Timeline of Gerardo Parra and his big &039Baby Shark&039 splash for the Nationals – NBC Sports Washington

    when gerardo parra was called up from triple-a on sunday, one of the main questions national fans had was: “will ‘baby shark’ return to nats park?”

    To the delight of fans, Parra has kept Pinkfong’s hit as her title track. Thousands of happy fans sang and clapped shark-like as Parra walked to the plate as a pinch hitter for pitcher Kyle Finnegan, setting the stage for Parra to double in his first at-bat at the National Park in 602 days.

    “[I was] happy, happy to see all the fans stand up and play ‘baby shark.’ It felt like a return to 2019 again,” Parra said after the game. “I’m happy about that.”

    even second baseman josh harrison, who wasn’t on the 2019 team, joined in on the fun from the dugout Sunday, grinning and making “baby shark” hand motions.

    Para’s hit was followed by Kyle Schwarber’s third home run of the night, putting the Nationals up 5-2 and securing a memorable victory over the first-place New York Mets.

    this is how the “baby shark” has brought so much joy to washington.

    May 9, 2019

    gerardo parra signed a one-year contract with the washington nationals. the next day, he hit a grand slam against the dodgers.

    June 19, 2019

    Looking to get out of a hitting slump, Parra changed his promotion song to Pinkfong’s hit “Baby Shark.”

    “I wanted to put on something different,” Parra said after the game. “my [then 2-year-old daughter aaliyah victoria] loves that song. Before the game, I tried merengue, reggaeton, hip-hop, then I said, ‘you know what, I want to put baby shark on’. I’m happy about that.”

    parra went 2-for-4 with one run and two RBIs in that game against the philadelphia phillies. It was his first multi-hit game since June 1 and his fourth with the Nationals, and helped secure the team’s 6-2 victory.

    And so began the legend of the vine shark.

    “baby shark” was quickly embraced by the team and fans and became the team’s new unofficial anthem, with players using “baby shark” hand motions to celebrate reaching base and fans dancing each time that vine approached the plate. .

    Before changing their song, the Nationals were 33-38. the team then finished the season 60-31 and clinched a playoff spot.

    parra’s involvement in the team’s success went beyond his song and his performance on the field. Her cheerful presence, red-tinted sunglasses, hugs and dancing brought the team together and created chemistry in the clubhouse.

    Davey Martinez told reporters in October 2019 about a conversation he had with Parra earlier in the season when the outfielder was having trouble at the plate.

    “I said, ‘I don’t care if you’re 2 out of 100, your job is to carry the energy every day. That’s what you are.’ I said, ‘you play that music loud’. cheer up the boys. I told him, ‘You’re the guy who brings that energy every day,’ and he just looked at me and said, ‘You’re right,'” Martinez recalled.

    October 14, 2019

    parra received a package of “baby shark” puppets from the manufacturer, wowwee, before game 3 of the championship series against st. cardinal louis. he hung one on the dugout fence for good luck and kept one there during the postseason. The stuffed shark proved to be an effective good luck charm as the Nationals swept the Cardinals in the National League Championship Series and then won their first World Series title in seven games against the Houston Astros. /p>

    parra brought the toy shark with him during the national parade and celebrations in 2019. two years later, fans hope the good luck is still working.

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