Aaron Judge takes apparent dig at Jose Altuve during home run trot in New York Yankees win

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    houston – step into the past, step into the past? not for aaron judge.

    The All-Star outfielder hit his 21st home run of the season off Zack Greinke on Saturday night, which was the only run scored by the New York Yankees in their 1-0 win over the Houston Astros in what It was a master nine. entrance bleached by gerrit cole.

    Reading: Aaron judge next to altuve

    As the umpire rounded up third base, he looked like he was trying to beat the 2017 AL MVP, José Altuve. Judge briefly held his jersey and appeared to mimic Altuve by gesturing to his teammates not to rip their jerseys off after his pennant-winning home run in the 2019 American League Championship Series.

    Altuve claimed a bad collarbone tattoo was the reason the Astros’ All-Star second baseman didn’t want his jersey ripped off.

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    Replay video of altuve agitatedly pointing to his jersey and shaking his head and finger in a “no” gesture as he circled third base inspired a debate about whether the stars were cheating by wearing buzzers under their jerseys that they would let them know that the release was coming.

    “Every time they keep the roof closed here, it’s pretty cold. So I tell my team to button up a little bit,” the judge said wryly, when asked if the gesture was directed at the opponent. team bench. His teammate Kyle Higashioka, who admitted he didn’t notice the judge’s gesture, said it was probably just a “playful joke.”

    an investigation led by Major League Baseball confirmed that the Astros had cheated by using a camera-based sign-stealing system during the 2017 World Series regular season and playoffs, and for part of the season regular 2018. The investigation detailed that password theft did not occur in 2019.

    judge was one of many players who didn’t mince words in addressing the Astros’ sign-stealing scandal last year, saying the team should vacate the title and the players should have been punished. The judge also said that he believes the sign-stealing scheme had a direct impact on the 2017 ALCs, which the Yankees lost to Houston in seven games.

    altuve and judge were selected as starters for the 2021 all-star game. altuve decided not to play in the summer classic at coors field on tuesday and will remain in houston to deal with an unspecified injury to his left leg. judge is one of three stars for the yankees this year, along with cole and aroldis chapman.

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    Judge’s third-inning home run was all Cole needed after allowing only three hits in nine scoreless innings. Cole threw 129 pitches against his former team, a new career high and an MLB season high, and struck out 12 batters. his performance was made even more impressive by the fact that he had been dealing with an undisclosed illness that severely affected him physically, to the point where he was unable to keep food down and required intravenous fluids, leading to his shift at rotation was questionable. in a moment.

    “It’s probably one of the best [performances] I’ve ever seen, certainly in a regular-season setting,” manager Aaron Boone said of Cole’s departure, his first shutout since May 4, 2018, against the Los Angeles Dodgers. Arizona Diamondbacks. “And honestly, two days ago, I didn’t know if I was going to be able to start. I was under the weather and getting IV’s in Seattle. So it was questionable even if I would go out there. Not only does he go out, he does that? It was the most special possible.”

    judge had high praise for cole’s performance, particularly in response to being one of the incumbents singled out for declining results since campaigning against the use of foreign substances in baseballs throughout the league.

    “That took guts. That took heart,” the judge said. “People can say what they want about different things going on or he’s not the same but he’s the same guy. He brought the intensity tonight; we fed him all night. And to keep a team like the stars, shut them down completely.” . nine, that’s pretty impressive.

    “I know they’re missing a couple of their big bats, [alex] bregman and [carlos] Correa, especially. but that was an impressive performance all night. and even in the ninth inning trying to get them out, he he said ‘no, this is this is my game’. you love to see that on your ace.”

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