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    speed skating is one of several competitive ice skating sports. Like athletes on a race track, skaters compete against each other on an ice rink or oval, usually at speeds between 30 mph (48.2 km/h) and 35 mph (56.3 km/h). ). Delve into this article to learn more about the 10 most famous female speed skaters.

    Who is the most famous speed skater?

    Mei Han, Qishi Li and Qi Yin of China compete in the Team Pursuit event during the ISU World Cup at Arena Lodowa in November 2021 in Tomaszow Mazowiecki, Poland. Photo by Dean Mouhtaropoulos.Source: Getty Images

    Exploring speed skating history reveals the sport started in the Netherlands in the 1200s. After centuries, the sport made its Olympic debut in Chamonix in 1924. Before joining the Olympics, the Elfstedentocht, a 200km skating event, was held during the winter in the Netherlands.

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    women’s speed skating

    since the 13th century, famous people like marie antoinette and johann von goethe have been leisurely skating. however, women were only officially allowed to participate in the elfstedentocht in 1985. although speed skating became an event at the 1924 winter olympics, women’s events were added in 1960.

    athletes like dutch speed skater ireen wüst have risen to the top of the sport’s leaderboards. What other women have made history in sports?

    Top 5 Olympic speed skaters

    here are the best female speed skaters of all time, according to stats provided by rookieroad and the olympic games hall of fame.

    Who are considered the best female speed skaters ever?

    Former Olympic champions Karin Enke (far left), Ireen Wurst, Claudia Pechstein, Anna Friesinger and Bonnie Blair (far right). Photos by Madison, Munday, Mario Hommes, Dilkoff, and Shaun Botterill.Source: Getty Images

    AthleteAward6.Gunda Niemann – Stirnemann 1998 Nagano Gold – 3000 metres1998 Nagano silver – 1500, 5000 metres1994 Lillehammer silver – 5000 metres1992 Albertville Gold – 3000, 5000 metres5.Anni Friesinger – Postma 2010 Vancouver gold -Team Pursuits2006 Turin bronze – 1000 metres2006 Turin gold – Team Pursuits2002 Salt Lake City gold – 1500 metres1998 Nagano bronze – 3000 metres4.Karin Enke Richter 1988 Calgary silver – 1000, 1500 metres1984 Sarajevo gold – 1000, 1500 metres1984 Sarajevo silver – 3000, 500 metres1980 Lake Placid gold – 500 metres3.Claudia Pechstein2006 Turin gold – Team Pursuits2006 Turin silver – 5000 metres2002 Olympic Gold – 3000, 5000 metres1998 Nagano gold – 5000 metres1998 Nagano silver – 3000 metres1994 Lillehammer gold – 5000 metres1992 Albertville bronze – 5000 metres2.Ireen Wurst2022 Beijing gold – 1500 metres2022 Beijing bronze – Team Pursuit2018 PyeongChang gold – 1500 metres2018 PyeongChang silver – Team Pursuit, 3000 metres2014 Sochi silver – 1000, 1500, 5000 metres2014 Sochi silver – Team Pursuit, 3000 metres2010 Vancouver gold – 1500 metres2006 Turin bronze – 1500 metres2006 Turin gold – 3000 metres1.Bonnie Blair1994 Lillehammer gold – 1000, 500 metres1992 Albertville gold – 1000, 500 metres1988 Calgary bronze – 1000 metres1988 Calgary gold – 500 metres

    Top 10 most famous speed skaters in the world right now

    10. arianna fontana

    As one of the most prolific Olympic short track speed skaters, the Italian athlete’s popularity has increased following her performance at the world championships. Additionally, Arianna Fontana’s Olympic performances have earned her eight medals, including a gold medal and the Forbes 30 Under 30 title.

    9. maryna zuyeva

    zuyeva was one of the olympic athletes from belarus who represented the country at the 2022 beijing winter games. although belarusian political controversies overshadowed the player’s performance, she remains one of the best female speed skaters.

    8. suzanne schulting

    What is Suzanne Schulting's Olympic record?

    Suzanne Schulting celebrates after a 3000m relay event during the 2022 Beijing Winter games at the Capital Indoor Stadium in Beijing In February 2022. Photo by Anne-Christine Poujoulat/AFP.Source: Getty Images

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    According to Gracenote Olympic, Schutling won all available titles at a single world championship breaking Sylvie Daigle’s 1983 record. In addition, Suzanne Schulting’s performance in the 2022 Olympics was dedicated to her deceased teammate, Lara Van Ruijven.

    7. ivanie blondin

    The 32-year-old Canadian long track speed skater (as of August 2022) is a three-time Olympic champion. Ivanie Blondin’s Olympic medal tally currently stands at one gold and one silver, with five gold medals in the individual events at the 2019 World Individual Distance Championships.

    How many medals does Ivanie Blondin have?

    Ivanie Blondin poses for a portrait ahead of the PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympic Games at Gangneung Olympic Village in February 2018 in Pyeongchang-gun, South Korea. Photo by Dean Mouhtaropoulos.Source: Getty Images

    6. Catriona Le May Doan

    le may doan is Canada’s three-time female athlete of the year award and a four-time Olympian who owns two gold medals in the 500m events. In addition, Catriona Le May Doan’s important role as Chief of Mission for the 2022 Beijing Olympics made her more popular.

    5. miho takagi

    How many medals does Miho Takagi have?

    Miho Takagi competes in the ISU World Cup 1500m race at the Sormarka Arena in November 2021 in Stavanger, Norway. Photo by Dean Mouhtaropoulos – International Skating Union.Source: Getty Images

    Takagi holds seven Olympic medals for Japan. The short-track speed skater and her sister, Nana Takagi, are both Olympians.

    4. irene schouten

    Schouten’s popularity soared and she won the title of Beijing Ice Queen after winning a triple gold medal. she is also an in-line and figure skater and a professional cyclist.

    3. brittany bowe

    US Olympic speed skating champion Brittany Bowe has two Olympic bronze medals, 20 world championship medals and more at various national and international events. However, during the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing, fans wondered why Brittany Bowe gave up her spot to her teammate Erin Jackson. bowe spoke to about the incident, saying:

    Why did Brittany Bowe give Erin Jackson her spot?

    Brittany Bowe (left) and Erin Jackson (right) during the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic women’s 500m race at the National Speed Skating Oval in February 2022 in Beijing, China. Photo by Asahi Shimbun.Source: Getty Images

    2. Erin Jackson

    Currently, Erin is the most famous black female speed skater. She became the first black gold medalist in the sport after Ella’s longtime friend Brittany Bowe relented, giving her a spot in the Olympics.

    1. just readdam

    jutta is, without a doubt, the most beautiful speed skater in the world. The world champion has gained a massive following on social media, including over 3 million followers on instagram.

    notable mentions

    lara van ruijven

    What caused Lara Van Ruijven's death?

    Lara celebrates after finishing the ISU World Cup Short Track 500 m race at Sportboulevard in February 2020 in Dordrecht, Netherlands. Photo by Joosep Martinson – International Skating Union.Source: Getty Images

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    Lara is remembered as a World champion skater who became the first Dutch athlete to win a gold medal in the short track races. She also won nine titles, including five gold medals and one bronze medal.

    Unfortunately, in 2020, Lara van Ruijven succumbed to an autoimmune disease in a hospital in France where she was training. her funeral was attended by hundreds of fans and skaters from all over the world.

    elisa christie

    Although former British speed skater Elise Christie retired in 2021, citing an unsuccessful career, she is one of the few European athletes to come out of the 2010 Olympics with two gold medals. While her absence was felt from the GB 2022 speed skating team, she hopes to return to the team as a coach.

    Speed ​​skaters have recently gained worldwide recognition for their performances. Plus, Erin Jackson’s groundbreaking presence and success pave the way for more diversity in gaming.

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