises if you’re not careful whilst carrying this mushroom jump out. If the player presses the Ground slam button too early then you will fall short of hitting Llance’s mushroom and will have to do everything over again.

    An easy method to avoid this is to wait until your character reaches the apex of their jump. this is the point after which you gain no more height from the jump and instead begin to fall.

    if while falling you realize you are close to the edge of the llance mushroom then press the button to hit the ground o if you are a playstation player and b if you are a strong xbox player. this will cause you to ground slam and you can send that pesky spear to the little tub graveyard.

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    General Tips regarding the Slam Attack

    The ground slam or slam attack is an excellent melee ability if you want to jump into the thick of battle and create a much-needed disruption. here are some tips we would provide to use this attack effectively.

    • Watch out for his long animation lock. A few seconds may not seem like much on paper, but sometimes it can be the difference between life and death. if you miss with the slam attack, enemies are very likely to attack you instantly, especially strong melee combatants. Time your slam attack distance wisely and use it when you are not afraid of retaliation.
    • The slam attack works great against a large group of smaller enemies. This is because you can usually stagger them by colliding with them and you can cause a large amount of area damage. use this when you feel like the crowd is getting too dense for your liking.
    • can be an excellent tool for dealing with an unsuspecting enemy. If you are positioning yourself stealthily and need to quickly get into action while disorienting the enemy, then this attack will be a good addition to your arsenal.

    And that’s all you need to know about the hit attack and quest for the hard working gentlemen in tiny tina’s wonderland. Please let us know if you have any queries or suggestions. we would love to receive your feedback. until next time! bye.

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