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    in the near future, there will be an nba game that will include multiple bogdaniviches. and neither of them will have anything to do with each other.

    The only thing these two guys have in common is the game itself.

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    Otherwise, one guy is a 25-year-old Croatian and the other a 22-year-old Serb, each with different backgrounds and perspectives.

    the phoenix suns got the 22-year-old serbian bogdan who they drafted at no. 27th pick in the 2014 draft. He will play in Turkey in 2014-15 after recently signing a contract with Fenerbahce Ulker who has a 2016 NBA out, according to Ismail Senol.

    the brooklyn nets just signed croatian bojan bogdanovic, who has been experimenting in europe since the miami heat took him away (and then traded him to the minnesota timberwolves, who sent him to the new jersey nets) in the No. 31 pick in the 2011 draft, to a three-year, $10 million contract.

    These two boys have been standouts for their respective countries at this summer’s FIBA ​​Basketball World Cup 2014.

    But with Bojan, we’re not exactly talking about a top prospect, something that Bogdan, the 2014 EuroLeague Rising Star winner, was dubbed last season by Partizan. Bojan has been a highly regarded international prospect since the European Championships way back in 2005.

    after moving from the real madrid youth team and cb murcia of the spanish acb to cibona zagreb of the adriatic league, he spent the last three years at fenerbahce ulker.

    bojan averaged 14.8 points per game last season, having led his team to the Turkish Basketball League and the Turkish Super Cup championship.

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    and it has caught fire this summer in spain despite the ups and downs in croatia. Bojan’s 21.2 points per game through sixth is really good for third-best in the tournament. he’s all offensive, and he gets it in more ways than one.

    He’s 5’3″, has good size and decent athleticism for a small forward, but it’s his skill level and touch that ultimately separates him.

    has the ability to put the ball down and create his own shot with a number of different shots in the arsenal, from midrange stop and pop jumps to post fades.

    Still, it’s their jumper who probably has the most value in the nba. bojan projects poorly as a defender, given his limited lateral speed, while many of the shots he creates for himself rank fairly high on the hard scale. he just isn’t too explosive around the rim, which hurts him as a finisher in the paint.

    but, despite a poor year shooting the ball, he shot more than 40 percent from downtown in consecutive seasons prior to 2013-14 thanks to accurate, fast shooting and plenty of range. During the World Cup, he hit 13 triples at a respectable 36.1 percent.

    bogdan also has a good kick shot, and while it’s a bit choppy, it’s arguably just as deadly.

    made a total of 140 triples in 66 games played last year. During the World Cup, where he averaged 28 minutes, Bogdan hit 11 three-pointers in six games at a rate of 39.3 percent.

    He shoots with remarkable confidence and has the ability to connect under pressure.

    bogdan is also cunning at midrange, where he can get up and shoot out of nowhere or break away from his defender by stepping back.

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    And he’s a good-looking athlete taking his place on the court. Ultimately, he’ll have to do a better job of finishing in traffic and creating a higher 2-point shooting percentage (shooting under 40 percent from the field in consecutive seasons), but he’s a threat on the drive- and- slash game both on and off the ball.

    this year, we witnessed the evolution of bogdan’s playing skills, which became apparent when partizan’s point guard (leo westermann) was injured. Bogdan averaged 3.7 assists in the Adriatic League and EuroLeague and 2.7 during the World Cup.

    Bogdan is not a point guard, but his rebounding elusiveness results in open shots for his teammates, whom he has proven capable of finding as a passer.

    and unlike bojan, bogdan actually projects as a potential defensive asset, given his 6’11” size, mobility and aggressiveness. while he still has a lot to learn, bogdan competes with great energy on this end of the floor , a quality that likely suits nba coaches.

    bogdan and bojan actually squared off in early August, with bogdan winning the bogdanovic battle by sinking a game-winning 3-pointer with less than six seconds to go.

    but it is bojan who we will see with the expected regularity next season, given the need to attack and shoot from the nets.

    “even during the season, i told people at fener how i would stay, but when the call came from the nba, when we started talking about my role in the team, about life in the united states…that It was a key moment and I decided to go to the NBA,” Bojan told Croatian newspaper Vecernji’s Drazen Brajdić.

    For what it’s worth, of the two, I’d go with bogdan, whose youth and two-way service give him the edge in the long run. But both the Bogdanovic boys will eventually emerge as impact players in the NBA.

    Hopefully, once these guys get established in the league and establish their own separate identities, there won’t be any more confusion among the fans and the media about who’s who.

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