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    The great Amanda Serrano, pound for pound, is back.

    the wbc, wbo and ibo featherweight champion returns in the co-main event before jake paul vs. tyron woodley. defends his titles against miriam gutierrez in tampa, florida.

    Reading: Amanda serrano vs miriam gutierrez highlights

    round 1:

    the serrano starts fast as lightning! After taking a minute to feel Gutierrez, he would be on top of the challenger. The Serrano overflows with his fists, blow after blow. Serrano confuses him, attacking Gutierrez’s body and head. The referee would watch closely as Serrano threw it at him. she would take small breaks between hitting her opponent. she effectively paced herself to pull off some great combos.

    round 2:

    Serrano continues to maintain volume, tearing apart the body and the head. Gutiérrez was no longer more than a punching bag. the challenger returns fire, throwing his own leather at the champion. Serrano lands some good shots in Gutiérrez’s ferocious comeback. Guiterrez spices up his shots to end the round.

    round 3:

    The theme of this round is a little less active than the first two. the fighters turn down the volume and play it safe from a distance. Guiterrez swings, but Serrano responds effectively in exchanges. Serrano lands some nice shots to end the round.

    round 4:

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    they trade and enter the clinch. Serrano lands a combo with Guiterrez landing a crisp left hand on the champion. Guiterrez lands a big uppercut with Serrano countering with an impressive series of punches that landed. Guiterrez appears hurt but recovers quickly as the two exchange quick hands. Guiterrez lands a beautiful left hook with Serrano coming back with 3 punches.

    round 5:

    the women keep a good distance from each other, without doing too much. Guiterrez lands a nice right hand on Serrano. Serrano becomes the aggressor connecting two right hooks in a row. Guitierrez smiles as Serrano lands heavy blows on him.

    round 6:

    Serrano goes after the jab. Gutierrez throws the punches at him as Serrano ducks and counters. they get into a fight, with both girls putting everything into their punches. Serrano invests in the body throwing big hooks at times. Guiterrez would be active but wouldn’t land much with Serrano evading. Serrano ends the round with some solid bodywork.

    round 7:

    Serrano lands impressive shots from below and continues on top. Gutierrez is holding his ground, but he is not allowed to have much success. serrano looks amazing, as he swings towards the fences in a wild but serene manner. Hook after hook, Serrano swarmed Gutierrez with a barrage of punches. Gutierrez’s face is bruised and bruised as he exits the round. no end, just domination.

    round 8:

    This boxing match looks like a game of tag, as Serrano continues to tap the challenger on the feet. Gutierrez was being outmatched but came back to give everything he’s got. Guiterrez would respond, fighting the champion. Serrano would continue to pressure her, making this fight an all-time classic.

    round 9:

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    The two take a short break as they move around the ring, not attempting too many punches. Serrano chooses the shots from him, using the jab effectively. Gutierrez stalks Serrano, goes ahead but finds no success. Serrano throws clean punches to close the round.

    round 10:

    both seek to close the show. the women sway wildly, trying to get each other out of there. Serrano tears the body madly. Serrano eats some shots from Gutierrez while he stays in the pocket. the two fight each other in the final round like it’s a phone booth. The final bell rings in a great combat showcase.

    Official result: Amanda Serrano defeats Miriam Gutierrez by unanimous decision (99-90, 100-90, 99-91)

    see highlights below:

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