The 6 Best Guns for Women for Concealed Carry in 2020

    what are the best weapons for women? Whether you’re shopping for a pistol for protection, competitive shooting, or recreation, you want something you’ll be comfortable carrying as a concealed carry.

    Biologically, men and women have different physical builds, and the type of firearm that best fits your body is also unique. this is what women should consider when buying a gun and the six best options on the market.

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    one of our favorite quotes from the gunmaker samuel colt is: “god created man and woman, but samuel colt made them equal.”

    In other words, with the right gun and good training, a 5-foot-tall, 90-pound woman doesn’t need to live in fear of a 6-foot-tall, 200-pound assailant. this is the beauty of guns for women or girls.

    There are many reasons why women carry a concealed firearm, and here are some of them:

    • increased security: Having a pistol or revolver when traveling in small groups or alone will significantly increase your security.
    • confidence: being less vulnerable will probably make you feel more secure.
    • increased situational awareness: Carrying a concealed firearm could increase your situational awareness as you learn to live life in “condition yellow” or a state elevated knowledge.
    • defense efficiency: If you train and then hide properly, you should be more effective at defending yourself and those around you.

    With so many pistol options, you’re sure to find the concealed pistol that fits your needs.

    There are many different makes and models of guns on the market today, many of which are great guns for women. When it comes to the best concealed sidearms, here are a few points to understand:

    • Women are a rapidly growing demographic in the world of firearms.
    • There are some unique considerations for women in the market for a new weapon that we will explore below.
    • li>

    • a gun that fits comfortably in your hands.
    • a gun that has enviable stopping and firing power.
    • a gun with manageable recoil, safety features and reliability.

    The last and least important consideration should be aesthetics. Of course, you want to like the look of your firearm, but that should come second to safety and reliability features. plus, once you put your gun in an awesome holster, that will ultimately be the ‘wow’ factor aesthetically.

    what are the most desirable features of a defensive or concealed handgun for a woman? The simple answer is that women want it to do what any gun should do: stop an attacker and end the threat they pose! note: concealed carry is often referred to as “ccw”, “ccl”, “chl” and many other terms, depending on the state you are in.

    The number one feature women should look for in a gun is usability. By “wearable” we mean that whatever weapon you select for concealed carry, you should be able to carry it through your daily routine comfortably.

    think about this:

    Leaving your gun concealed on your nightstand at home because it’s too heavy or cumbersome defeats the purpose of carrying it concealed.

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    You can have the best concealed pistol in the world equipped with all the features known to gun designers, but if your gun is at home and someone starts threatening you when you leave the store and head to your car, what good is your “best hidden” pistol at that time?

    carry concealed

    The question of which guns are the best concealed handguns for women comes down to a few considerations, including:

    • Women tend to wear a wider variety of clothing styles than men, and some garments, especially summer clothing, have far fewer options for easily concealing a firearm.
    • women’s clothing is often tighter than men’s clothing, which makes it more difficult to hide a gun print under clothing.

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    With the above advice in mind, here are a few tips to ensure you get the most user-friendly concealed sidearm possible:

    • Your concealed sidearm should be the correct size and weight for your body frame, and you should be able to carry it for a long time.
    • Any additional features on your pistol that add more weight any that are comfortable for you to carry or features that make it difficult to use your weapon should be ruled out.
    • Your firearm should be relatively easy to conceal and carry and then deploy, after all, and its features should be compatible with those features.
    • lights, lasers, sights High-tech, optics, and other “tactical” features can look good on a pistol. still, if they take away your ability to deploy your weapon against an attacker effectively, you should reconsider adding them to your weapon.
    • think of your weapon as part of a system along with your holster and weapon belt , especially if you choose to hide carry-on luggage at your waist. guns and holsters must work well together to improve their effectiveness.
    • whatever concealed handgun you choose, and you should regularly train with it, know all its features, and practice drawing and holstering.
    • if you have physical limitations, you should compensate for lack of flexibility or missing or paralyzed limbs. look for a pistol with features that allow you to safely draw your weapon from an unaffected part of your body.

    > recoil

    The recoil of any firearm is determined by its caliber, weight, and size. strong recoil can tire the shooter’s arm and make subsequent shots less accurate. lighter and smaller guns may have smoother recoil, but this is not always the case. The best way to test the recoil of a gun you’re considering buying is to test it yourself.

    > gauge

    The two calibers most often used in smaller pistols are the 9mm and the .380 acp. the 9mm generally has a heavier recoil, but is also more versatile and is used in a wide variety of pistols for competitive shooting or defense. both calibers are strong enough to derail a threat yet light enough to handle.

    > weight

    You need a pistol with a reasonable amount of recoil, but not too heavy to make it difficult to carry and shoot. recoil is sometimes dependent on caliber, however some lighter pistols have heavy recoil while a heavier one may be more manageable. if concealed, the weapon should be light enough to be comfortable to carry all day.

    > size

    If you’re looking for a pistol that you can carry concealed, you’ll want a compact or subcompact frame. these pistols are smaller and fit more easily into a custom holster.

    > magazine capacity

    For competitive shooting, you may want a larger capacity and some compact pistols are dual-stack capable. however, if you carry it concealed, a single stack will do just fine.

    > reliability

    The pistol you choose should be reliable in all situations. when you need it most, you’ll want to unfold your weapon and fire in one smooth, easy motion.

    > security elements

    Certain features are there to prevent your firearm from accidentally firing, such as when dropped. a manual safety and heavier trigger make mistakes less likely, and proper training and practice can reduce the chance of accidental firing.

    Smaller pistols or revolvers are better for concealed carry and are also often better concealed under tight clothing. For these reasons, most women would point to a compact or subcompact pistol as the best concealed carry weapon.

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    These are the six best gun options for women who would like to carry them concealed with these considerations in mind:

    1. glock g42

    This compact .380 acp pistol is ready to go right out of the box and has fewer jams than other pistols. it has a double recoil spring that helps smooth out the recoil and it has a trigger pull to reduce accidental firing. The Glock 42’s polymer grip is great for smaller hands, and the sleek silhouette fits under tight clothing. this is why the g42 is often considered the best glock for ccw.

    2. blacksmith & wesson m&p shield

    This is a fan favorite because it’s only 1 inch thick, making it perfect for concealed carry. the blacksmith & Wesson M&P Shield’s 9-round capacity for 9mm ammo provides plenty of shot power for a slim gun. With low recoil and firing pin safeties, many gun enthusiasts feel like a full-size pistol in a smaller gun body. The M&P Shield is consistently ranked as one of the best 9mm CCW pistols on the market.

    3. sig sauer p238

    The sig p238 is only 5.5″ long and is a very light recoil single action pistol. It is modeled after the 1911 beavertail style frame and is an excellent choice for .380 shooters acp who may have trouble mounting the slide or prefer a gun with a smaller grip for comfort.there is no question that the pocket p238 is considered one of the best .380 pistols for women looking for concealed carry.

    4. water pps

    This pistol has a slim silhouette and measures 6.3″, making it ideal for concealed carry. The Walther is the perfect pistol for small hands with its 1″ width and offers different grip lengths to experiment with. Available In 9mm or .40 caliber ammo sizes and weighing in at 21 ounces, the Walther PPS is heavier than some others but has a 3.2″ barrel for precision shooting.

    5. ruger lc9s

    The Ruger LC9S 9mm solves some of the issues related to trigger quality while maintaining the excellent utility and shootability of the Ruger LC9. It has a smooth trigger pull weight of 4.5 pounds, which is great for smaller hands to handle. It measures 6″ and weighs 17.2 ounces, putting it squarely in the mid-range of smaller pistols. There are plenty of safety features for this 9mm chambered pistol, including magazine disconnect, integrated trigger safety, and manual safety.

    6. beretta nano

    Made of fiberglass reinforced technopolymer, the design of this 9mm pistol is very elegant. It doesn’t have a protruding slide and its sights are smooth, so it won’t snag on clothing or anything else when you take it out of the holster. one of the most important advantages is that you can use the beretta nano with either hand and it has a reversible magazine.

    the last word

    There are many styles of guns to choose from if you are a woman who would like to carry them concealed. weight, recoil, size, safety features, and magazine capacity all contribute to how you carry, draw, and fire a gun. if the pistol is too heavy, it may take longer to remove from its holster. if it’s too light, it can have more substantial recoil, which can eventually tire you out.

    The best way to choose a concealed carry firearm is to try it out first. Any good gun store will allow you to spend time checking out their firearms deals, so finding the best concealed carry model is just a matter of time and patience. You’ll also need high-quality weapon-appropriate accessories, such as a custom-made holster, to ensure you’re as well prepared as possible.

    At We The People Holsters, we know guns, and we know holsters, and our products are always made in America. We are proud to offer gun products that will suit all gun enthusiasts – men, women, boys, and girls. Visit our site to check out our holsters, shirts & hoodies, gun belts, and a wide variety of must-have accessories.

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