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    is a discussion that frequently arises among sports fans: who are the best athletes in the world?

    At promisesports, we’ve helped athletes and teams from just about every popular sport raise money through sports crowdfunding. however, as sports fans, we have always debated who are the best athletes in sports today.

    who are commitment sports?

    This is based on athletes currently competing and we have looked at consistency, dominance and physical ability when creating this list. So without further ado, these are our top 10 athletes in the world. enjoy!

    bile simone

    Simone_Biles_2016_Rio_beamKicking off our list of best athletes is American gymnast Simone Biles. With 4 Olympic golds and 10 World Championship gold to her name, Biles is the most decorated American female gymnast in World Championships history, with a total of 14 medals.

    At age 20, Simone has been rewriting the US Gymnastics record books. uu. and the world since her adolescence, and her domination is just beginning.

    The 10 greatest athletes of all time

    wladimir klitschko

    34690522245_564c2d7802_bNow aged 41, boxing legend Wladimir Klitschko has been present on lists like this one for nearly two decades and is certainly one of the greatest boxers ever, as well as one of the world’s best athletes.

    Known throughout his career for his incredible fitness, endurance and strength, Klitschko has been nearly unbeatable throughout his career, with a record 64 wins in 69 fights, 53 of which were by knockout.

    The second-longest-serving reigning heavyweight champion in boxing history, Dr Steelhammer successfully defended his belt 23 times, putting him ahead of Muhammad Ali (19) and Larry Holmes (20), and second only to joe louis (25).

    the 10 best boxers in history

    after coming within seconds of beating current unified world heavyweight anthony joshua in november 2016, it looks like he’ll have another bite at the icing later in 2017. a win this time will further cement his status as a true great.

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    katie ledecky

    Katie_Ledecky_2016cKatie Ledecky is a no brainer when it comes to naming the best athletes. Widely considered as the best swimmer in the world, Ledecky is entering Michael Phelps territory.

    still just 20 years old, he won five gold medals and broke three world records at the 2015 world championships in russia. She also became the first female swimmer to win the 200, 400, 800 and 1500 meter freestyle in a major competition.

    ledecky would break his 400m and 800m records at rio 2016 on his way to collecting 4 golds at the games. he then repeated his success at the world championships in 2017, claiming a further 5 gold medals. To date, he has broken 13 world records and is still a sophomore.

    On the subject of swimming, the great Michael Phelps obviously deserves a mention and had he not recently retired, he would most likely have been the first name on this list. Phelps, the most decorated American Olympian of all time with 28 medals, has set an incredibly high bar for the future of swimming.

    Another American swimmer likely to join the ranks of top athletes in the near future is 20-year-old Caeleb Dressel. With 2 Olympic gold medals in Rio 2016 and a record 7 golds at the 2017 World Championships, Dressel has quality and potential in spades. can he match phelps? time will tell.

    The 10 best swimmers in history

    lebron james

    32604769312_1023f06fa2_bTipped for success since he was a teenager, there is virtually nothing LeBron James hasn’t achieved in basketball.

    since he was drafted fresh out of high school by the local cleveland cavaliers in 2003, james has been instrumental to the success of any team he has played on. individually, he has the ability to change and dictate a game and that is reflected in his 12 nba all-stars, 4 nba mvps, 2 nba finals mvps and the fact that he is the cavs leading scorer of all time.

    his time in miami also came with some impressive accolades, as james won two nba championships, as well as leading the series with a 27-game winning streak, the longest in nba history.


    These are the 10 highest paid athletes

    At just 32 years old, James has played in seven straight NBA Finals since 2011, winning three of them, and his streak is unlikely to stop anytime soon.

    roger federer

    Roger_Federer_(26_June_2009,_Wimbledon)_2_(crop-2)The undisputed GOAT (Greatest Of All Time), Roger Feder is the sporting gift that just keeps on giving. Since overcoming Pete Sampras at Wimbledon in 2001 and taking on the torch for men’s tennis, Federer has been, for the best part, untouchable. And, as proved by an insane 2017, he still is, despite heading for his 36th birthday.

    roger federer has the most major wins in men’s tennis of all time with 19 singles tournaments to his name (8x wimbledon, 5x us open, 5x australian open, 1x french open). Next to him is Rafael Nadal with 15 majors and Pete Sampras with 14 majors. Furthermore, the silky Swiss native holds the record for the longest time as the world’s No. 1 male tennis player: a staggering 302 weeks.

    The 10 best male tennis players in history

    many critics dismissed federer’s career after an injury-plagued 2016. But to the delight of sports fans around the world, Federer’s precision and power during the 2017 season have left his ATP teammates in awe. he has rediscovered the best tennis of his and now he seems as untouchable as he was ten years ago.

    usain bolt

    Jamaicas-Usain-Bolt-celebrates-winning-the-Mens-200m-Final-on-day-twelve-of-the-London-Olympic-Games-at-the-OlympicThe fastest man on the planet, ever. How could Usain Bolt not feature as one of the best athletes in the world?

    bolt has not only won 9 Olympic gold medals, but he is also the only Olympian in history to win both the 100m and 200m in world record times. His glittering career comes to an end this summer at the World Championships in London, where the Jamaican will no doubt focus on going out in style and adding to his tally of 11 World Championships golds.

    the most outstanding world records in sport

    When the curtain falls, the sprinter will have left us all with incredible memories of his speed, style and superior work ethic. there may never be another athlete like him. but without a doubt one to take into account is wayde van niekerk.

    serena williams

    Serena-Williams-1Hard to believe, but Serena Williams has been winning major tennis championships for nearly 20 years. Since she burst onto the tennis scene in 1998, Williams has won 23 Grand Slam singles titles and 14 doubles titles. She also has four Olympic gold medals (three doubles, one singles).

    the 10 most skilful sports

    currently ranked no. 15 in the world following her break from the game this summer, Williams’ victory at the Australian Open in January saw her overtake Steffi Graff as the most successful Grand Slam player in the history of the women’s game. At 35 she shows no signs of slowing down.

    cristiano ronaldo

    Ronaldo-celtaWith Ronaldo leading the line at Manchester United, they dominated England and Europe over the coming seasons and so it came as no surprise when Real Madrid came calling.

    and when he arrived at the bernabeu, everything went perfectly. Ronaldo ripped through the league’s defenders like nobody’s business, and the goalscoring record he amassed, which at United had been superlative, became simply outrageous, scoring 285 goals in 265 appearances.

    god has blessed him with every conceivable gift one could possibly need to become one of the greatest athletes of his generation. With 5 league titles between England and Spain, 3 Champions League titles (including the first success in a row in history), a European Championship and 4 Ballon d’Ors, few would argue that he belongs on this list.

    sonny bill williams

    large_Sonny-Bill-Williams-gives-gold-medal-away-800Arguably one of the most all-round professional athletes on this generation, Sonny Bill Williams has not only played and starred at the highest level of Rugby Union, Rugby League and Rugby 7’s but also, along the way, has held both the NZPBA Heavyweight Championship and WBA International Heavyweight belts.

    we look at which sport has the fittest athletes

    When it comes to rugby, sonny bill has been just around the corner, winning just about everything he competed in. In addition to 12 national championships in rugby league and an appearance at the rio 2016 olympics, the true jewels in sonny bill’s crown are the 2011 and 2015 rugby world cup victories with new zealand, where he played a key role in both championships to help his country achieve victory.

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