Ana Patrícia and Duda retake successful partnership in beach volleyball and already have good results

    In 2014, during the Nanjing Youth Olympic Games, Brazilians Ana Patricia and Duda established a partnership that gave Brazil a gold medal in beach volleyball.

    They became two-time U-21 world champions, winning the titles in 2016 and 2017.

    The couple then took different paths, in different cities and with different partners, until they met this year and decided to aim for Paris 2024 together. “It’s a very special moment in my career,” Duda told the International Volleyball Federation (FIVB) website. “We trust each other. I think this is very important… we are completely confident that we are doing our best every day. We have to trust that the results will reflect that,” she added.

    ana patrícia, 24, also did not hide her excitement at the start of the season: “we have had a great experience over the years and we want to enjoy it”, she told the fivb website.

    the new beginning for doubt and ana patricia

    The sands of Rosarito, in the Mexican state of Baja California, witnessed the official reunion of the duo competing in the tough elite 16 tournament of the beach volleyball world circuit, in March.

    “We have been working hard for this moment, but we know that it is only the first step and we have a lot to improve. The desire to start well and consolidate ourselves as a good team is very much alive within us”, he reflected. ana patricia on the debut for the international volleyball federation website.

    23 years old, but a long-established name on tour, he doubtless has a lot of experience. She knows that the beginning of each project is full of interest and anxiety, but she analyzed this very moment for the FIVB website: “We are aware of all the emotion, we will use it to do it well.”

    in mexico, the brazilian duo finished fifth with three wins and one loss, in the quarterfinals against the dutch couple of stam and schoon, who became champions of that inaugural stage of the elite 16 the next day.

    the development of the winning yoga duo from brazil

    Two months have passed since Rosarito. During that time, the duo returned to Brazil and continued their training program in Uberlândia (the city where they live and the base of their Praia Clube club) – and the schedule of national and regional competitions.

    duda, from the state of sergipe, and ana patricia, from the state of Minas Gerais, knew that developing synergies and results was a matter of time. the first conquest took place in early may, in the last stage of the brazilian beach volleyball tour, in brasilia. “We are taking advantage of each tournament to get along, to seek and achieve the best of ourselves. This title is important, but there is still a lot to do”, Duda commented in an interview for the website of the Brazilian Volleyball Confederation (CBV). .

    two weeks later, another title. They won the “finals” tournament that closed the 2022 season of the South American series, in Uberlândia, which gave Brazil the absolute title.

    when they played “at home”, on the fields of praia clube, ana patrícia and doubt beat their compatriots elize maria and thamela in the final. “In each championship we see the evolution of the team and that is our goal. Before thinking about results, about winning, we think about building our identity. we are achieving every match to achieve the results we want,” ana patricia told the cbv website.

    how to see ana patricia and doubt in elite 16 in ostrava

    The recent results in Brazil and South America, added to the experience of Ana Patricia and Duda, place them among the favorites for the second stage of the Elite 16, in the Czech city of Ostrava, between May 26 and 29. . The first match of the duo is on Thursday 26, at 11:50 a.m., with the rivals still to be defined.

    The second stage of the beach volleyball world tour elite tournament 16, in ostrava, will be broadcast live on

    ana patricia and duda are already qualified for the beach volleyball world championship in rome, italy, between June 10 and 19.

    alongside them, the other brazilian couples from brazil for the world cup, in rome, are:


    • barbara & carol solberg
    • rebecca & talita
    • taiana & hege
    • men:

      • andré stein & George
      • renato & vitor felipe
      • alison & guto
      • bruno schmidt & demon

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