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    They share a lot. both defensive backs, both 5-foot-10, both known as attacking midfielders.

    these two even share their name, asante samuel — mr. and jr.

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    But there’s one thing neither feels particularly comfortable sharing with the other:


    when the shippers recruited samuel jr. in the second round in April, the convenient assumption was that the father helped make the son, that two players so similar in style, so alike in technique had to be close.

    turns out that assumption was too convenient.

    “people say, ‘oh, he’s asante samuel’s son, so of course,'” samuel jr. said. “That’s like giving his legacy and taking mine… to some people, it’s like he’s trying to live off his name.”

    said samuel sr.: “it’s unfortunate that you still think that way. he is making it difficult. he’s going to go crazy. he should hug him.”

    these two have a relationship, one samuel jr. characterized as “long distance”. in separate interviews, they expressed love for each other.

    But they haven’t spoken in months, each saying the other has a hard time communicating.

    samuel jr. He is about to start his NFL career on Sunday when the Chargers visit Washington. samuel mr. he played 11 years in the league, intercepted 51 passes and won four professional bowls.

    He said he has no plans at this time to attend any Chargers games.

    “I don’t know if he wants me there or not”, samuel sr. said. “it doesn’t seem like it wants me there because of the energy it gives off.”

    loaders have 11 players who use a name suffix. there is one ii and two iiis. samuel is one of the eight who use jr.

    none of the others, however, are named after a man some observers say belongs in the Pro Football Hall of Fame, a father who played cornerback in the family business and passed the trade on to his only child.

    now 40, samuel mr. He was 18 when he and his girlfriend at the time, Candice Doe, had their only child together. they nicknamed the boy a.j.

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    The couple did not stay together and have since established families with other partners.

    when a.j. He was a boy, Samuel Sr.’s mother, Christine, helped raise him. in fact, she was the one who started him in soccer, a decision that was only possible after a daring audible.

    “granny chris” changed the birth certificate of a.j. When he was 4, she instead made him two years older and eligible to sign up for a pee-wee league at a park near his home in Florida.

    this is something else the samuels share, as grandma chris did the same thing years before with samuel sr.

    “that time is up, so i guess we can’t get in trouble anymore”, samuel sr. he said, laughing. “She would erase it, rewrite it and then make a copy. I saw her do it. that thing was amazing. It seemed so real.”

    samuel jr. he also laughed at the memory, recalling how convincingly outmatched he was on his first soccer field.

    “I used to cry every time I went out,” he said. “But then when we started hitting, she made me happy. That’s what I’ve been told.”

    samuel jr. He said his grandmother was “like my second mom.” he said that she taught him to be kind to everyone and grateful for each day. recalling her contributions, he said that she “put spiritual things in me.”

    while samuel jr. attended st. thomas aquinas high in fort lauderdale, grandma chris died.

    she meant a lot to samuel jr. who, a few years later, delayed filing his letter of intent with the state of florida to honor her by signing on the anniversary of his death.

    “she was the breadwinner”, samuel jr. said. “It was hard for everyone who was close to her.”

    it’s about time, samuel sr. he explained, as he and his son seemed to be drifting further apart. he said he can remember samuel jr. telling him not to attend st. the football matches of Thomas Aquinas.

    They already had a strained relationship dating back to when, as a child, samuel jr. He refused to agree with everything his father said about him.

    “He has a lot of ‘yes’ men around him,” samuel jr. said. “I was the only one who was like, ‘oh, you could have done better. he would be mad at me for that. I think he pushed me away a bit because of that.”

    a revealing incident occurred in 2010, when samuel sr. and the philadelphia eagles played in minnesota. on a sideline pass, samuel sr. I was defending Sidney Rice and they both went up for the ball. Rice made the catch but landed out of bounds. later, samuel sr. remembered, that was the work that his son mentioned before any other.

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    “It was like, ‘what are you talking about? That didn’t even count,'” she said. “The point is, I’m still waiting for some positivity from my son.”

    samuel jr. He said he doesn’t remember criticizing his father, just someone who wouldn’t always agree with him.

    “You can ask anyone on this team,” he said. “When they ask me about my dad, I tell them good things. I have no problem with it. I’m not sure why it makes it look like I have a problem with it.”

    there is confusion between father and son, without a doubt. both maintain that the real problem is with the other. During training camp, Samuel Jr. he noticed that his father had not visited him. samuel mr. He said that he can remember turning up at his son’s events in the past and getting strange looks. His differences have seeped into social media, blocking and unfollowing among extended family members.

    there is consensus that the disconnect does not seem to be getting better, samuel jr. admitting, “we both could have done better.”

    On Sunday, he will jog on an NFL field for the first time in the regular season. the shippers have expectations for the player they drafted 47th overall.

    There will also be expectations based on the name on the back of the no. 26’s shirt: “samuel jr.”, those last two letters are the heaviest of all.

    “it’s kind of disrespectful to my hard work that i’ve put in”, samuel jr. said. “People try to take that away from me just because my dad was in the NFL. but my dad is not with me every day practicing and making plays. my dad is not lifting weights, running. I did a lot on my own and with other people.”

    samuel jr. He said he has heard the narrative for years, from “my peers, reporters, everyone.” he wouldn’t have become a high school star, he wouldn’t have made it to the state of florida without his name.

    but during the height of quarantine last year, when so much was about isolation, they came together. They exercised in a field in Florida, sometimes climbing a locked gate to do so.

    samuel mr. said the sessions occurred every day for at least a month; Samuel Jr. he said they were much less frequent than that.

    but they agreed on what happened one morning when they focused on samuel jr.’s speed, running long races. At one point, Samuel Jr. he fell to his knees and became ill.

    “he looks at me with disbelief”, samuel sr. said. “He can’t believe this is happening to him. He’s like, ‘Dad, if you did this to any of my teammates in the state of Florida, they’d be throwing up like me right now.'”

    samuel jr. she initially objected to the story until he admitted it was true, saying, “okay, I’ll give you that one”. he was also reluctant to talk about his father at first. Unlike Samuel Sr., he prefers to remain quiet, reserved.

    samuel mr. he’ll talk about just about anything, and he’ll talk a lot about a.j.

    “Will I go to a game this year?” he said. “I don’t know. What am I supposed to do, just show up? If you invite me, I’ll be there. My son knows I’ll be there anywhere, anyway if there’s a problem or he needs me.”

    a “far distance” relationship, indeed. and yet samuel jr. is willing to offer words that suggest little distance.

    “That’s my dad,” he said. “You only have one dad. I love him to death.”

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