All 79 Cookie Run: Kingdom Characters: Stats, Abilities, & Costumes

    about cookie execution: realm cookies

    There are plenty of cookies: kingdom cookies to choose from when you’re trying to build your perfect team or when you’re trying to take down another team. cookies like the frozen queen cookie or dark cocoa cookie can be essential, while the sherbet shark cookie or squid ink cookie can be poor choices. You may be wondering if certain cookies are great additions to your computer while others are bad, and this is the best place to see those reasons.

    You can no longer get all the cookies, namely the sonic cookie and the tails cookie, but the rest are playable characters you can get, like the pure vanilla cookie. another example of a good cookie would be the affogato cookie due to its area damage over time.

    There are some additional cookies you’ll see throughout the game that are currently unobtainable, such as the Dark Sorceress Cookies or the Golden Cheese Cookie. these are story characters that exist in the game but cannot be obtained, at least not yet. keep an eye out for future updates should they become available at some point!

    Each cookie is unique and that includes having unique stats and abilities. some abilities vastly outperform other abilities, making you want to lean toward one cookie over another. Custard Biscuit III might be a decent healer for you, but Cotton Biscuit can heal while also providing much more utility for your team. when comparing these two cookies, cotton is the one you’d like to take with you to your battles.

    There are some cookies, like the black raisin cookie or the strawberry crepe cookie, that don’t serve a strong enough purpose and you may never use them unless you have no other options, but that’s ok! we want to show you the full capabilities of all cookies, regardless of whether people think they’re good or not, because you might like the way they look or your personality.

    In addition to the abilities, we also show you the backstory and costumes of each cookie. If you’re curious about the pumpkin pie cookie, you can check out her story and her approach to Halloween or the chili cookie and her story as a treasure hunter. There are even some sad stories, like the cookie from the sea fairy due to being cursed, so check it out if you’re interested.

    The Cookie Race: Kingdom costumes aren’t just for show, they have stories to them! Some are just funny stories, like the dark chocolate chip cookie’s Christmas costume where he wears a Santa hat and lights because other cookies are trying to cheer him up. others, like the mint chocolate chip cookie, have costumes that give the cookies different personalities. Unfortunately, there are some cookies, like the twizzly gummy cookie, that don’t have costumes yet, but we may see some in the future.

    You may also be curious about how to get the cookies in cookie run: kingdom that you see in this list. Fortunately, players have a few avenues to obtain cookies, but the main ones can be associated with hoping for the best rather than just choosing the ones you want.

    The main method of obtaining cookies is the gacha system, which includes a featured cookie giveaway that you can do. the other option is simply a regular cookie giveaway. draws are offered in a single draw or a 10-fold draw. the 10-time draw is not discounted and has no better odds at all, but it saves time when you want to draw a bunch of cookies at once.

    These draws cost gems, which can be obtained from various in-game activities or through in-app purchases. the game’s campaign is one of the best sources of gems in the game, although it is limited. the first time you complete quests and get 3 stars on them, it will bring you a lot of gems quickly. then you can save those gems for future or use them to mine cookies.

    The odds of different cookie rarities when mined are always subject to change, but generally speaking, common cookies are the most common, rare is the next most common, then epic, then ancient, and then the legendary ones. Featured cookie pulls are a great way to get that specific cookie due to the increased chances of drawing it.

    In addition to just ordering cookies and hoping you get the one you’re looking for, there’s also a miles shop that can be seen from the gacha. you get mileage points just by doing draws. the miles store allows you to spend those points on soul stones for many specific cookies in the game that are of epic quality. this can be a great way to get the cookies you are looking for, although it will be a long-term investment to achieve.

    other ways to get cookies is to participate and do well in the arena, do the campaign in dark mode or participate in events. arena can be tricky to get right, but it’s a great source of specific units and gems. dark mode stages offer certain stage-specific cookie soul stones so you can try and farm additional stones for specific cookies you might be interested in.

    Events are unique, including all the rewards that flow from them. events are often active, but don’t always award cookies or soul stones. however, keep an eye on them, because they always reward something worth having.

    Another part of the gacha worth mentioning is the costume giveaway. This is your source for unlocking costumes for all the different cookies in the game. Unlike most things in gacha, costumes cannot be drawn with gems and can only be drawn with rainbow cubes, which are earned through various activities and events in the game.

    If you get a costume you already have, it turns into a rainbow crystal. When you get enough rainbow crystals, you can spend them in the rainbow crystal shop to get specific costumes. these come in incredibly tiny amounts, so you’ll have to save up quite a bit of time before you finally get enough crystals to unlock a costume.

    Take a look at all the characters in the Cookie Run Kingdom – so you can better understand how you should prepare your Vanilla Kingdom for battle!

    If you want to know which cookies are generally considered better than others, please see our list of cookie execution realm levels. includes lists for both pvp and pve so you can prioritize what you’d like based on which game modes you prefer.

    We also have a group of teams that use these cookies in various ways on our cookie execution teams page. check it out if you’re looking for ideas on what kind of team to build.

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