Masters Tournament winning scores: A history of the 72-hole winning totals

    The old mantra is that the winning score of the Masters tournament is whatever the course calls for that week, and Augusta National Golf Club doesn’t look for any particular winning score in its tradition like no other.

    however, the winning score of the masters tournament has been in a common figure. The most common score to win a masters tournament has been 8-under, which has happened 13 times since the tournament began in 1934. The next most common score is 9-under 279, which has happened 11 times.

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    29 times a winning score of 10 under or less has been recorded. The 72-hole Masters tournament record total is 18-under-par 270, first shot by Tiger Woods in 1997 and equaled by Jordan Spieth in 2015.

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    Of course, being the only men’s major played on the same course each year, the masters’ home course, Augusta National Golf Club has always been a par 72 course.

    masters vs par tournament winning scores

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