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    In five weeks, we’ll be watching the baseball playoffs. Due to the new 12-team postseason format, this is the first year that there will be four best-of-three wild-card series, two in the American League and two in the National League, as opposed to the only one-off series. match of each league.</p>

    This sets up for an exciting first weekend of the playoffs, with four games on Friday and Saturday back-to-back, and if we’re lucky, four straight win-or-go games. home game 3s on sunday. </p>

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    I’ve written in the past about how much I loved the wild card round of a game</a>, because it gave fans two immediate, high-stakes matchups to kick off the playoffs. One of the biggest problems casual fans have with baseball is the length of the season and the lack of featured events. having elimination games to start the playoffs was the easiest way for mlb to fabricate two major events right away.</p>

    That said, the setup for the extended postseason is great for baseball, because having two or three days in a row with four games gives mlb the kind of all-day events that other sports use to their advantage. Watch the hype surrounding the first Thursday and Friday of March Madness or the first weekend of the NFL playoffs; that’s what mlb hopes to replicate. okay, those feature only elimination games, whereas the baseball postseason is made up of series, but given the option of having two single game nights or multiple days full of four games, I think I’d rather take the latter.< /p>

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    We’ll be able to enjoy that first mlb wild card weekend very soon, but in the meantime, let’s break down five storylines to follow during the final month of the regular season.</p>

    the 700 club</h3>

    That’s right, Albert Pujols is looking to become the fourth player to hit 700 home runs and the first since Barry Bonds in 2004. Going into this weekend, Pujols has 694 career home runs, including nine all-stars. break. some quick math here. the cardinals</span> he has played 37 games in the second half of the season, so in that span he is averaging a home run for every 4.1 games for his team. st. Louis has 31 games left, so at the current rate, Pujols will hit seven more home runs this season, giving him 701 to end his career.

    61, 61 years after 61</h3>

    aaron judge, who leads the majors with 51 home runs, is on pace to break roger maris</a> for the most home runs in a single season. And with a judge’s pursuit of Maris, a renewed debate erupts about the impact of performance-enhancing drugs on baseball’s record book. My take is this: The real single-season and lifetime home run records are held by Bonds, who hit 73 home runs in 2001 and finished his career with 762. We can’t erase the fact that his home runs happened. But that doesn’t mean we can’t talk about the context surrounding the accomplishments of Bonds, Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa, the only three players to go to the yard more times than Maris in a single season. they cheated we can and should say that with every story we write and every argument we have as a judge he gets closer to and finally past 60 home runs. </p>

    A few other ways to look at Judge’s historic home run barrage: If he ends the year tied with Maris, he would be the first player in 61 years with no ties to steroids to hit that many home runs in a season. if he falls one short of maris, well, he would be the third player to reach 60 without being connected to peds. if he gets to 62 dingers, he’ll be the only clean player with that many. that’s remarkable, regardless of what the record books say.</p>

    finally some rain for these playoff droughts</h3>

    the sailors</span> haven’t made the postseason since 2001. the phillies</span> I haven’t since ’11. each team has the longest active playoff drought in their respective leagues; Seattle is the longest in North American professional sports. </p>

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    both dry spells could end soon. With five weeks remaining in the regular season, the Mariners and Phillies each hold one of their league’s three wild-card spots. Going into this weekend, Seattle’s playoff odds are 97.5% and Philadelphia’s are 85.3%, according to fangraphs</a>.</p>

    so, pending a potential collapse of either club, which teams take on the role of having the longest postseason droughts in each league? in the national league, it’s the pirates</span>, who haven’t made the playoffs since 2015. two la al teams have fallen short every year since 2014: the tigers</span> and the angels</span>.</p>

    come on birds?</h3>

    no, not the eagles. I’m referring to orioles</span>, which are only 1.5 games behind another bird, blue jays</span>, for the final wild card spot. playoff projection systems don’t really know what to do with the o’s. Depending on which one you use, Baltimore’s playoff odds could range from 9.6% (fangraphs</a>) to 48.1% (baseball-reference</a>). that’s because we’ve never seen any team in mlb history have such a drastic turnaround</a> from one year to another. if you love the unexpected, you’re sure to be rooting for orioles for the next five weeks.</p>

    the best of the worst</h3>

    center is a lousy division, but one team is still going to win it and make the playoffs. that team would be the keepers</span> (68-61) if the season ended today. have a one-game lead over the twins</span> (67-62), and four games behind, on the prowl, are the White Sox</span> (65-66). In last week’s newsletter</a>, Tom Verducci explained why Chicago has been so disappointing and probably won’t be late for the postseason. everything he wrote is valid. however, the south side players have nine games left against minnesota and four more against cleveland. if the Red Sox still have that unlikely streak, they have a chance to gain ground.</p>

    Do you have a question for our team? send a note to </em>[email protected]</a></em>.</em></strong></p>

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    1. the opener</h2>

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