Did Ben Simmons quit on LSU? Drama explained after Stephen A. Smith comments

    after stephen a. Smith’s damning assessment of the network player, fans wanted to know if Ben Simmons resigned from LSU. here, we analyze the situation.

    The brookly nets season is officially going from bad to worse. kevin durant, kyrie irving and company. They are down 3-0 to the Boston Celtics in the first round of the playoffs and face the very real possibility of being swept.

    their last remaining hope seemed to be in ben simmons, who seemed ready to return to action after some previous problems. Simmons has yet to play for the Brooklyn Nets this season after trading him to the Philadelphia 76ers.

    However, the networks have now ruled Simmons out of Game 4 after he reportedly re-aggravated a back injury. The sports media did not hold back on the Aussie, including Stephen A. smith who said that ben simmons also resigned from lsu. Let’s unpack the drama.

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    • esteban a. smith destroys ben simmons

      stephen to espn. Smith is certainly not one to beat around the bush. After learning about the status of the nets player, Stephen A criticized Simmons and said that he also resigned from LSU (Louisiana State University).

      “I feel bad for whoever his teammate was,” Smith said of Simmons’ situation. “he resigned from lsu. he quit the philadelphia 76ers. And now, he doesn’t show up to the Brooklyn networks. we can point to all the excuses, all the reasons behind it that we want. I remember that, even though he didn’t play, he filed a claim to collect $20 million that he hasn’t earned.

      “This is one of the most pathetic situations I’ve ever seen. he doesn’t go to war. he will not enter the octagon. he is not going to enter the boxing ring. it’s crazy to get this man to play basketball, he’s pathetic. he is sad. And at the end of the day, when the NBA comes to the collective bargaining table, and goes after players in terms of a pay-per-play stipulation in the collective bargaining agreement, it will be called the Ben Simmons rule.” /p>

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      • ben simmons time at lsu

        after hearing smith’s damning assessment of the brooklyn player, fans wanted to know what he meant when ben simmons resigned from lsu.

        simmons was the consensus no. 1 prep player in the country at the Montverde Academy in Florida, moving to LSU for just one season in 2015.

        In that one season for LSU, Simmons averaged (19.2 points), rebounds (11.8), assists (4.8), steals (2), and blocks (0.8).

        He also earned impressive individual accolades: he was the second freshman of the year and was only the ninth lsu men’s basketball player to earn All-America first-team honors.

        However, the Tigers finished 19-14 and suffered an embarrassing 33-point loss to Texas A&M in the SECS tournament semifinals, meaning they missed out on a spot in the NCAA tournament.

        After failing to make it to the NCAA Tournament, Simmons declared for the 2016 NBA Draft, forgoing his final three years of college eligibility. He dropped out of school at the end of the season and moved to Phoenix before the draft. At that time he also signed with Rich Paul’s sports agency, Klutch Sports.

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        • ben simmons resigned from lsu? drama explained

          there is a feeling among some that ben simmons resigned during his time at lsu. in a damning report by yahoo sports! Simmons “came to LSU with little desire to accomplish more than showcase his talents to NBA scouts.

          “he stopped attending classes as soon as he secured his eligibility for his entire freshman year.”

          for simmons, college was supposedly “meaningless” and “wasting time”, and he “rarely went to class during the spring semester”.

          also, “demonstrated minimal effort and poor body language on the court,” and was benched for a game against tennessee for academic reasons.

          While lsu was also partly to blame for the failed season, the simmons situation at lsu is seen as all wrong with the college one and done rule.

          while it’s hard to say explicitly that simmons ‘resigns’ at lsu (former teammate tim quarterman disagrees with the idea that he ‘resigns’), it’s pretty apparent that simmons had at least one eye on the nba and was just going through the motions. until he got to the league.

          reggie miller also attacks simmons

          steban a. He wasn’t the only media person to call out Simmons for not playing in Game 4 against the Celtics.

          hall of famer reggie miller implored simmons to “get better” in a scathing social media post:

          A Ben Simmons-less Brooklyn Nets take on the Boston Celtics in Game 4 of their first-round series tonight (Monday, April 25).

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