Triangle Logo: Top Triangle Logo Case Study, Design Theory & Application

    underpants: do you need a triangle logo? should you go for a triangle logo to represent your business? – you will have some useful ideas here. hopefully you will have your answer and create your logo after reading the article.

    With case studies of famous triangle logo designs and delving into questions like “how good are triangle logos?”, “how can triangle logos influence the brand and audience?”, you will understand best triangle logos.

    Whether you’re inviting a designer to create a professional logo, or you don’t have a budget but need to create a logo yourself, it’s best to know what types of logos are best suited for your business.

    Before choosing the shape of your logo, it is necessary to understand some basic theories & Logic in logo design. today we will focus on the design of the most mysterious logo shape: the triangle.

    just take a quick look at famous triangle logos, you will soon notice the fact: not many brands choose to use triangles in their logo design. therefore, if you want your brand identity to be distinctive and unique, the triangle logo may be an ideal candidate for the logo shape.

    part 1 – triangle design theory – characteristics of triangles & uses

    The triangle is a magical shape that exists massively in nature and in our daily lives. Now, triangle design has been widely used in construction and engineering fields.

    stability is the most significant and distinctive feature of the triangle.(*triangle feature 1) other common shapes (such as the square and circle) lack the stability feature. that is why the pyramid, the roof of the house and the bicycle shock absorber have triangular constructions.

    Similar to logo design, triangle logo designs will convey the sense of stability or other related. the triangular design allows audiences to feel stable, protective, and confident when people see it.

    Also, the triangular logo design shares a sense of elasticity.(*triangular feature 2) Also, it is perfectly shaped to resemble a beak.(* triangle function 3)

    If your company or brand wants to share some quality that the triangle also has, then it’s great to design a triangle logo and let your company stand out.

    Looking at various brand identities, we find that triangle logos are found in automobile, design, sportswear, and some internet applications (*triangle logo application).

    part 2: top triangle logos case study

    Consider designing a triangular logo? It will be very useful to review the most famous triangle logos to get inspiration before starting.

    Check out our curated list of famous triangle logos and try to learn some triangle logo patterns from these exceptional cases.

    #1.adobe logo

    image: adobe logo – famous triangular brand identity for the world’s leading design software.

    Adobe is the most recognized design software company, with a team of the world’s best designers. What’s interesting is that this elite design team creates a hollow triangle with an irregular negative space design inside. then, it becomes the adobe logo.

    red and white create an excellent color contrast. the overall design conveys a sense of professionalism, flexibility, robustness, and high performance.

    #2.adidas logo

    image: adidas logo: famous triangular brand identity for sportswear.

    As the world’s leading sports shoe brand, the adidas company uses a modified triangle logo. the adidas logo uses the triangle design to represent the spirit of competition & unwavering philosophy of “going for the peaks”, “the impossible is nothing”, etc.

    #3.reebok logo

    image: reebok logo design – famous triangular brand identity for sportswear.

    before adidas acquired reebok, the reebok group had selected the typical red triangle to represent their brand. Like another comfortable shoe maker, the famous Reebok made some holy changes to its triangular logo design. negative space suggests air, spring, comfort, and flexibility in your shoe design.

    #4.augusta logo

    image: augusta logo design: triangular brand identity for sportswear.

    again, another footwear brand welcome: augusta finds the triangle logo design perfect for their business branding.

    augusta redraws a triangle shape by adding a piece of curved line below his slanted triangle. In this way, a random audience will feel a kind of sporting events instantly from the appearance of the augusta logo.

    Looking at their color selection, we speculate that red conveys a passion for sports or jumping, and black emphasizes stable performance and consistent shoe quality. motors logo

    image: mitsubishi motors logo design – famous brand identity for motorcycles.

    it is not very obvious to understand the meaning of the mitsubishi motors logo. we must interpret it by associating it with your car business.

    the mitsubishi motors logo has a lot of wisdom in its design:

    3 smaller negative pitch triangles (or 3 white triangles) allow 3 rhombuses to meet and conjoin at the center point. additionally, the negative space logo design suggests less air resistance in its auto performance.

    part 3: how to make triangle logos without design knowledge?

    Not a professional designer? don’t worry about not having design skills. With designevo’s logo maker, you are fully capable of creating great triangle logos online. the reasons are as follows:

    • Wonderful user/navigation experience: is an intuitive and free online logo maker, and its wysiwyg feature has made your design process as simple as possible.
    • massive templates: 10,000+ searchable logo templates give you access to a wide range of professional triangle logo ideas.
    • Simple and cool editing: You will have millions of free icons and fonts as options, and give your own triangle logo a personal touch.
    • To create your desirable triangle logo for free, you just need to go:

      1. step 1.go to the designevo template page.
      2. step 2.enter one keyword or another and search for useful logo templates.
      3. step on a preferable triangle template and make modifications by clicking.
      4. Step 4.Preview and download your logo design.
      5. image: Create a triangle logo easily with

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