Lakers news: LeBron James on Anthony Davis&039 Super Bowl commercial

    lebron james and anthony davis have developed a close bond since joining the los angeles lakers (via klutch sports) and winning an nba championship in their first season together.

    perhaps that’s why james was caught off guard by a revelation about davis’s role on the day of the nfl title game (the “super bowl” i think they call it).

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    After the Lakers’ surprisingly stressful double-overtime win over the Detroit Pistons at the Staples Center on Saturday, James and Davis held their postgame zoom session with reporters together, leading to a jovial back and forth between the two superstars regarding their plans for Sunday.

    “I plan on getting up early, getting a treatment and then going back to sleep,” LeBron James said when asked if his recovery schedule the day after playing 46 minutes would be reduced to his Super Bowl Sunday routine.

    james also divulged his family’s tradition of classifying commercials.

    “I’m focused on the game and the commercials. I have to be focused on the commercials… I don’t want to miss any of them. As a family, we always rank in the top five super bowl commercials, so I look forward to that.”

    In connection with that revelation, ESPN’s Rachel Nichols mentioned that Davis would be starring in a commercial during Super Bowl LV, causing James to look at his close friend in surprise.

    “why did i just find out about this?” asked the offended king.

    “it’s a surprise… thanks for screwing it up, rachel,” joked anthony davis good-naturedly.

    jokes aside, the ad said his inclusion in a super bowl ad really means a lot to him.

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    “It’s a great thing for me, being a big football fan. like bron said, you always watch the commercials… that’s one of the reasons you watch the super bowl. for me to be a part of that legacy… it was great for me. I’m not sure how the world will take it yet. … I’m excited to be a part of that.”

    Davis did not reveal when the announcement would be or who it would be for. Known Davis endorsements include Nike, Red Bull, Foot Locker and Saks, should he wish to make a prediction and add an additional bet to his pool.

    “If you have a commercial on Super Bowl Sunday, you’re doing something right,” James said. Interestingly, James remembered filming an ad for the big game in the past, but he couldn’t remember what it was (a real goat metric).

    “I know how much those commercials cost. … I remember the budget,” she recalled. she noted how the cost of ads depends on when they occur during the game, and “whether you get a ’30’ versus a ’60’ or a ’90′” (seconds).

    “I think I’m 15,” Davis quipped self-deprecatingly.

    In case lebron james needs a refresher, his super bowl ad was…last year. And, it’s no wonder James’s memory was clouded by finances, considering his 2020 ad for GMC’s electric Hummer lasted two minutes.

    Unfortunately for Davis, his beloved Green Bay Packers fell to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the NFC Championship Game, so his ad may be the highlight of his viewing experience.

    When it comes to the actual football game, James was once again diplomatic about his prediction.

    “I just want to see a great game,” he said, echoing his sentiments after Thursday’s game. James said he has friends on both teams, including Patrick Mahomes, Tom Brady, Rob Gronkowski and Travis Kelce. (James is a fan of Dallas Cowboys and Cleveland Browns).

    In addition to being the only Lakers all-star to participate in a Super Bowl ad this Sunday, Davis will be the only one without dietary restrictions, according to a jealous James. however, the burgeoning tequila/mezcal mogul and oenophile will at least take advantage of his favorite liquids.

    “I can speak for myself and I can speak for myself if I were 27 years old like him. No, I can’t eat fun food like I’d like… probably baked wings. it’s not going to be the way i want it to be when he was 27 like the ad… i can’t do it at 36. i’ll have a blast. there will be a lot of wolves and wine at my house… I just want to see a great game.”

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    on saturday night, james made sure to open the wine after shutting down the pistons with two step-back dagger 3-pointers in the final minute of the second overtime. As he walked back to meet up, James indicated that he was ready to call it a night.

    bron for three 🔥

    — bleach report (@bleacherreport) February 7, 2021

    lebron my god.

    — bleach report (@bleacherreport) February 7, 2021

    “I was ready to go. I’m 36 years old,” James admitted. “my heart is not sustainable for two extra hours… I was ready to go home. …I have a bottle of wine that is ready to be opened and I put it back an extra two hours.”

    lebron james had 33 points and 11 assists in the 135-129 win, while davis added 30 points of his own. In the spirit of the weekend, James showed off his quarterback skills during the third quarter, hitting tight end Talen Horton-Tucker on a wheel route for a touchdown.

    lebron threw the penny from 3/4 of the court for the dunk 🎯

    — sportscenter (@sportscenter) February 7, 2021

    The Lakers (18-6) will take the day off Sunday, the team’s first rest since returning from a seven-game road trip. the. will face the oklahoma city thunder at home on monday.

    The start of the super bowl between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Buccaneers is at 6:30 p.m. m. et at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa. enjoy the holidays, friends, and bet carefully.

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