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    Donald May, who spent a decade and more than 2,800 episodes playing crusading lawyer Adam Drake on the CBS-ABC daytime soap opera Edge of Night, has died. he was 92 years old.

    May died Friday at his home in Kent, New York, his wife, actress Carla Borelli, told the Hollywood Reporter. He had made great strides after suffering a major stroke about five years ago, but was recently diagnosed with laryngeal cancer, she said.

    The handsome man also played newspaper reporter Pat Garrison in the 1960-62 ABC drama The Roaring ’20s, just one of many jobs he landed at Warner Bros. TV shows early in his career.

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    Theatrical-trained, May worked on the Monticello-set crime drama Edge of Night, a late-afternoon television version of Perry Mason, from 1967 to 1977, speaking every word in a 1968 episode in which Adam submitted his closing. he argued while defending an innocent woman on trial for murder.

    “Donald May as Adam smoothly delivered forty-two pages of dialogue,” noted Christopher Scheringing in the 1985 Encyclopedia of Soap Operas.

    May was also one half of a late-night supercouple with Maeve McGuire, who played Nicole Travis, before their run on the show ended abruptly when Adam was shot in the back while sitting alone in his office.

    “he was an engaging character, adam drake,” may told the washington post in a 1984 interview. “i found i could say through that character a lot of things that i had a lot of thoughts about. if you’re playing the modern man every day, and that’s what the character was playing, that was satisfying.”

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    added: “Since so many people looked at me and seemed to relate to me, I felt a double obligation: to my profession and to my audience. at least I had an obligation to maintain the integrity of the character.”

    May was born in Chicago on Feb. 22, 1929, and raised in the Windy City and Houston. His father, Harry, was in the oil business.

    He attended Shaker Heights High School and Western Reserve University in Cleveland, then graduated from the University of Oklahoma. After earning her master’s degree from the Yale School of Drama and a four-year stint in the United States. Marina, she performed on stages in North America with artists such as Julie Harris and William Bendix.

    He made his screen debut in the 1956-57 television season when he played Cadet Lt. Charles C. Thompson and served as a narrator on the CBS anthology series West Point. (Gene Roddenberry wrote nine episodes that season.)

    From 1959 to 1962, May appeared frequently in Warner Bros. shows, guest starring on hawaiian eye, sugarfoot, 77 sunset strip, cheyenne and surfside 6 and replacing wayde preston as a leading man in colt .45 in the middle of his shift as a new york garrison records reporter in the roaring 20s, also starring by dorothy provine.

    After finishing a day’s work on the verge of night, I often worked on stages in New York at night.

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    In 1977, late at night, a producer told him that next Monday would be his last show. he said that he was alone on the set with a cameraman and a sound technician for his last scene.

    “you’re sitting at the desk, the door opens, bam, bam in the bookcase. and that was it,” she said in a 2016 interview. “I probably said or did everything I could have done on the show. It wasn’t anger… Adam was done, done.”

    Following Edge of Night, May starred as Grant Wheeler on the NBC soap opera Texas, an Otherworld spin-off, and worked on other daytime series including As the World Turns, One Life to Live and All My Children.

    You can also appear in episodes of Combat!, The F.B.I., Fantasy Island, The Facts of Life, Dallas, Falcon Crest, Mom’s Family, and L.A. law and in movies like the sky full of people (1960), a tiger walks (1964), kisses for my president (1964), follow me, boys! (1966) — kirk russell played him as a child in that — and o.c. by robert altman. and stiggs (1985).

    He and Borelli had been together since 1979. They played pairs at Texas and O.C. and stiggs, worked together on falcon crest and endorsed and performed at the now defunct ata theater company near the intersection of hollywood and vine.

    Survivors also include his sons, Christopher (actor on the Apple TV+ series AfterParty) and Douglas.

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