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    The 2022 baseball season is finally here, and yankee stadium has revealed the changes it made during the offseason. Fans can’t go wrong with the tried-and-true garlic fries, but there are some notable newcomers this year, including the exciting addition of Marcus Sameulsson’s Stray Bird. If you’re visiting the stadium more for the food than the game, head to the field level, where there are the most options, including the City Winery and mighty Quinn’s.

    100 sections/field level

    City Winery: A chain that started in West Town serves burgers and wine. section 105

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    Garlic Fries: Exactly what they sound like: this is a Yankee Stadium classic. articles 107, 205 and 331

    wings of new york: wings plus variations of waffles with chicken (wings or tenders). section 107

    jersey mike’s: grilled philadelphia cheesesteaks made to order. articles 107, 223 and 314

    oatly: Dairy-free vanilla and chocolate soft serve from one of the most popular oat milk brands out there today. section 110, 205, 224, 318 and stands

    Streetbird: Spicy fried chicken and other dishes like chili cheese fries from celebrity chef Marcus Samuelsson make this vendor the most notable newcomer in Yankee Stadium this season. section 112

    A fried chicken sandwich with pickles.

    Hot-and-spicy fried chicken sandwich at Streetbird.

    Yankee Stadium Grand Slam Shakes: Shakes like the Little Italy (a vanilla or chocolate milkshake dotted with mini cannolis) and Sunny Skies (a milkshake with rainbow layer cake) are sold in souvenir cups. Section 112, 125, and 324

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    King’s Hawaiian: Sweet, fluffy rolls are the foundation for new options like sweet smoked chicken sandwiches and Korean bulgogi sliders. section 115

    benihana: This Japanese chain known for its teppanyaki grills will launch menu items including spicy tuna and salmon burritos. section 127

    mighty quinn’s: a barbecue favorite that started in smorgasburg. section 132

    bobby’s burgers: celebrity chef bobby flay’s hamburger stand offers creative riffs like a nacho burger and even versions stuffed with fries. section 132

    lobel’s: A classic steak sandwich is lobel’s calling card, but new items include a meatloaf burger. article 134

    Lobel’s meatloaf burger at Yankee Stadium

    Lobel’s meatloaf burger
    Yankee Stadium [Official Photo]

    Toyota Terrace: New York staples like chopped cheese and street corn.

    where to drink

    Cocktails & Craft Beer: It’s not that easy to find a proper drink at a sports stadium, but here’s where to go, plus craft beer if Budweiser doesn’t hit the spot. section 110

    budweiser: domestic beer for a standard experience on game day. section 110

    kosher, vegetarian/vegan and gluten-free options

    kosher: section 110

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    vegetarian/vegan: impossible bareburger patties and avocado bites, plus fruit and melissa salads and big mozz mozzarella sticks. articles 132, 121b and 127

    gluten-free: organic chicken with chips. section 105

    200 sections/main level and stands

    sumo dog: Chef Jeffrey Lunak worked for Masaharu Morimoto before opening a traditional joint in LA’s Koreatown that puts a spin on classic American hot dogs with Asian ingredients like togarashi, wasabi furikake and nori. section 201

    nathan’s famous: now world famous hot dogs and crinkled fries. article 225

    where to drink

    blue point bleach bar: yankee stadium exclusive beers. article 236

    budweiser: domestic beer for a standard experience on game day. sections 206 and 226

    Cocktails: It’s not that easy to find a suitable drink in a sports arena, but here’s where to go. sections 206 and 226

    kosher, vegetarian/vegan and gluten-free options

    kosher: sections 214a and 229

    vegetarian/vegan: “any way you want” nachos and churros. articles 232 and 212, 237 and 227, respectively

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