There’s A Difference Between A Toxic Ex And A Door 3

    I think every college student or girl in her twenties listens to the infamous podcast called dad. If you follow Call Der Daddy, then you’ve heard Alex Cooper talk about ‘Door #3’ of hers. but if not, let me go over it for you.

    a ‘door #3’ is classified as a guy who alex knows if she goes out with, it will be a very serious, long-term relationship. keep in mind that this would be a healthy relationship. But, Alex Cooper never makes things that simple. she knows that she is still in her twenties and not yet ready to settle down. she makes sure to keep in touch with door #3 of hers enough that they both don’t forget about each other, but not too much that they get jealous of each other seeing other people. Although it seems complicated, it is actually much easier than you think.

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    This type of relationship is what I would describe as “the right person at the wrong time.” but, with a little twist. it’s the person you start seeing, then some unexpected events intervene in the relationship, so you both mutually agree to see other people or just put things on pause. In my opinion, I don’t think a #3 door can be someone you’ve already seriously dated in the long run. this type of relationship is someone you meet unexpectedly and completely out of the blue. someone with whom you have an immediate connection, but you are at a very inconvenient time to start a serious relationship. For example, you both know each other before moving to college or work, or you are too busy with your career to start a serious relationship. Or even in the Alex Cooper situation, where you know there’s a strong connection, but it’s not ready to be established yet.

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    trying to force a relationship at the wrong time is the worst thing you can do to yourself. Settling down with a serious partner before you’re ready can cause major strains on a relationship that could thrive if started a little later in life. Falling in love isn’t supposed to be hard or complicated. it should also not be tiring or tiring. I think that’s where a #3 door and a toxic ex can get confused.

    Like I said before, I don’t think a #3 door could be someone you’ve dated long-term. I see many friends or people online walk out of an obviously unhealthy long-term relationship and then say ‘it was the wrong time’ or refer to them as their #3 door. but in reality, it was just the wrong person. this is what I mean by that;

    Like I said before, a #3 door is someone you have a strong connection with, but something is keeping them from leaving. if you date someone long term, then break up with them and say it’s because “it’s your door number 3” or “it was the wrong time”, that’s just a relationship gone wrong, not door number 3. yeah your relationship didn’t work out when you had time on your side, chances are it won’t work out later. don’t use the term door #3 just as an excuse to let a toxic ex back on the scene.

    a door #3 is not a forced relationship, it just happens. It’s an organic chemistry that usually fits together like a domino effect. But sometimes not as quickly as you might expect.

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    I strongly believe in the idea that everything happens for a reason. I’m not someone who forces relationships or things in my life because if they’re meant to be in my life, eventually they will.

    if you’ve made it this far, chances are you think you have your own door #3. having a #3 door is such a unique feeling that only people who have theirs really understand. it’s exciting but very frustrating at the same time. it would explain the feeling of having that best friend who could easily make the ‘let’s get married when we’re 30 if we don’t know anyone’ pact that you see in the movies.

    a #3 door should be a happy and fun relationship. It must be one of your best friends who maybe from time to time gets drunk and confesses her feelings for you. but they both know that they should continue with their daily lives because going out at this time would be too complicated.

    so here is your door #3. just take a deep breath and let life take the lead.

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