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    the aaf is offering football to fans after the nfl season ends. What is the difference between the AAF rules and the NFL rules? Fans will notice that the American Football Alliance offers similar gameplay to the NFL with a few minor tweaks. differences include no kickoffs, overtime rules, and defensive formations.

    Unlike the NFL, there are no kickoffs in the AAF, as teams will start at their own 25-yard line after scores and at the start of each half. Eliminating kickoffs is one way the AAF seeks to increase player safety and reduce the length of games. The AAF’s game clock is 35 seconds, five seconds shorter than the NFL’s.

    If a game goes into overtime, both teams receive the ball, but the game can end in a tie after each team’s possession. each team receives the ball at the 10-yard line with four attempts. no field goals allowed in overtime.

    unlike the nfl, there are no extra points & each team must attempt a 2 point conversion

    teams should go for two after touchdowns as a way to add excitement to the next play after a td as many fans shy away from extra point attempts. field goals are allowed in regulation but are not part of the overtime format.

    Unlike failed football leagues in years past, the AAF isn’t looking to win over fans with a product markedly different from the NFL’s, full of gimmicks. Bill Polian helped founder Charlie Ebersol create the league.

    “I want people who know about soccer to say, ‘hey, this is pretty good soccer and it’s going to get better and better throughout the year,'” Polian told espn. “We are going to be much better on April 27 than on February 9. teams improve as they practice and play together. that’s no 1. no. 2, I want people to say that it’s an interesting and exciting game.”

    there is a 15 yard illegal defense penalty in the aaf

    In addition to faster games, the aaf wants to promote high-score games. To that end, the league has implemented an illegal defense penalty. teams may not have more than five players running at one time. The AAF detailed its defensive rules that differ from those of the NFL.

    On defense, no more than five players may rush on passing plays. no defensive player may rush from a position more than two yards away from the widest offensive lineman and more than five yards from the line of scrimmage. exceptions would be game action or rushing option plays and if the ball leaves the tackle box.

    there will be a 15-yard penalty for “illegal defense”.

    no side kicks & the sky judge will help with player safety checks

    Since there are no kickoffs, this means there are no side kicks in the aaf. instead, teams can choose to have the ball in a 4-12 situation, but the team must be trailing by 17 points or more.

    internal kicks are not part of the alliance and instead “internal conversions” will be a new addition. if a team is trailing by 17 points or more within five minutes remaining in a game, they must make a quarter and 12 of their 28 to keep the ball.

    FAA officials will be assisted by the sky judge, who can make player safety calls from the press box, as well as pass interference calls with five minutes remaining in the game. the aaf described the responsibilities of the judge of heaven.

    the aaf will have a ninth member of the referee team, called an air judge, who will be in the press box and able to instantly correct “obvious and egregious” referee errors. Judge Sky will use real-time technology to correct clear player safety-related errors at any time during a game and pass interference within the five minutes remaining in the fourth quarter.

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