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    At the highest point of the back swing, the shoulders should be extended with the rings slightly to the sides. the body should be in an arched position. From the top of the swing, a continuous extension of the shoulders must be maintained toward the bottom of the swing. this helps the gymnast maintain an arched body position through the bottom of the swing. at the bottom, the gymnast must kick her legs forward and up so that the whole body rotates as quickly as possible. the gymnast should try to kick from the upper chest down. the shoulder should remain extended and remain down until the entire body rotates completely. the rings should be pushed back when the gymnast’s feet point toward the ceiling. the rings should be parallel (wrists facing each other). the rings should not go to the sides during this part of the swing. The finishing position is a higher point of the front swing, where the body should be in a slightly hollow position with the arms tight and parallel. the head should be neutral with the gymnast maintaining back pressure on the rings. from the highest point of the front swing the backswing begins. the body should swing down into a hollow position without losing pressure on the rings. at the bottom, the gymnast should initiate a strong heel kick. During the inversion phase, the head should remain down to facilitate a stronger heel lift. shoulders should remain low. when her heels have been raised and her toes are pointed up towards the ceiling, the rings may be slightly open, her head will also be slightly elevated. the final position of the backswing is arched. very important: on the backswing, do not pull down on the rings. the main movement of the movement is the kick back with the heels.

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