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    Skating powerhouses Ashley Cain-Gribble and Timothy Leduc will compete at the Winter Olympics in Beijing from February 4-20. The team is the two-time winner of the United States Figure Skating Championship and both the skaters are big cheerleaders for each other. Recently, when news broke that Leduc will be participating in the Olympics as the first openly non-binary athlete, Cain-Gribble wasted no time supporting the 31-year-old who wears them. the pronouns of him since 2021. he said: “I think we want to dedicate these performances and this title to all the people who felt like they didn’t belong, or were told they didn’t belong, in this sport. many times they told us that, even when we formed a team.”

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    The 26-year-old, who is taller than most women who compete in pairs skating at 1.75 meters, has also stated: “For a long time, timothy and I didn’t see each other represented, so that we didn’t feel like we belonged. and for a long time, people had things to say about us. even when we teamed up, they had a lot to say about my body or timothy’s sexuality. people will still make those comments.” before adding, “I think for us, it’s about leading authentically, being ourselves, and creating a very inclusive environment.”

    It is said that the bond between cain-gribble and leduc is so strong that many times fans wonder if they are dating. However, the truth is that no, they are not romantically involved and Cain-Gribble is married, although no details about Leduc’s love life are available. Of their relationship and the secret to their success, Leduc told CNN, “Dad jokes around and makes puns, mostly. and a lot of hard work… we can work very hard and push ourselves beyond what we knew was possible.”

    who is ashley cain-gribble’s husband?

    Cain-Gribble reportedly married Dalton Gribble in June 2019 after dating him for many years. the two got engaged in March 2018 and the former shared it on her twitter page. she wrote at the time: “{3•31•18} so happy to be surrounded by family and close friends on this special day! dalton stewart gribble, i love you and i can’t wait to marry you! ❤️ #engaged.”

    cain-gribble is quite active on instagram and continues to share photos with her husband. A November 2021 post of her with the love of her life showed them lovingly posing with each other as the caption read, “life with you is the only way I want it 🤍 happy birthday darling wishing be with you right now! ! photos by @brileypizzelanti.”

    Her social account also includes several photos from her wedding. one such post was from September 2019 that included a series of images and a caption, “gangs all here 🥂 to nights that become mornings and friends that become family! a big shout out to this amazing group for being by our side on our big day, we love you all! 💗”.

    not much information is available about dalton gribble, but his instagram bio says: “married ashley cain-gribble❤️ lead installer for absolute noise control. texas.”

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