How to Watch the Winter Olympics 2022 Online (Free Streams)

    in 2022, it is beijing’s turn to host the iconic winter olympic games. the action begins on February 4th and runs until February 20th, 2022.

    If you want to watch the winter olympic games online from any country in the world, you will need to know which websites host winter olympic games broadcasts and how you can connect to these websites. Due to broadcast rights and restrictions, some Winter Olympics broadcasts will only be available to residents of the country in which they are held. If you don’t fall into this category, websites will know you’re connecting from abroad by seeing your IP address, so you won’t be able to access it.

    However, a vpn (virtual private network) allows you to watch the 2022 winter olympics streams that would normally be blocked from residents of your country – you’ll be able to watch any stream you want. That’s why this article explains how to watch the olympic games with a vpn in 2022.

    where can i watch the 2022 beijing winter olympics?

    the first time china hosts the winter olympic games it will surely be a memorable event. However, you can only visit as a spectator if you live in mainland China. that leaves us wondering where to watch the winter olympics online.

    To save you the struggle for an Olympic games broadcast just before the games start, we’ve compiled a list of online channels and streams where you can watch the winter olympic games beijing 2022 with live coverage:

    If you live in any of the countries listed above and have the appropriate subscriptions to the services, you’re in luck! you can watch the 2022 winter olympics immediately. however, if you live elsewhere, you’ll need a vpn to be able to witness all the action.

    why can’t i watch the olympic games abroad?

    When trying to follow the Olympic Games from around the world, you may come across Olympic broadcasts being blocked. the transmission rights for each country are in the hands of particular broadcasters. For example, the rights to the 2021 Summer Olympics were held by the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) in the UK and US (Nederlandse Omroep Stichting) in the Netherlands.

    Broadcasting agreements prevent these companies from broadcasting the games outside of their respective countries. but the internet is a vast and global resource, so how do you prevent out-of-country visitors from using the streams? The answer is that they use geo-blocking software to check your IP address and block you.

    Armed with a vpn, you can change your ip address and bypass such blocks. For example, if you get a UK IP address, you can unblock UK streams. Read on for our easy step-by-step guide to watching the winter olympics with a vpn.

    watch the 2022 winter olympics with a vpn

    If you live in a country where your favorite stream is blocked, you will need to change your ip address to watch the 2022 winter olympics online. a vpn will do this for you. when you connect to a vpn server in a specific country, it can change your ip address to one in that location. so you can use an american vpn server to get a usa ip address. uu. and see peacock, for example.

    Below is a step-by-step guide to watching the beijing winter olympics 2022 online with a vpn, no matter where you are in the world.

    Install VPN Step by Step Desktop

    1. choose a vpn provider and create an account. to watch the winter olympics 2022 online, we recommend nordvpn. They are one of the best VPNs for streaming, and this provider offers a money back guarantee for new users. if you use this wisely, you can watch the olympic games completely free! you can go directly to the nordvpn website by clicking the orange button below this guide.
    2. download the vpn client software from the provider’s website and create an account. Make sure you download the software on the device you want to use to watch the Winter Olympics. The best VPNs offer a mobile app for iOS, Android, and Windows phones.
    3. Install the vpn software by following the on-screen instructions.
    4. run the vpn software and log in to your account after the installation is complete.
    5. choose a vpn server in the country where your preferred stream is hosted. Therefore, you’ll want to choose a country that offers winter olympics live streams, such as the UK (if you want to watch via BBC iPlayer) or Australia (if you want to use 7Plus).
    6. finally, connect to the vpn server to change your ip address. there is nothing more than that. Now, you should be able to access blocked websites in other countries, including those that host broadcasts of the 2022 Winter Olympics. Check out our table above for quick links to your favorite broadcast.
    7. that’s it! Whether you want to watch the opening ceremony, cross-country skiing, speed skating or ice skating, you’re free to do so! enjoy the olympic games!

      If you want to access another Winter Olympics stream in a different country, all you need to do is disconnect your vpn session and choose a vpn server in another location.


      why use a vpn to watch the 2022 winter olympics?

      With a vpn, you can bypass geo-blocking software and access blocked Olympic streams. however, there are also other reasons to use a vpn, including:

      • download with greater anonymity and security
      • the ability to change your ip address at will and enjoy greater anonymity
      • access to the largest movie and media libraries, including US netflix
      • encrypted data, which reduces the possibility of your personal information being stolen
      • Of course, you may only want to watch the Winter Olympics and cancel your subscription right after. however, if you decide to continue using your vpn, you’ll be able to enjoy all those benefits and you’ll also be ready for when the next olympics comes around.

        best vpns for beijing winter olympic games 2022

        If you want to watch the Winter Olympics online with a vpn, you’ll need to know which provider to choose. Not all vpn providers support all countries that offer winter olympic streaming. In addition, when choosing a vpn, you must take into account:

        • how many vpn servers are available in each country. The more VPN servers available, the less likely you are to end up with a slow or delayed Olympic stream. Many people will connect to vpn servers and olympic streams around the world, so you need a provider that offers a wide range of servers that can support a high user load.
        • how fast and stable your vpn provider’s connections are. You need a vpn provider that offers the fastest vpn speeds and stable connections. a slow vpn connection can leave you stuck with a buffering wheel, while an unstable connection could drop completely.
        • how much the vpn provider charges for a subscription. Free VPNs have drawbacks that make them less suitable for watching sports online. there is more information on this below. So when you choose a paid VPN service, keep an eye on the prices they charge and the money-back guarantees they offer. You can also take a look at our list of good and cheap vpn providers.
        • Below we list the three best vpns for beijing winter olympic games 2022.

          1. watch the winter olympics with nordvpn – wide range of servers and fast, stable connections

          Screenshot of NordVPN provider website with added logo in the corner

          nordvpn is an extremely fast vpn compared to others in the industry. connections are stable and you can choose from vpn servers in about 60 countries around the world. it is ideal for streaming thanks to these high speeds, plus the fact that there are no data limitations.

          The user interface is simple and accessible, and you can download an app for your iOS or Android smartphone or tablet. This simplicity, along with blazing-fast speeds and stable connections, is what makes NordVPN perfect for streaming the Winter Olympics. nordvpn takes the top spot thanks to a host of other features, many of which make it one of the most secure vpns.

          want to try nordvpn before you commit to the service? their 30-day money-back guarantee allows you about a month to see if the service is your cup of tea. use it wisely, and you can watch the entire Winter Olympics for free!

          2. watch the winter olympics with expressvpn – one of the largest vpn server networks

          Screenshot of ExpressVPN provider website homepage ExpressVPN is also an excellent choice for streaming, in addition to being one of the fastest VPNs available. With ExpressVPN, you get one of the broadest server networks in the industry, with VPN servers in almost 100 countries worldwide.

          This provider is a bit more expensive than others, including our top pick, nordvpn. however, you are guaranteed fast and stable connections, excellent customer service, and a really easy-to-use interface. expressvpn lacks some of the extra features of nordvpn, but you still get 256-bit aes encryption, a kill switch, a no-logging policy, and more. expressvpn has a money back guarantee that can also be used as a free trial.

          3. watch the winter olympics with surfshark – fast, cheap and easy to use vpn

          Surfshark Homepage Screenshot Surfshark competes well with NordVPN and ExpressVPN in terms of speed, and this provider’s connections are also stable. However, one of the best things about Surfshark is that it’s among the cheapest VPN providers you’ll find without choosing a free provider.

          Despite the price, surfshark still offers a good degree of security and they promise not to store your browsing activity. You also get a simple UI and mobile app, and it’s one of the best vpn to unblock netflix. Just like its competitors, you can use their money-back guarantee as a free trial of surfshark.

          can i watch the winter olympics live with a free vpn?

          if you want to watch the beijing winter olympics 2022 online, we recommend that you do not use a free vpn. that’s not because all free vpns are bad; there are many great free vpn providers out there. however, to watch the winter olympics online, you’ll want to use one of the fastest vpn’s and one that doesn’t impose any limitations.

          Most free vpns have speed caps or data caps that you’ll quickly hit when streaming. if there is a speed limit set, your stream could be choppy or freeze completely while buffering. if you have a data limitation, it may simply be cut off before the action has started. There are other downsides as well, but the bottom line here is that streaming is a high-bandwidth activity, making free vpns a poor choice.

          however, you can watch the winter olympics with a cheap vpn. The best VPNs have relatively low subscription costs, as well as money-back guarantees. basically this means you can try a vpn for free for an average of 30-45 days. just make sure you cancel your subscription before the period ends and you’ll get a full refund. If you do it right, you can use a vpn provider’s guarantee so you can watch the winter olympics for free.

          where are the winter olympic games held?

          the olympic games are organized by different countries, and the host country of the olympic winter games, just like the summer games, changes every time. Beijing, China is the host country for the 2022 Winter Olympics. If you’re wondering why we’re about to witness another Olympic Games so soon after the Tokyo 2021 Olympics, that’s because of the COVID-19 pandemic. the tokyo games have been postponed, but the beijing 2022 winter olympics are still running on time, following their original schedule.

          what sports are scheduled for the beijing 2022 winter olympics?

          Below is a list of all Olympic sports scheduled for Beijing 2022, including a total of 109 events in 15 disciplines:

          • downhill skiing
          • biathlon
          • bob sledding
          • cross-country skiing
          • curly
          • figure skating
          • free skiing
          • ice hockey
          • luge
          • Nordic combination
          • short track
          • skeleton
          • ski jump
          • snowboarding
          • speed skating
          • beijing 2022 winter olympic games schedule

            Please refer to the table below for a complete Beijing 2022 Olympic Winter Games schedule:

            Feb. 13

            Feb. 15 – Feb. 17

            Feb. 19

            Feb. 7 – Feb. 8

            Feb. 11 – Feb. 13

            Feb. 15 – Feb. 16

            February 18. – 18th of February. 19

            Feb. 18 – Feb. 20

            Feb. 8

            Feb. 10 – Feb. 13

            Feb. 16

            Feb. 19 – Feb. 20

            Feb. 6 – Feb. 8

            Feb. 10

            Feb. 12

            Feb. 14 – Feb. 15

            Feb. 17 – Feb. 20

            Feb. 5 – Feb. 10

            Feb. 13 – Feb. 19

            Feb. 15

            Feb. 17

            Feb. 7

            Feb. 9

            Feb. 11

            Feb. 13

            Feb. 16

            Feb. 11 – Feb. 12

            Feb. 14

            Feb. 14 – Feb. 15

            Feb. 10 – Feb. 13

            Feb. 15

            Feb. 17 – Feb. 19

            in conclusion: watching the winter olympics abroad

            the winter olympic games will take place from february 4 to 20, 2022, organized in beijing, china. Hot on the heels of the Tokyo 2021 Summer Games, which were delayed due to the Covid-19 pandemic, this event is running as scheduled. Since spectator tickets are only available to mainland Chinese residents, most of us will have to watch the Winter Olympics online.

            Please note that most websites in other countries will block access to their Olympic broadcasts due to broadcast rights and restrictions. however, by choosing a premium vpn like nordvpn, expressvpn, or surfshark, you can bypass these restrictions. connecting to a vpn server will change your ip address and allow you to watch the 2022 olympic winter games live streams without restrictions. These providers are also perfect for unlocking other sporting events, such as the world cup and tour de france!

            as a final note, be sure to read the user agreement of any streaming service you use while connecting via vpn. Some streaming providers block the use of VPNs, so make sure you fully understand their terms of service before proceeding.

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