Top 10 Best Heavyweight Boxers in the World 2021

    Heavyweight boxing is one of the popular sports celebrated by many. every fight is the next level to watch and it’s all about who offers the best gameplay. so check out the top 10 heavyweight boxers list.

    It’s always been about who’s the best of all in heavyweight boxing. however, there is one that tops the list of the best heavyweight boxers. it’s tyson fury from britain who is the best heavyweight boxer in the whole world in 2021.

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    check out the list of the top 10 heavyweight boxers in the world in 2021

    1. tyson fury

    tyson fury is the best and the best heavyweight boxer in the world in 2021. he is one of the best boxer in britain who tops the world ranking list.

    He is the winner of the heavyweight championship in 2015. However, his career did not get off to a good start as he had to take a break from boxing due to depression and drug abuse.

    tyson didn’t hold back as he made his best comeback in 2019, earning two wins and capturing the title as the deontay wilder. however, the match did not end well as it was a draw. he also did excellent in his seventh round with the wild.

    2. anthony joshua

    anthony is from great britain he has the record of 24-1, 22 kos. he is one of the biggest boxing stars for 2021. anthony is the winner of ibo, wba, ibf, wbo heavyweight champion titles. He is the winner of 22 knockouts out of his total of 24 fights.

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    he has only one loss in his career which is against ruiz. then he beats ruiz in the rematch and takes the title.

    3. wildest deontay

    deontay wilder is from america who has the record of 42-1-1, 41 kos. she has a commendable run with 41 wins in the heavyweight division. Deontay is one of the strongest and most powerful players in heavyweight boxing. He holds the WBO heavyweight title in 2015.

    He succeeds in defending the title a total of 9 times. it was for the first time that he lost the wbo title in 2020. his fight was with tyson fury number one.

    his career is at the highest level, however, the next fight on July 24 will be more of a roller coaster.

    4. alexander povetkin

    alexander povetkin is from russia who has a record of 36-2, 25 kos. He has lost two games against Wladimir Klitschko and Anthony Joshua.

    He won his last fight against Dillian Whyte in the fifth round of a knockout and got the biggest victory of his career.

    5. andy ruiz jr

    Andy is an American stand at position 5 in the ranking of the best in the world in 2021. He is 33-3, 22 kos. furthermore, he is the winner of the seventh round knockout and won the title.

    6. dillian whyte

    Dillian Whyte, British heavyweight boxing champion. she has a record of 27 -2, out of 18 kos. He has the best career win of his against Dereck Chisora, Oscar Rivas not once but twice, Lucas Browne, Rober Helenius.

    unfortunately player dillian whyte has lost the champion title to anthony joshua.

    7. joe joyce

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    joe joyce is from great britain with a record of 12-0, 11 kos. he has a great career to date with a commendable victory of 11 knockouts out of the total of 12 fights he played.

    he has a wonderful career where he won the fight with daneil dubois.

    8. oleksandr usyk

    oleksandr is from ukraine and has a total record of 18-0, 13 kos. he is one of the players who has been dominating the rings for the last five years. Oleksandr wins the heavyweight debut with Chazz Witherspoon.

    wins the fight during his seventh round knockout.

    9. jose parker

    joseph parker is from new zealand where he has a wonderful professional career. he won the championship except for his two losses alone. These defeats are during his fight with Anthony Joshua and Dillian Whyte.

    He has a great record of 31 fights and has 29 wins and 2 losses in his career. there are 21 wins by the knockout itself with 0 losses. he has a total of 8 decision wins and 2 losses.

    His most recent record has a win against fight with Derek Chisora ​​in round 12.

    10. Luis Ortiz

    a Cuban professional heavyweight boxer is in position 10 of the world record. he disputed a total of 36 fights where he has 32 wins. 27 wins belong to the kos while there are 2 losses and 2 without contests.

    He is one of the best players in the Cuban team where he also has an international championship.

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