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    blackhawks president rocky wirtz sent a letter to hockey hall of fame president lanny macdonald requesting that brad aldrich’s name be removed from the stanley cup.

    “aldrich’s involvement with the team during the 2010 season has overshadowed the extraordinary work of the players that year. the names of some of hockey’s most talented athletes appear in the stanley cup, but so does the name ‘brad aldrich ‘ whose role as video coach made him eligible for etching,” Wirtz wrote in October. 29 letter. “However, his conduct disqualified him and it was a mistake to submit his name. We are sorry we allowed that to happen.”

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    The request comes just days after the Blackhawks released a 107-page document that involved interviewing 139 witnesses over the course of a four-month independent investigation following a lawsuit filed by a former player in May 2021. report went into detail. regarding a sexual assault that occurred in May 2010 by Aldrich on Kyle Beach and the lack of an investigation by the Blackhawks organization at that time.

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    who is brad aldrich?

    Aldrich was hired in July 2008 and served as video coach with the Blackhawks during the team’s 2010 Stanley Cup season.

    He left the organization that summer and went on to work and volunteer at USA Hockey, the University of Notre Dame, the University of Miami (OH), and Houghton High School. Aldrich was convicted in 2013 in Houghton, Mich., of fourth-degree criminal sexual conduct involving a student. he was sentenced in 2014 to nine months in jail and five years of probation.

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    The former student, who played on the high school hockey team, is listed as John Doe 2 and is also suing the Blackhawks citing that they provided positive references for Aldrich.

    according to the associated press, the university of miami (oh) also opened an investigation in June. Aldrich was the director of hockey operations at the school, but resigned in 2012 “upon suspicion of unwanted touching of an adult male.” In September, the school released its findings, concluding that he sexually assaulted two men in the fall of 2012.

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    can a name be removed from the stanley cup?

    technically. After the Tankers won the Stanley Cup in 1984, owner Peter Pocklington included his father, Basil Pocklington, on the list of names to be engraved. it was later discovered that he had nothing to do with the oilers’ operations. because it is engraved on the silver, x was placed over his name.

    the name “basil pocklington” is marked with an x ​​on the stanley glass. the nhl should at least do that to brad aldrich

    according to tsn’s pierre lebrun, the nhl is the only one who can decide whether to remove a name and hopes the hockey hall of fame will approve the request.

    is the stanley cup always corrected?

    There have also been a number of bugs. Some that have been left to stand the test of time include:

    • 1941-42 maple leafs: turk broda also appears as walter broda
    • 1950-51 maple leafs: ted kennedy’s spelled as ted kennedyy
    • 1951-52 red wings : alex delvecchio’s last name is spelled belvecchio
    • 1962-63: toronto maple leaes
    • 1971-72: bqstqn bruins
    • 1980-81: new york ilanders

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    and some have been corrected such as adam deadmarsh (listed as deadmarch), which was the first name fixed in 1995-96. Hall of Fame Netminder Jacques Plante appears in the Stanley Cup five times, and each time his name is spelled differently.

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    what was the response from the hockey hall of fame?

    Just hours after the Blackhawks’ letter was sent to Macdonald, the Hockey Hall of Fame’s Director of Corporate & Media Relations, Kelly Masse, issued the following statement on Twitter:

    “hhof chair, lanny mcdonald spoke with nhl bettman & daly today re: the blackhawks’ request to remove aldrich’s name from the cup. the parties agree that this request is appropriate & will have more dialogue, including with the cup trustees, about the best way to make this request.”

    where is the stanley cup now?

    The irony is that the Stanley Cup is back in Canada for the 2021 Lightning Championship team to be etched into the biggest trophy in sport. so in theory it wouldn’t be too hard to remove the name right away.

    time to record the names. Consecutive winners also means side by side in the #stanleycup @nhl @tblightning @hockeyhallfame

    has brad alrich’s name been removed?

    according to tsn’s ryan rishaug, brad aldrich’s name has been removed (crossed out) in the stanley cup.

    I can confirm that Brad Aldrich’s name has been removed from the Stanley Cup. it was done on Sunday when the names of the lightning bolts were added.

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