Aaron Rodgers Next-Snap Odds: Where Will He Play in 2022?

    the “aaron rodgers watch” could soon come to a merciful conclusion. The Green Bay quarterback could decide if he plans to stay with the Packers this week.

    rodgers remains undecided about staying in green bay, reports pro football talk. Tuesday is the deadline for teams to apply the franchise tag to eligible players. Wide receiver Davante Adams, Rodgers’ favorite target, is a free agent but could be franchised by the team. so it’s unlikely they’ll be able to join elsewhere unless the Packers go into full rebuild mode.

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    The Denver Broncos hired Packers offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett to be their head coach in February. That makes Denver the natural next stop for Rodgers on betting apps if he ends up leaving Green Bay.

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    the packers would have to trade the rights to rodgers, so a trade to the afc would be almost certain if he really does move away from the packers. There are also reportedly trade deals made or in the works with Denver, Tennessee and Pittsburgh if Rodgers opts for a trade.

    Speculation about Rodgers’ future began immediately after Green Bay’s 13-10 loss to San Francisco in the NFC Divisional Round. It continues to flourish after Rodgers won his second straight MVP. Last offseason, betting sites published Rodgers’ “first-chance odds” after Rodgers and the Packers front office saw their relationship reach peak dysfunction status. This offseason, Rodgers and the Packers appear to be in a much better place in terms of their relationship than they were a year ago.

    Aaron Rodgers Next-Snap Odds: Where Will Packers QB Play in 2022? 1

    Projected Aaron Rodgers 2022 First Snap Odds

    Here’s a look at potential NFL odds on Rodgers’ future, based on a review of and an analysis of current QB situations across the league.

    Odds above are projected and are not currently available from legal sportsbooks or betting apps. this page will be updated if odds are available.

    denver’s best destination if rodgers leaves

    the broncos were considered one of the favorites to land rodgers before the 2021 season given his qb and salary cap situation. Neither has changed in a way that would take Rodgers out of consideration in Mile-High City this offseason. Rodgers priced around +275 to go to Denver before opting to stay at Green Bay in 2021.

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    another potential destination for rodgers would be the pittsburgh steelers. Ben Roethlisberger has announced his retirement from the NFL after 18 seasons. The Steelers have $34 million in projected salary-cap space without Big Ben, so that would leave Pittsburgh plenty of room to sign Rodgers and a prime target to join him in Steel City.

    In 2021, Rodgers and his wallet accepted the financial reality they were facing and decided to play. The Packers’ front office also gave Rodgers everything he wanted, within reason. Still, with all of that, Rodgers was swamped in the snow by the San Francisco defense in the playoffs. he could only watch as the special teams unit of the worst packers in the universe faltered on the frozen tundra.

    Aaron Rodgers Next-Snap Odds: Where Will Packers QB Play in 2022? 2

    Roster, Cap Concerns Loom In Green Bay

    while control issues were central to rodgers in his decision to stay at green bay before last season, he has already expressed concern about what kind of roster the packers might surround him in 2022 given salary cap concerns from greenbay. The Packers drafted QB Jordan Love in the first round of the 2020 draft. Rodgers and the team renegotiated his 4-year, $134 million contract before last season to make 2023 a “blank year.”

    green bay is about $47 million over the projected cap with rodgers on its current roster. The Packers have Rodgers under contract through the start of the 2023 season at the earliest. If the Packers and Rodgers part ways before June 1, 2022, the Packers would save $19,297,021 toward the cap of 2022. If the Packers trade or release Rodgers after June 1, the team saves $26,970,589 toward the cap this season, but takes a hit of $7,673,568 next season. green bay controls your rights

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