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    If you’ve ever wanted to change your hair color with highlights, but weren’t ready to break the bank at the salon, let us introduce you to cover up the highlights. . this highlighting technique can be done in the safety of your own home, resulting in a cohesive, dimensional mane that is the perfect complement to any beauty look. It sounds too good to be true? It is not! Below, we share everything you need to know about highlight caps, including explaining how to use one and how cap lights differ from traditional foil lights. Plus, we’re naming our best highlighting cap kits!

    what are the highlights of the cap?

    Before we dig any deeper, we’re sure you’re wondering what the highlights of the cap are. This technique involves the use of an at-home color kit that comes with a cap to highlight the hair. this cap is the key tool in question that could be your answer to achieving a perfectly illuminated and uniform head of hair without having to go to the salon. A highlight cap features small holes throughout, and these holes serve as designated points for passing strands of hair through. The hair that comes out of the hat is what you are going to highlight with a mixture of lightener. the cap ensures that the highlights are evenly placed, which can be one of the most difficult parts of highlighting your own hair. Highlighting caps typically have different sections that you’ll run your hair through based on the result you’re after, whether it’s full highlights or highlights. very good, right?

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    highlights with cap vs. highlights with foil

    Of course, the main difference between cap highlights and foil highlights is that cap highlights are usually done at home, while foil highlights are usually done in the salon. Cap highlights allow you (or your colorist) to see the hair as it is processed, making it easy to gauge how lightening the hair is. It is an ideal method for those who perform highlights on virgin hair.

    On the other hand, metallic highlights are preferable for a more custom look. this is great if you have previously highlighted hair that may be lighter in some areas than others. That said, the end result of the two lighting techniques is generally the same: even, lightened strands throughout the mane.

    our best homemade cap highlighting kits

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    Think the highlights on the cap might be what you’re looking for? consider using one of our best home kits with a cap to highlight. Here are two easy-to-use options.

    l’oréal paris frost & design: This cap highlights kit has a time-saving formula that leaves you with a luscious swirl of creamy highlights for a sun-kissed glow. The removable cap allows you to select the exact strands you want to lighten to avoid mistakes and unwanted results. Aside from the cap, the kit includes two different styling hooks to create subtle or bold highlights. The kit is available in two shades: champagne for blonde and caramel for brunettes.

    l’oréal paris la petite frost: with its high-precision removable cap, this kit is ideal for short hair or to add some highlights that frame the face. The easy highlight cap allows you to create perfectly placed, precise and even highlights in no time. the kit is available in two color options: chardonnay for blondes and creme caramel for brunettes.

    how to wear a highlighter cap

    so how do you use a highlighter cap? Follow the steps below to find out, keeping in mind that you should always follow the instructions included with the hair coloring kit you’re using!

    step #1: put on the cap

    Part your hair as you normally would, brushing your strands to get rid of knots and tangles. then place the highlighted hat on your head and secure it in place by tying a bow under your chin.

    step #2: pull your hair

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    While you can do capitalization on your own, having a friend help you with this step will make the process much easier. Use the hook from the kit and carefully pull your hair through the holes. you can pull the hair through each hole for a mane full of dimension or just focus on certain sections.

    step #3: apply bleach

    Mix the developer and bleach together, then apply to the strands coming out of the hat.

    step #4: wait

    Let your bleach sit for the allotted time, allowing your hair to lighten.

    step #5: rinse and sample

    After the appropriate amount of time has passed, rinse the bleach out of your hair and show off your beautiful streaks. yes, it’s that easy!

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