Fantasy Football Draft Strategy 2022 | Top 10 Tips To Dominate

    Here’s a list of practical fantasy football draft strategy points to keep in mind when you’re drafting. This tip has helped me dominate the expert leagues and I am sure and confident that the tip I am sharing will help you dominate as well. enjoy this list and be sure to apply these strategies and take action! make sure to share with your friends, but not with your league mates! To completely dominate your league, make sure you get the 16 round draft fix and smash it!

    here’s the summary of the strategy, but be sure to read on for full details on each point

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    draft fantasy football strategy 2022

    • prepare for the running backs
    • know the league rules
    • know the player hype during the draft
    • wait for the wings close
    • anchor your team with an ace qb
    • balance your roster
    • always back up deep
    • be picky and use the ” cuddy” system when drafting
    • wait for kickers and defense
    • to move away from consensus ratings

    Let’s dive into more details to give you the competitive edge this 2022 fantasy football season. Also for league news, head over to ftfn for insider information for top NFL team ambassadors.

    1. charge the runners!

    so here’s the deal, you need to load runners and that’s the bottom line! this should be the first thing in your priority when approaching your draft. you have to go into your fantasy football draft knowing who are the running backs that are going to get the volume and which guys are not in a minimum committee! listen, more and more often we see coaches implementing racers by committee, and getting that solid workhorse back is crucial to your success in winning your league. note that a workhorse must get at least 70% more workload.

    here’s a solid tip on how to draft that solid rb. You need to make sure the RB has proven that it can handle a full workload and that you’ve seen it do it before. there will be rookies coming in every year who will fall under the title of workhorse. try to make sure you target one of them that you think will blow up ASAP without hitting it. I understand that things change, but you should know that he is prepared for a year of high volume and carries. ezekiel elliott is a good example of a broker who gets his share of the workload every year.

    Each year this solid rb strategy becomes more and more crucial as teams accumulate rbs on their roster and give them equal timeshares. In fantasy football drafts, the RB position is arguably the most scarce position. load and do it from the beginning.

    now in later rounds i suggest you secure some rookies with a big advantage. I’ve had great success grabbing the next big rookie breakouts when I’ve loaded up on young talent. Later rounds are a good time to do this, but sometimes you may want to attack a novice RB in earlier rounds if you think there is an advantage and opportunity. be sure to look at the project and opportunity depth and volume chart for any broker you decide to include on your list. in my 16-round course, I pitch every year. I give them my big sleepers and shoots. my in-depth research takes away a lot of your guesswork!

    2. know the league rules

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    yes, yes, this may seem like common sense, but common sense is not so common anymore! you have to know the rules of your league. Some of the league rules and things to be aware of are as follows:

    • ppr, half point or standard score
    • weight of the score in each position
    • positions in the list. for example, is this a 2 qb league? how many rb do i need and how many bench seats are there? do you have between selections?
    • snake draft or auction draft?

    Understanding the league rules will play an important role in the drafting process. a strong example of this is the number of quarterbacks in his league. As a general rule of thumb, I always draft 2 QBs in a single QB league and 3 QBs in a 2 QB league. I do this to cover myself and have depth. the point here is to know the league rules, the scoring system and the landscape. again, this is critical to dominating your fantasy football league.

    3. know the (average position in the draft) of the adp

    I can relate drafting in fantasy football to chess. you need to make a move and recruit that player before someone else does. you need to anticipate when a player may be removed from the board. There are many similarities between the two and it is important to know their ADP for players in that given year. the last thing you want to do is get the player you really want to recruit getting attacked by your leaguemate! however, make sure not to overdo it.

    The secret to avoiding being attacked and getting the players you really want is to know when, on average, players leave the board. most players just go adp and draft based on that. if you do that, you will lose. you need to think outside the box and draft players with an advantage before adp sometimes and get value in later positions.

    the mock draft is the best way to measure when players are selected. you need to do a lot of fantasy football mock drafts. once you anticipate, you’ll raise your writing game. Many casual fantasy football players have no idea what players will be drafted after Round 4. Doing a lot of drills will put you light years ahead of the average player. be a wise player and draft genius, know the average draft positions, you’ll thank me when you get all the players you really wanted.

    4. wait on a tight end

    Waiting to select the tight end position is something I’ve done every year and have had solid success. usually there are about 1-3 tight ends from the previous year who put up really solid fantasy points. then tight ends are put on a pedestal and drafted super early in next year’s draft. (this also happens with other positions, but stay with me for this example). tight ends are important, but not as important as other positions, like running back early on. the preliminary strategy that has worked for me is waiting on a tight end until after the sixth round or so. after I’ve had a safe tea in rounds 6-7, I’ll get a lead tea in round 10 or later. this way I have a tea that could break and a safe one in the middle rounds.

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    I really find that there are only a few consistent tight ends each year. you’re betting on waiting and grabbing a rookie in the middle or later rounds who have the upper hand.

    I’m happy with about 10 ppr points of my tea in each game. I find this position to be very volatile and I always end up waiting later and supporting it with an up tee. Try it, you will be surprised by the result. no matter what happens, you’ll be happy because you’ll be loaded in wr and rb after 5 rounds.

    5. anchor your team with an ace qb

    always, always, always make sure you have a solid qb that scores points every week. these guys tend to rack up the most points each year. usually 1-3 qb end up being the highest scoring player each year. the good news is that quarterback tendencies are easier to spot. statistically you can see how well a qb can perform each year and there is much less volatility.

    As mentioned before, don’t be afraid to duplicate and get a backup qb. there are many reasons why i always have two quarterbacks in a one qb league and 3 qb’s in a 2 qb league. The most obvious reason to back up your QB is that you want to cover that bye week. There’s no better feeling than having two solid quarterbacks on your roster at all times. Another reason I make sure I have a backup is to cover injuries or just lack of performance. I tend to write qb earlier to make sure I have a solid producer each year. I usually draft a quarterback as early as the fifth round.

    note on drafting a qb: sometimes rookies or sophomores come out and have a breakout year and are inflated for the next draft year. be very careful here as they have yet to prove that they can deliver year after year. some people fall into the trap of drafting them in rounds 1 and 2 and then busting. make sure and go for it with a proven qb and back it up with an upside qb later in the draft!

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    6. balance your list and have tons of depth!

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