Super Bowl odds: Every team&039s championship futures for 2022-23 NFL season

    A new season means new contenders for the league championship. Below are the Super Bowl odds for the 2022-23 NFL season. If you’re looking to get an idea of ​​each NFL team’s Super Bowl odds while getting ready to place some sports bets, you’ve come to the right place.

    While choosing the Lombardi Trophy from among the 32 NFL teams can be a tall order, depending on your allegiances, some teams are likely to be ruled out early on. as you can see below, not all of them offer the same betting odds.

    for example, a $100 bet on the team with the best super bowl odds, the buffalo bills, at odds +350, would pay a $350 win if they manage to win super bowl lvii.

    Let’s take a look at the latest draftkings super bowl odds. With those lines in mind, we’ll also break down the teams whose odds are the best value.

    best value bets for super bowl odds 2022-23

    playing a favorite: buffalo bills (+350)

    josh allen


    Is anyone surprised to see the Buffalo Bills with the best Super Bowl odds? You shouldn’t be. Josh Allen is here to stay, and Von Miller gives Bills Mafia the elite pass-rusher they’ve coveted for so long. But it’s not like Buffalo just bought its’s team via free agency. This core has been built up for years, thanks to trading for Stefon Diggs and having strong leadership from their coaching staff. The Bills should be seen as a top threat, as they now have what might be the best roster in football.

    Buffalo’s first chance to show the world they belong as Super Bowl favorites came in Week 1, crushing the reigning NFL Champion Rams. It may just be a game, but the result could go a long way in writing Buffalo’s narrative this season. so far, the Bills have one top-five offense and one top-five defense for five weeks. plus, once again, what appears to be a rushed attack that lacks explosiveness, the bills remain the guide dogs.

    click here to see our nfl playoff predictions. you will be surprised to know who we are choosing to win the super bowl lvi

    Betting on a deep sleep: cleveland browns (+6000)

    Syndication: Akron Beacon Journal

    Jeff Lange / USA TODAY NETWORK

    Entering the season, the biggest question surrounding the Cleveland Browns was whether a Jacoby Brissett-led offense would be enough to hold down the fort until Deshaun Watson returns from an 11-game suspension. After five games, Kevin Stefanski’s offense ranks sixth in the NFL in scoring, with the best rushing offense in football.

    the browns are 2-3, thanks to understanding their team’s strengths and weaknesses and using them to their advantage. Whether Brissett uses his big body to convert fourth and shorts or run the ball more often than pass, the Browns are finding ways to win. Once Watson returns, his ceiling goes much higher, including a potential Super Bowl run.

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    Placing your bet on an up-and-coming contender: Philadelphia Eagles (+650)

    NFL: Dallas Cowboys at Philadelphia Eagles

    Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

    The Philadelphia Eagles’ Super Bowl odds are soaring after being the lone remaining undefeated team in football. This roster has a great blend of youth and experienced vets who are loaded with talent. Jalen Hurts has a treasure trove of weapons to wield, and the defense has Pro Bowl talent at every level.

    last year they had the best running offense in football. this year they are in fourth place, which shows that it was not a fluke. in an injury-led offense, despite his additions at wide receiver, this will continue to be a top team. If the Eagles are still elite at hitting the rock, why can’t they secure a playoff spot? Once inside, eagles can cause even more damage once temperatures drop, as their strong suit will still be effective in cold, wet, and windy atmospheres.

    Also, GM Howie Roseman hasn’t been shy about pulling the trigger on a blockbuster deal, in case the Eagles feel they’re a piece or two away. you never know what 2022 could bring.

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    super bowl odds: picks to avoid: houston texans (+50000)

    there’s no way the houston texans fixed themselves in an offseason. With one of the worst rosters in the nfl, lovie smith has little chance of looking successful in 2022. on the plus side, they had a great draft and it looks like they are finally on the right track, but davis mills will not start in super bowl lvii . he just won’t be.

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