Allyson Felix: American Sprinter Just Beat Usain Bolt’s Medal Record

    • american sprinter allyson felix broke usain bolt’s record for gold medals at the world championships in athletics on sunday.
    • felix won her 12th gold, one more than bolt’s 11 , when she and her team took first place in the 4×400 meter mixed relay.
    • The 33-year-old gave birth to her first daughter prematurely in November and subsequently fell out with her sponsor Nike, who accused of not supporting pregnant women. women.
    • flex wrote an article in the new york times in which she said the brand asked her to take a 70% pay cut on a new post-pregnancy contract and refused not to punish her if her performance decreased.
    • Following her article, Nike changed its policy on pregnant athletes.
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    American sprinter Allyson Felix is ​​now the most successful athlete at the world championships in athletics, having won an unprecedented 12th gold medal.

    Felix, 33, secured gold in the 4x400m mixed relay on Sunday, in turn beating Usain Bolt’s record of 11, which had stood since 2013.

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    The medal was also her first since returning to the sport after prematurely giving birth to her first daughter, Camryn, in November.

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    “so special, having my daughter here watching means a lot to me,” said felix after the victory, according to afp. “It’s been a crazy year for me.”

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    Felix gave birth to her daughter via emergency C-section at 32 weeks late last year after experiencing severe pre-eclampsia, a potentially dangerous condition characterized by high blood pressure.

    Throughout her pregnancy, the American detailed her struggle to maintain her image as a world-class athlete, particularly with her sponsor Nike, which said it did not support her taking a break from athletics to start a family.

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    In May, he provided a full account of his feud with Nike in the New York Times, writing an op-ed in which he said the brand had asked him to take a 70% pay cut on a new contract after become a mother and refused to contractually agree not to punish her if her performance worsens.

    his contract with nike, which ended in December 2017, was not extended; However, the brand changed its policy on pregnant athletes after the publication of Felix’s article, preventing pregnant athletes from facing performance-related deductions for 18 months thereafter.

    felix posted a statement he received from nike after the rule change on his instagram, saying, “our voices have power.”

    The 33-year-old signed a new endorsement deal with Athleta in July, becoming the company’s first sponsored athlete.

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