Anthony edwards historic run shows what he can be

    It’s been a bright start to the second half of the season for Timberwolves rookie Anthony Edwards.

    During the first five games after the All-Star break, highlighted by his 42-point performance Thursday at Phoenix, Edwards is averaging 30.6 points and 5.4 rebounds. she is shooting 48 percent from the field and 39 percent from 3 in this stretch.

    It’s been a historic streak, and that’s not hyperbolic. He now holds the NBA record for most points by a teenager in a three-game streak (105), a four-game streak (126) and a five-game streak (153), eclipsing names like LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony, luka doncic, devin booker and zion williamson.

    “I think he’s talking about the decision to recruit him, no. 1. Certainly he is worthy,” Timberwolves head coach Chris Finch said. “It talks about what the future holds for him and the organization, what he is capable of. and now we just have to make sure that we continue to temper expectations and cultivate in him the best habits and continue to grow him. that’s going to be on both ends of the ball, not just offensively.”

    what finch liked about edwards’ performance on thursday was how well the rookie handled the ball. He’s been asked to do a lot more of that in the offseason, as Ricky Rubio is the only healthy point guard on the team right now.

    “That’s kind of a new dimension for him,” Finch said, “overhandling.”

    As much work as Edwards was doing on the perimeter, he was also dominant on the inside late in the game, with Karl-Anthony Towns and the 6-foot-4 rookie guard running almost a reverse game from inside to outside, where edwards took advantage of matchups against smaller defenders.

    “Ant, it’s a load,” said Finch. “It reminds me a bit of Zion. It just has this incredible explosiveness and this powerful body and it’s difficult to manage against mismatches, against changes.”

    russell update

    finch said point guard d’angelo russell is back in minnesota and has had a couple of workouts at the team’s facility. Russell hasn’t played since Feb. 8; he underwent arthroscopic surgery on his left knee on Feb. 17 to get some loose body in the knee.

    “I’ve seen videos of those, it looked good,” said Finch. “It’s right where it needs to be. I can’t wait to go back and see him, sit down and hang out with him this weekend.”

    the team returns to minneapolis after the game on friday. will russell practice with the team in the twin cities?

    “I’m not sure, I don’t even know what our practice schedule will actually be like,” admitted finch. “But he’ll be in the gym, for sure. yesterday we had a very technical practice, without much intensity or many repetitions; lots of teaching, tutorial type material. so he can certainly be present in that. it’s more about mental absorption than anything else.”

    culver returns

    jarrett culver was active Friday for the first time since the team returned from the all-star break. Culver missed the previous five games with a sprained left big toe.

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