10 Best Football Cleats for Running Backs 2022 (Buyers Guides)

    Football is an iconic American sport with intense competition and challenge. the running back position is an extremely important position and more or less decisive for the outcome of the match. therefore, to ensure the best safety and performance, you need the best football boots for runners 2022. In this article, Scott Fujita will introduce you to the best cleats for runners, along with buying tips and instructions specific to you.

    top 10 soccer cleats for runners 2022

    1. nike vapor untouchable varsity 3 td mens soccer cleats

    the mens nike vapor varsity 3 td football boots are truly a crowd favorite due to its many features that are visible to the naked eye. these running football boots are very light and easy to wear so they feel great on the foot and are often considered one of the lightest boots nike has been trying to develop for quite some time.

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    • high quality material used.
    • light weight and maximum comfort.
    • perfect for speed and skill players.
    • synthetic material.


    • suffered durability issues.
    • can cause blisters on feet, can use heel cup.

    With the Nike Vapor Untouchable Varsity 3 TD, Nike strives to deliver on its promise to produce shoes that enhance athletic performance. These top-tier soccer cleats feel lightweight and unobtrusive, and provide traction to push you forward and out of your way.

    Constructed from flyweave, Nike takes into account the specific endurance, strength and stability required of soccer players on the general field. And that is just the beginning. Featuring flyweave technology, these pads maximize the foot’s natural movement while providing durability to help prevent sprained ankles or other leg injuries.

    the nike varsity 3 td features a lightweight one-piece upper and a low cut that promotes natural ankle movement just like the nike vapor carbon elite td football boots. Seamless safety lock on your foot lock as you lock on to victory. Engineered for speed, this lightweight design lets you light up your yard. this lock lets you dig deeper with the 14-stud design.

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    end result

    With strategic cushioning studs, the Nike Vapor Varsity 3 Men’s Shoe is ideal for running for those looking for a shoe that delivers explosive speed, with the ability to change direction without missing a step.

    2. nike lunarbeast pro mens soccer cleats

    nike also continues to admire soccer players with its current line of great shoes, including the lunabeast pro td soccer cleats. what leaves a good impression on us is the great ankle support of this product. the midfoot stability of these runner cleats is also excellent.

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    • well constructed and stylish with a wide selection of colors.
    • provides good support and coverage.
    • easy to style.
    • comes with responsive and flexible cushioning for comfort.
    • able to cope with different conditions and situations.


    • one of the most expensive shoes on the market.
    • may be tight for some players.

    In terms of support, coverage and comfort, this men’s nike running back product doesn’t seem to disappoint. That’s because it works to securely hug your ankles through a mid-rise collar, giving you the support and protection you need without sacrificing comfort.

    There’s also a flexible cushion at the base for added comfort, so there’s certainly no lack of padding in that area. The hook and loop strap gives you another level of support and lockdown, and the 7-stud removable TPU spikes ensure you get unmatched traction and performance.

    Another thing that impressed us is that it offers a good grip when used on a soccer field. it also tends to hold up well in different conditions and environments. Another reason we appreciate this key is that users have reported no issues or crashes during the outage.

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    end result

    The Nike Lunarbeast Pro TD Men’s Soccer Cleat is designed to make your athletic experience as memorable and enjoyable as possible. nike running football boots are beautiful, durable and also break down quickly.

    3. nike vapor edge speed 360 mens soccer cleats

    the mens nike vapor edge speed 360 football boots are a good option if you want to offer great performance in nature. More than that, it’s a pair of affordable non-slip cleats. These lightweight running soccer cleats deliver the speed required for games. players love the speed and agility of this shoe.


    • increases your performance on the field.
    • excellent quality and holds up very well.
    • has a great fit.
    • affordable .
    • It has impressive traction.
    • It has very good ankle support.


    • not suitable for wide feet.

    Introducing the Nike Vapor Edge 360, built for speed and agility. Following on from 2019’s Vapor Untouchable, the newest version of Nike’s Vapor line is inspired and designed based on feedback from real pro gamers. The Vapor Edge Series uses a secure 360-degree Flyknit upper, reinforced with a durable Nike leather lining. With the omnidirectional motion feature, Nike also widens the space between the outsole studs for quick cuts and provides traction during toe-off.

    An interior full-leg cushion provides flexibility, while a breathable, stretchy cuff wraps the ankle for support and comfort. The unique ghost lacing system tightens with a quick pull and tucks away for a clean, shiny look. Choose from a selection of standard or bold colors, and get ready to show off your content on the grid in this soccer cleat for runners.

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    end result

    As the best soccer cleats for runners on the market, the nike vapor 360 soccer cleats are a versatile option for midfielders, receivers, supporters and more. Built for speed, these durable clubs feature a wide rivet design to give you great traction and help you make game-changing moves.

    4. Under Armor Speedform MC Women’s Football Shoe

    under armor women’s speedform mc’s high-end brand movement stems from an interesting surprise from the brand. Under Armor has developed a unique shock absorber that combines a variety of technologies to create high performance. this under armor model has achieved just that.


    • has a high level of comfort.
    • does not require break-in time.
    • can accommodate most barrettes.
    • provides a excellent cushioning.
    • support to match the cleats with customization capabilities.
    • synthetic material.


    • Heel blisters are a common problem that some users complain about, you can use a heel cup.

    With the 100% composites of this cushion, it will surely continue to make great performances for every footballer. One of the reasons behind the consistent rave reviews of this soccer shoe is its ability to make the wearer feel a high degree of comfort.

    That’s mainly due to the speedform upper body, which tends to mold the foot perfectly. With that being said, we can assure users that they can perform well in the field without any distraction. It also features a seamless and well-molded heel lining, which can further enhance your comfort level when you wear it.

    This mid soccer cleat is also able to limit the risk of lowering blood pressure to the toe due to the use of unique modern v56 technology. If you want a lock with the best traction regardless of your direction, we’re pretty sure you can trust this soccer shoe from Under Armor. The good traction this cleat provides can be attributed to its TPU cleat.

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    end result

    if you want to buy an under armor running back mid soccer shoe, we are sure you will be happy to know that it is in your line, the women’s under armor speedform mc soccer shoe.

    5. adidas freak x carbon md soccer shoe for men

    the adidas men’s freak x carbon is a pair of low heeled ankle boots that come with a raised heel to increase your run backwards. The football boot will no longer weigh you down, as it is made from lightweight 100% synthetic materials.

    the men’s adidas freak x carbon has a durable knit material with an inner contour that reduces wear. unique design, wear-resistant self-hardening rubber sole with wider soles for greater stability.


    • sleek and impressive, suitable for flat feet.
    • lightweight and durable.
    • robust Kevlar frame for traction and stability.
    • comfortable – with quilted lining.
    • protects against bacteria.
    • lining is breathable and wicks away moisture.
    • synthetic material.


    • slightly narrower – will not fit wider feet.
    • size and color are limited.

    this is what adidas freak x carbon has to offer. one of the benefits of its great heel and ankle support is that it is key to maximizing your strength to take on opponents on the pitch. It’s also beneficial as it can give you a good grip, which is key to preventing you from sliding backwards while fighting on the field.

    You can also get extra support from the heel lining, which is a big plus in push-ups. In addition, Adidas Men’s Freak X increases your stability, thanks to a larger collar. a high level of stability is what you can get whenever you need to take quick steps forward. With the carbon footrest on this wrench, quick stops and turns are easy.

    Durability is another good quality of this men’s adidas boot. it’s durable enough to last at least a season. it’s a lightweight slider with the right reinforcement to optimize its traction areas, which is good if you’re looking to maximize your omnidirectional speed.

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    end result

    It is also one of the best football boots for runners from adidas. In addition, it makes you feel as comfortable as possible with its anatomically molded EVA sole.

    6. Nike Alpha Strike 2 Men’s Three-Quarter Running Soccer Cleats

    I’m sure you’ll thank yourself too if you decide to take a look at the men’s nike alpha strike 2 triple football boots. With the highest quality guaranteed of this course, we are quite sure that you can use it to meet all the challenges in this field. that’s possible while enjoying positive traction and good blocking ability.


    • allows you to handle all the challenges on the soccer field.
    • can give you the support and protection you need as a runner.
    • provides support when making lateral cuts .
    • lightweight and durable.
    • includes a soft inner lining, which makes it more comfortable to wear.
    • ankle support.


    • the nike alpha does not come with a collar down to the ankles.

    We also noted this soccer shoe’s ability to give you flexibility underfoot. In terms of grip, these men’s Nike shoes won’t let you down. That’s because it has a TPU outsole with a configuration that includes dozens of bars, which is why it has really great traction.

    You’ll also find these best cleats for runners supporting your ankles when making side cuts. that is due to the presence of the collar with 3/4 brightness. Another notable benefit that this clef provides is that it allows you to enjoy an incredibly difficult clef due to the fact that this soccer boot for runners has a dynamic matchmaking system.

    It is light but durable, thanks to the synthetic leather used in its exterior. with its lightness, we are quite sure that the change of direction will be easy and fast. We also note that Nike didn’t compromise on comfort in this particular shoe. this men’s nike cleat is very comfortable no matter what you’re doing while you’re on the pitch.

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    end result

    We chose this men’s Nike Alpha Strike because of the well-designed, soft inner lining. Available at a low price, it is without a doubt one of the best runner cleats available on the market today. or you can see other nike soccer cleats here (like the vapor, untouchable or alpha menace).

    7. Under Armor Blur Select Low MC Running Back Mens Soccer Cleats

    under armor men’s blur select low mc is a high speed football boot from the brand. Under Armor has created unique shoes that incorporate a variety of technologies to create high-speed performance shoes. Many fans have rated this soccer cleat from Under Armor 5 stars. when it comes to comfort and grip, these under armor tops all standards.


    • 3d-printed synthetic upper provides a lightweight fit and durable support.
    • back quadrant is molded for structure and comfort.
    • insoles Die-cut EVA foams provide excellent underfoot comfort and durability.
    • Molded TPU cleat sheeting is designed to be lightweight and provides outstanding traction on synthetic surfaces.
    • Secondary joints are They come together to provide an extra bite for rough razor cuts and increase pen speed.


    • Heel blisters are a common problem, you can use a heel cup.

    This armor is one of the best football boots for runners. When we look at these soccer cleats, we have a bit of an old-school sense, but this old-school look is mixed with today’s modern features and performance. these keys are all about speed, so the name is confusing. they are extremely light and the top of the pad is as flexible as a gymnast.

    The shoe is also breathable and molded to the correct shape of your foot for comfort. you feel like you are wearing sprint shoes in such a way that the shoe presses against your foot. The shoe has a flexible collar at the top to keep your feet in place and provide extra protection around the ankle area.

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    end result

    If you’re looking for the best runner cleats to help with speed and agility, the Under Armor Men’s Blur Select Low MC is a great option!

    8. Nike Vapor Untouchable Pro 3 – Mens Running Football Boots

    In case you are looking for a lightweight soccer cleat for runners that can guarantee your best performance, then trust the Nike Vapor Untouchable Pro 3. It has a synthetic leather and mesh leather upper, which plays an important role. not only in its lightness but also in its comfort.


    • great traction and strength.
    • stylish, assorted colors – 31 color options.
    • fabric is strong and lightweight.
    • odorless and it does not accumulate moisture.
    • carbon fiber plate with 14 stripes.
    • first quality and economical.


    • slightly narrow.

    A circular knit bootie structure focuses on the foot for easy wearability and provides stable ankle support. More importantly, this type of fabric used to make these shoes is lightweight and strong knit. The Nike Vapor Untouchable Pro 3 Soccer Cleat features a carbon fiber plate that firmly connects the 14 studs for power, traction and agility as you run backwards.

    the flexible upper shell of the men’s nike vapor is perfectly designed to create soft arches without muscle tension. This best soccer cleat for runners is safe for your feet as its synthetic mesh material has been treated against bacteria to prevent odors or moisture. the mens nike vapor is designed with a great look that will allow for sharp cuts and acceleration while you play.

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    end result

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    These soccer cleats for runners are also designed to give you all-round speed. In fact, Untouchable Pro 3 is made for the fastest gamers. furthermore, it is designed to work without overloading them.

    9. under armor nitro low mc soccer cleats for men

    When looking for low-profile runner soccer cleats, check out the ergonomic print that comes with Under Armour, which will give you a boost in performance and confidence while you play.


    • Features padding on the toe and heel support.
    • lightweight and durable.
    • stylish and colorful.
    • comfortable and comfortable.
    • excellent traction and agility.


    • dowels are permanently attached.

    under armor is specially designed with high resistance material (coated synthetic fabric). In addition, the combination of sheets with mesh holes creates a continuous flow of air that allows the feet to cool down while playing (ventilated). the synthetic sole is perfectly molded and fixed in position for excellent stability and comfort. You’ll also get extra protection for your toes, as Under Armor’s interior design features toe pads.

    This lightweight product comes with a TPU heel clip for even more stability on the go. Typically, Under Armor has a cutout EVA sock liner that uniquely covers your feet.

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    end result

    with under armor, you will be able to choose the right color for your choice. Unlike other soccer cleat brands, Under Armor is designed to provide premium insoles that give you great traction and agility.

    10. nike vapor pro low td soccer cleats

    The Nike Vapor Pro Low TD is beautifully designed with premium features at an affordable price. fans were amazed at the comfort of this cushion and the impressive quality of the materials. once again, some were quick to point out a few quirks, like the small studs and the unusual sole. Overall, these cleats offer great cost-to-price performance, putting them on the list of the best cleats for runners.


    • one of the most comfortable runner cleats.
    • excellent price.
    • the best lining for runners with top quality materials.
    • the tongue is attached according to the length of the toothed rod.


    • not suitable for wide feet.

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    end result

    nike is renowned for developing excellent soles for sport, and these pro low td are no exception to that standard. This premium soccer runner cleat features a leather and synthetic upper that provides comfort and protection while maintaining the goggle’s lightweight finish.

    types of cleats for runners

    1. high neck soccer cleats

    When it comes to runners, high-necked booties aren’t very popular. that is because most of them may find it bulky and heavy. On top of that, this product can slow you down, which is not a good thing because you’re a replay.

    You can also choose between the plaster and the removable sole. When choosing between the two categories mentioned, you must take into account the usual conditions of the field, your own preferences, as well as the regulations of the football league. if you get a moldy pad, remember that it will be permanently attached to your shoe.

    2. low collar soccer cleats

    Fairly similar to the type of shoe worn in soccer, the low shoe is designed with the feel of it stopping in front of the ankles. with that, hopefully your foot section will have a lesser amount of protection. still, the low cut type is the perfect choice if you want more speed, cut and maneuverability.

    That’s mainly because this type is lightweight. you can see it used frequently by players in skill positions. it also promotes maximum maneuverability without the need for an extended hood. Some runners like to invest in a pair of briefs because they are naturally lightweight.

    best football cleats for running backs 2

    3. mid-collar soccer cleats

    A distinctive quality of mid-collar cleats is that they can support the ankle without restricting its movement. Most runners prefer the mid cut as it provides additional ankle support. it is designed in such a way that it reaches the height of your ankle.

    such design its ability to provide additional support and stability without overly restricting your speed and movement. In addition to being compatible with fullbacks, the mid-cut is also ideal for defensive backs, quarterbacks, and wide receivers.

    4. soccer cleats tf

    tf is a very popular coastal turf wad. It will be the perfect choice for aged artificial surfaces with dull grass and low rubber porosity. artificial grass is perfect for tf chips.

    buying guides (tips for the best soccer cleats for runners)

    best football cleats for running backs scott fujita 3

    1. position of the ball game on the court

    Maybe you don’t know, playing position on the field (such as running backs, field general, and end zone) determines a lot about how you choose soccer cleats. Choose the soccer cleats according to the position that is most comfortable for you when playing with the ball. in each position, we have different ways to choose our cleats.

    2. type of soccer field

    There are also several types of soccer fields in general that we usually play, which are tall grass, short grass or artificial grass. therefore, any type of field or end zone must have the correct types of sand. here are ways to choose cleats for each specific type of garden.

    • firm ground: firm ground is a studded base used on natural, but fairly dry, grass. it is usually made of carbon resin which is suitable for short, thin grass.
    • soft ground: soft ground is still used for natural lawns. however, in sg there is low grass, the ground is quite soft. these cleats are often played in areas with heavy rain or the turf is frequently sprayed with water.
    • artificial turf: agricultural facilities are widely used. this is also understandable when the artificial grass grows day by day. especially in indonesia, due to soil conditions, this country mainly uses artificial turf. standard artificial grass bowls will have a fairly soft base with a slippery phenomenon.
    • grass: tf base is also used for artificial grass. however, the use of tall and small tf spikes is only suitable for soft ground and artificial grass is not too thick.
    • indoors: this cushion is generally only used on hard and flat courts such as tennis courts. futsal

    3. weight of the blocks

    Evaluate the weight of running shoes before purchasing. this is important to avoid buying one that is too heavy for you, which would negatively affect your performance and movement in the end zone. your best bet, in this case, is a pair of heels or shoes that continue to expose your ankles.

    4. cleat size

    cleats come in different sizes and you need to find the one that works best for you. Even if a pad meets your other requirements, you shouldn’t decide to buy one until you’re convinced of the size.

    You should keep in mind that cleat sizes are usually similar to normal shoe sizes. the only difference is in customization, as it varies by manufacturer and brand. For this reason, you should not immediately assume that a particular shoe size matches your other shoe size like a glove.

    5. cove shape

    The shape of the cleats of different cleat brands is often not very similar. When choosing cleats, you need to clearly understand the style of your foot in order to choose more comfortable or stylish boots that are more suitable.

    • Snug leg: The ankle lacing is a very important element of all booties. however, with high, oblong and horizontal sole studs. somehow you will find it hard to get used to those cleats with slightly thick feet. so ask about the cleat shape you have chosen to see if it is an arm or a comfortable shape.
    • comfortable: a well-fitting cleat is often preferred and makes choosing the right cleat difficult for those with fat feet. so look for booties that are comfortable, stretchy and flexible for added comfort.

    best football cleats for running backs scott fujita 1

    frequently asked questions (faqs)

    1. How long can I wear my running shoes?

    The strength of your gaskets depends on how well you use and store them. most football clubs, however, are built to last for a long time, possibly years. Young players are likely to outgrow their boots before they need replacements.

    2. Do you have any more recommendations on soccer cleats for runners?

    our team of editors at scott fujita have suggested many things to you, but if you still want more options, you can consider the best cleats for runners like: nike vapor carbon elite td soccer cleats with carbon fiber plate, nike alpha menace pro mid soccer cleats and under armor spotlight soccer cleats.


    In the previous article, we presented you the soccer cleats for runners by classification. soccer cleats are the product you need for competitive training and warm-up exercises. check the article and you will find your favorite shoes!

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