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    brett favre and aaron rodgers are two of the most recognized figures in the history of the green bay packers. Both have built lasting legacies that will be fondly remembered for years to come by many Packers and football fans alike. With their flair for big, dramatic escapes and Super Bowl titles, in many ways the two are very similar. but if you were given the choice between favre or rodgers, who would you choose to lead your team? In this article, I’ll compare the two and break down which quarterback has the upper hand in different categories.

    the latest packers quarterback debate: brett favre or aaron rodgers?

    arm strength

    I’ll start with a common attribute often looked for when looking for quarterbacks: arm strength. While it’s no secret that Favre had an absolute cannon, Rodgers also has a rocket for an arm. both can throw over 60-70 yards and sometimes even farther. Both quarterbacks have displayed their divine arm strength against the Detroit Lions in particular. In the 1993 NFC Wild Card against the Lions at the Silverdome, Favre rolled to his left only to throw backwards across the field toward the corner of the end zone from the Lions 40-yard line, where Sterling sharpe was beaten in stride by the winning score in what was later dubbed a “favre to sharpe”.

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    Rodgers’ moment came at Ford Field in 2015 when, after trailing by 20 in the third quarter, Rodgers drove his team back only to get one last chance with the ball inside his own 35-for-2 yard. To his right and with an opening run, Rodgers unleashed a bombshell that landed right into the jumping arms of richard rodgers for the winning score in what was eventually dubbed the “miracle at motown.” While both have shown his ridiculous arm strength, Favre was much more known for his arm strength and had the ability to dislodge his receivers’ fingers with the force with which he threw. I’ll give you the edge in this category.

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    border: favorite


    Both quarterbacks have thrown their fair share of impressive throws, but when Rodgers is at the top of his game, there’s no shot that can go wrong. his immaculate ball placement is so precise and articulate it’s like watching an artist paint or a poet write. In short, Rodgers is a football master. He owns a 65.1 percent completion percentage for his career and has thrown just 72 career interceptions for him, compared to Favre’s 62 percent completion percentage and 336 interceptions. That’s not to say that Favre was never an accurate quarterback who could exhibit incredible ball placement, but there really aren’t many quarterbacks in NFL history who have surpassed Rodgers in this category.

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    edge: rodgers

    footwork/pocket presence

    while rodgers may be well known for his ability to put the ball on a dime, he might be even more known for his countless “great escapes” and mobility in the pocket. Even when he’s not hitting his receivers, you can always count on Rodgers to buy time and get out of the rush. While other players may see their passer rating drop when they’re facing the load, Rodgers actually sees his rating rise, which is one of the main reasons he’s one of the least attacked quarterbacks in the NFL. .

    a favre, on the other hand, doesn’t fare as well in this category, though he’s certainly done his fair share of “great escapes.” Favre often made stupid decisions when he was under pressure, throwing balls up into double coverage or desperately throwing balls into tight windows, which is a big reason he’s the NFL’s all-time interceptions leader. . he would try to escape lightning charges only to lose even more yardage as well. on top of that, he would often throw off his back foot and throw the ball down the field without landing on his feet. no disrespect to favre, but this is a category rodgers wins easily.

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    edge: rodgers


    this is a pretty tight category between rodgers and favre. Rodgers came to the NFL with an incredible amount of knowledge in his rookie season and was a student of the finer details of the game. he expanded on that throughout his time in the nfl by sitting behind favre and then getting his own experience from him, to the point where rodgers can regularly make smart reads, including the ability to be able to take out opposing defensive linemen with the hard count. Of course, before Rodgers made hard counts his thing, he learned from the original hard count master in favor. Favre, unlike Rodgers, entered the NFL with a limited ability to make smart reads and differentiate defenses, instead relying on his rocket arm to bring home wins.

    Over the years, however, Favre became an exceptional quarterback before the play as he gained more and more experience. as his intangibles grew, so did his ability to gather his team. Favre was always a very vocal leader in the meeting and in the locker room, and many players on the team looked up to him. Rodgers, on the other hand, was never as good as a team leader, often taking second place to the likes of julius peppers or mike daniels.

    In recent years, however, Rodgers has taken on a leadership role as he ages and the players around him get younger. this was especially evident last season when he repeatedly blamed himself for losses in the early part of the season and expressed full confidence in his team when he made his now-famous “run the table” prediction. this category is closed, but I think the advantage is in favour.

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    border: favorite


    when brett favre arrived in the nfl, the packers were at one of their lowest points in franchise history. After falling to 4-12 in 1991, the Packers fired lindy infante and then hired a new general manager named ron wolf, who took a chance trading a first round – pick for an untested and undisciplined favre. Favre managed to turn the Packers around, leading them to the playoffs in 1993 and by 1995 the Packers had put together the pieces for a title run, which they would achieve in the 1996/97 season. Favre finished his career with numerous NFL records and was enshrined in the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2016.

    Rodgers also holds numerous NFL records and has his own Super Bowl ring, as well as career stats that match those of all-time greats. Rodgers still has a lot in the tank and could possibly challenge Favre’s franchise and NFL records when it’s all set and done, and he could add a few more rings should he ever be backed up by a competent defense. But for now, Favre’s legacy vastly dwarfs Rodgers’s, though Rodgers may one day overtake Favre in this category.

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    border: favorite


    packers fans certainly owe favre a debt and there are many who still count him as their favorite quarterback. he without a doubt he is one of the best quarterbacks and best football players in nfl history. His passion for the game was unrivaled and his toughness was divine, as evidenced by his NFL record 297 consecutive starts (321 including playoffs).

    but aaron rodgers came along, and suddenly there was another player in the discussion for the packers’ greatest quarterback of all time. he makes plays and throws that few, if any, quarterbacks can pull off consistently. He is a god among men, and there are days when it seems like everyone on the field is playing to Rodgers’ will. he rarely makes mistakes and at the same time he has the ability to place footballs on a dime. He’s converted three Hail Marys in his career, and he’s probably the only NFL quarterback to have done it multiple times, let alone three.

    favre will always have a special place in the hearts of packer fans, and while he has a lead in three of the five categories on this list, rodgers outranks him. At the end of the day, Rodgers protects the ball much better and doesn’t take as many risks, although sometimes those risks Favre took would end up winning the game at Green Bay.

    rodgers on favre

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