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    You did it! If you’re reading this article, it likely means you’ve made your fantasy playoffs or are expecting to. So, first off, congratulations. That’s no small feat, especially in this weird season. However, now that you’ve made it this far, we need to switch up the way we start thinking about our roster a bit.

    Now that you’re in the playoffs, you want to maximize your upside each week. there is no longer a “potential stash on the upside”. There are handcuffed running backs who could be league winners in the event of injury, but there’s no longer any need to hide Matt Breida guys “just in case” they win the starting role. The same goes for low edge plays like Rex Burkhead or Tim Patrick on your bench. if your starting lineup is set for this week, you need to turn your attention to what next week looks like and fill in those gaps.

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    answers questions like, do you need a better game? do you have a playable dst duel? Just like any other position on your team, you need to be able to make sure your DST slot is planned ahead of time. think of having two defensemen on your roster as a tandem and make sure the combined schedule is as beneficial to you as possible. sometimes you can weather a bad matchup with a good defense if that means you’ll have a comfortable schedule afterwards, but if it’s a rough road for a couple of weeks, it might be best to move on now and find a defense that matches better with the other option you have. you have.

    below you’ll get my full ranking of defense in the playoffs. positive matches (the ones we want) are colored green, while bad matches (the ones we should avoid) are colored red. use the tables to find the best possible matches. that way you can block that defense early without having to spend valuable waiver money or having your leaguemates attack you. however, I urge you to remember that these rankings take into account every week of the playoffs, so while the chargers may not be top of these because they play the bosses in week 15, they have two big matchups after, so if he finds a replacement for week 15, then chargers seem like a much better option for the last two weeks of the season.

    As with my weekly rankings, I encourage you to always check the link to my updated rankings as the week(s) go by. The landscape of some of these teams could change drastically due to injuries in recent weeks.

    choose the right defenses to pick up and start

    Just a quick recap of my general philosophy: When choosing a defense, you want to look for defenses that take constant pressure and lead serves. sacks and turnovers are more valuable to the fantasy defense than preventing yardage and even, to some extent, preventing points. if a defense allows a stingy number of yards per play, that’s great; however, they better be able to get into the backfield or force turnovers as well, or else it won’t matter in the long run. Basically, we need to move away from points against being the most important factor when choosing a fantasy defense and start adopting teams that put a lot of pressure on the quarterback or create a lot of turnovers.

    what is the body classification?

    body ratings (best overall defense). This is my defensive ratings formula based on the stats I think are most conducive to fantasy success, which are primarily focused on pressure rate but also turnover rate as these are metrics which traditionally lead to the most consistent results and are also scheme dependent, highlighting defensive schemes that are more fantasy friendly. you can see the full updated leaderboard here but the basic formula is:

    (press rate x 2) + (sacks) + (qb rush rate) + (quick pass win rate) + (% shots that end in turnover x 2)


    (% of drives ending in a score x 2) + (yards per play)

    Tier 1 Defenses: Fantasy Football Playoff Rankings

    tampa bay slips to number one once we factor in just their playoff matchups. The Bucs are the fifth-ranked defense for the final month of the season and have a no-brainer schedule to finish the season. Saints with Taysom Hill and Trevor Semien at quarterback have been a more generous offense; However, we should expect Alvin Kamara to return for this matchup. then the bucs get two of the easiest matchups in the league for the final two games of the playoffs which really is the best you can ask for if you stayed strong with the bucs defense as they went through some ups and downs in the middle part of the season.

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    tickets remain at number two despite losing tre white and falling behind new england in my all-season standings due to the strength of the schedule ahead of them. they remain first in yards allowed per play, first in turnover rate, first in percentage of drives ending in an opposing marker, first in qb rush rate and second in pressing rate. they’re just an incredibly complete unit. they also have two of their three playoff games against the best offenses to target in fantasy football and one game against a Patriots team that will be a tough game but probably won’t rack up enough points to cause the tallies to be low. . With the Bills fighting for a playoff spot, all of their starters should play each of these games, and you should feel confident deploying their defense in the playoffs.

    I know some people may be surprised to see the dolphins so tall, but take a look at the remaining schedule. The only matchup you could really worry about is Tennessee in Week 17 with A.J. Brown and Julio Jones will likely return. i know there are some rumors that derrick henry could come back for that game, but i’m not sure the titans would bring henry back for the playoffs, if he’s healthy enough to come back. Miami has been the number two fantasy defense for the last month, so I have no problem making them my primary defense for the playoffs.

    dallas has been a strong defense all year and is the third ranked defense in the last month. On top of that, they now welcome Demarcus Lawrence back into the fold, which frees up Micah Parsons to return to linebacker, where he can be more active all over the field. they have two really strong matchups in the first two weeks of the playoffs, but they take a slight bump up the standings because they might be looking elsewhere during the championship game instead of pitching the cowboys against a really strong and probably completely healthy, cardinal offense.

    tier 2 defenses: fantasy football rankings for the playoffs

    This is a mixed tier with defenses currently sitting in my top 10 for the season and a couple strong defenses who have delicious end-of-season schedules.

    don’t look now, but the 49ers are beginning to play strong defense as they’ve gotten some of their injured stars back in dee ford and dre greenlaw. in their last four games, the 49ers are the sixth-ranked defense, averaging 10.3 points per game, and then look at that schedule. it’s nice. just like we mentioned earlier with miami, we should expect the titans to have their star receivers back for this game, but derrick henry won’t be playing, so this is still one titans offense we shouldn’t be too afraid of. i expect san francisco to be an elite play in week 15 and 17 and maybe pairing them with a team that has a big matchup in week 16 (like the chargers) could give him some tremendous production in the dst spot.

    It’s because of the risk to the next two teams that I decided to put the Patriots over both of them despite having a much tougher schedule. The Patriots are the best defense in fantasy football right now, but that playoff schedule isn’t great. The Colts are the second-best team in limiting fantasy points to opposing defenses because they play a ball-control offense and protect the quarterback at an elite level. the bills, when not played in 40-mph winds, are also a really dynamic offense that could easily score 30-plus points. That means the first two weeks of the playoffs will be low-ceiling games for New England. however, I’d be surprised if this defense was beaten hard, meaning they should still come up with a safe floor. If you can get past that, your reward is a championship game against the Jaguars. i think pairing new england with san francisco or cincinnati seems doable in most leagues and could be a great playoff strategy.

    The Eagles are the next surprise for me here because they haven’t been consistent on defense this season. Nothing negative can be said about that schedule, however, and the Eagles have been the ninth-ranked fantasy defense for the past four games, averaging 9.0 points per game. It’s not an elite total, and they’ve faltered in some strong matchups, like Week 13 against the Jets, but you couldn’t ask for a much better schedule the rest of the way. they won’t give you warm, fuzzy feelings, and the risk certainly exists for a defense that ranks 24th in turnover rate and 27th in rushing rate on the season.

    the bengals have gone back and forth between the relevant fantasy and not for us during the season, but they are the 11th defense in the last four games, averaging 8.3 points per game. They’re fifth in the NFL in sacks and thirteenth in turnover rate, so they’ve been a pretty complete defense all year. considering that their first two postseason matchups are against offenses that rank in the top 10 in terms of giving up the most fantasy points to opposing defenses, we have to like that schedule. i can see cincinnati as the back half of the top 10 dst in the first two weeks, which could make them a strong pairing with a team that has a good week 17 schedule since you won’t be playing them against the bosses.

    In previous years, we used boss defense as a great example of how you can lose a lot of points and still be a good fantasy unit. bosses would go up high, forcing the opponent to pass to keep up, leading to interceptions, sacks, and sometimes even defensive touchdowns. then all of that disappeared at the start of this season, but the bosses have come roaring back. they are the fourth-ranked defense in the last month, averaging 12.5 points per game. They’re also the fourth-ranked defense since Week 7 at 9.8 points per game, if we want a larger sample, and would be much higher on this list if they didn’t have some tough matchups ahead of them. Neither of these games will make the bosses a must-have defense on the bench, but the Chargers, Steelers, and Bengals are offenses that can add up to big point totals. they can also drop many sacs and get into a shell. It will be a bit risky to play the bosses in those weeks, but with their recent performance, I think you can trust them.

    The Packers’ defense has looked much better in recent weeks, ranking as the ninth-best fantasy defense in its last four games. They’re also poised to bring back star cornerback Jaire Alexander, which will give this secondary a huge boost. the packers are in level two due to their first two weeks. Baltimore now leads the league in sacks allowed and Cleveland has fallen on hard times with Baker Mayfield and Kareem Hunt both playing through injuries. Minnesota in the championship game is a tough test, and I’d look elsewhere for that, but I think the Packers are a really solid play in the other two weeks.

    Like the Packers, the Broncos have been a solid but unremarkable defense. they rank 13th in their last four games, averaging 8.0 points per game. That doesn’t earn you weeks, but it’s nothing to sneeze at either. considering they don’t have really tough matchups the rest of the way, they’re at the back of level two. The Bengals have been very generous as a fantasy offense lately, and the Raiders seem completely out of control after dealing with multiple distractions off the field, so I think the Broncos are a safe but unsexy playoff defense.

    Tier 3 Defenses: Fantasy Football Playoff Rankings

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    This is a great level because a lot of these defenses are just coin tosses at this point. All of these teams have been useful defenses at some point this season, but none have been overly consistent or have the best playoff schedule.

    Vikings and Cardinals are similar to me right now. Both have been elite for long stretches this year, but just suffered massive injuries at elite defensive ends with J.J. Watt for the Cardinals and Danielle Hunter for the Vikings, both ruled out for the season. Now, teams may prove capable of weathering that storm, but have struggled to get back to the elite level so far with the Cardinals ranking 12th and the Vikings ranking 17th over the last month. in another stroke of similarity, both only really seem startable during the first week of the playoffs, but then the matchups get a lot tougher after that, with the Cardinals’ final two matchups nearly unplayable with so much on the line. fancy.

    We tend to think of Rams as an elite defensive unit, and they have big name stars to catch our eye, but the truth is the performance just hasn’t been there. Over the past month, the Rams are the 26th-ranked defense, averaging just 4.5 fantasy points per contest. That includes games against the Jaguars, 49ers and Titans, as well as a matchup with the Packers. that’s not a ridiculously difficult schedule. Now, neither is their playoff schedule with a struggling Seahawks team in Week 15 and a beatable Ravens offense in Week 17; however, the vikings in week 16 present a real challenge and the rams are no longer a set-and-forget option.

    The Chargers’ defensive dominance against the Bengals is fresh on everyone’s mind, but this has been an inconsistent unit all season. they’re 6th in rushing rate, 17th in sacks, 12th in turnover rate and a really poor 28th in percentage of drives ending in an offensive score. this means that despite the talent they have in defense and the punch they gave the Bengals, they are still only the 16th defense in the last month. we love the schedule for them in the final two weeks of the playoffs, and they could be a semi-final winning option against the texans, but this is a defense that put up a damagingly low score against the chiefs and doesn’t show up against the broncos either. /p>

    Some people may be surprised to see the Colts at this level as they are the sixth ranked defense for the last month, averaging 11 points per game, but I urge people to dig a little deeper into the calendar. Ever since the Colts got into their groove and started playing great football and putting up great fantasy defense totals, they’ve played the Titans, Jets, Jaguars and Texans. they could not arm anything against the bucs; however, they were able to put together a good total against the Bills, who were playing without three of their starting offensive linemen. maybe I’m being too hard on the Colts because they’re an elite team in turnovers, but they put almost no pressure on the quarterback and I have to wonder if the turnovers have really been driven by playing poor offenses and injuries. As a result, I can’t really move them on top of these other teams.

    The saints were a hot defense about a month ago, but they are the 27th defense in the last month, averaging 3.5 points per game. Now, three of those games were against the Cowboys, Bills and Eagles, who are among the best offenses in limiting fantasy points to opposing defenses, so we have to keep that in mind. however, this is still a middle defense that ranks 15th in turnover rate, 16th in percentage of drives that end in an offensive score, and 18th in rushing rate. They have a great matchup in the finals against the Panthers, but I wouldn’t play them against Tampa Bay and I don’t think they’ll be a success against Miami either.

    The Seahawks are another defense that has been doing up and down, ranking 19th for the past month, averaging 5.8 points per game. The pass rush and turnovers haven’t really been there all year, but they’ve gotten tighter and tighter as the season has gone on, allowing only 17 points to Green Bay, 23 to Arizona and 23 to San Francisco. . now the cardinals and 49ers weren’t maxed out so maybe it’s a mirage but the seahawks schedule is also pretty easy late in the playoffs. I’d put them on my bench to see if their recent increase in performance holds up and then deploy them, fearfully of course, in two easy matchups.

    The Steelers have the talent to put out top-tier production, but they’re the 24th defense in the last month and really only have one playable matchup on their schedule. You can argue that you can play the browns, but I don’t really trust this defense to stop nick chubb and kareem hunt, and I’m certainly not playing the steelers against the chiefs with the way both teams are playing right now. /p>

    The Browns only have one good matchup the rest of the way, plus they still have their bye to go, so it’s hard to get too excited about them, especially after the way they looked last week against the Patriots. I just can’t see having too much confidence in starting them after this week. I also came into this drill hoping the Saints and Packers would be defenses that could hold out the rest of the way, but the matchups are too tough for that. the packers can’t start for me in the next two weeks, nor in the fantasy championship, while new orleans has four brutal games in the next five. new orleans is a defense that i think you can keep on your bench because their matchups are a doddle or unplayable, so they are the perfect defense to combine with another to help you until the end of the season.

    Tier 4 Defenses: Fantasy Football Playoff Rankings

    These defenses are all risky but can be played in certain matchups, so be on the lookout to mix and match with some of the defenses at higher levels if you’re in a deep league or a league where people stack defenses. .

    We’ve been riding the Panthers for most of the season, and I really think they’re a strong defense, but without Christian McCaffrey, the offense has been rotten and continues to put the defense in terrible situations. As a result, the Panthers are the 14th defense in the last month and face a pretty brutal playoff schedule. I can’t trust them against bills or bucs and would consider them the back half of the top 10 options against the Saints.

    ravens are a big conundrum for me, currently ranking 15th for me on the season. like i said in my week 11 rankings: “they are 1st in pressure rate, 20th in sacks, 13th in qb rush rate, 8th in percentage of drives that end in an offensive scoring, and 27th in turnover rate. rush pass takes them and they look great, and then the next week their secondary lets them down and they look average.” They have some real problems in the secondary that could be a problem in games against Green Bay, Cincinnati and the Rams in the coming weeks. by current metrics, they only get one more matchup the rest of the way, making them apt to start and a marginal “hold” as a defense, but not a defense I’m as confident in as the top tier.

    Tier 5 Defenses: Fantasy Football Playoff Rankings

    I wouldn’t recommend playing either of these defenses if you have a choice.

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    Fantasy Playoffs Defense (DEF) Streamers & Rankings: Updated 2021 Fantasy Tiers | Fantasy News

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