Why You Can&x27t Bet Floyd Mayweather vs. Logan Paul in the United States: Odds, Rules, Format, More for Sunday PPV

    floyd mayweather vs. Logan Paul has gotten a lot of attention from the gambling world, but he’s not actually available to gamble (legally) in the US.

    why? Because the fight is an exhibition and is not sanctioned by the Florida State Boxing Commission. For legal sportsbooks to offer odds on boxing matches, they must be sanctioned. that goes for almost all sporting events – you can’t bet on most things without official results based on scores.

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    That’s why you can bet on the super bowl coin draw (because it has an official result), but you can’t bet on the novelties available at unregulated offshore sportsbooks, as tom brady will mention to his coach in his super bowl mvv speech.

    draftkings is offering a free contest for mayweather-paul.

    the fsbc decided that it could not sanction the fight because the experience and skill gap between the two fighters is too great to be considered a professional fight. Mayweather, 44, is one of the greatest boxers of all time, undefeated at 50-0. Paul, a popular youtuber/influencer who wrestled in high school in ohio, is 0-1 with a loss to fellow youtuber ksi in November 2019.

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    the odds of paul vs. mayweather are offered in europe on betfair (whose parent company owns fanduel) and abroad.

    mayweather vs. paul odds

    mayweather is a -714 favorite (81.4% chance of winning) on ​​betfair, with paul at +400. a $10 bet on paul pays $40, while you would have to bet $71.40 to win $10 if you bet on mayweather.

    betfair does not have any prop bets listed due to the rules of the fight, which makes this look like an exhibition that might not have an actual winner.

    mayweather vs. paul rules & format

    • no winner or judges (although a referee will be available to score takedowns)
    • kos allowed (the only way a true winner will be declared)
    • eight rounds three minutes
    • 12 ounce gloves, no head protection
    • 190 pound weight limit for paul

    paul has said he doesn’t see this fight as an exhibition, while mayweather considers it a “legalized bank robbery” – he knows he’ll get a big payout for a glorified fight.

    “I believe in working smarter, not harder,” Mayweather said on showtime. “So if it’s something easy like [the paul fight], a legalized bank robbery, I have to do it. I have to.

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    “my nickname is ‘money’ for a reason… I worked really hard for years and years to get to a certain level, a level where we can start calling everything an event.”

    mayweather was, of course, part of the most famous money heist in wrestling history almost four years ago. He defeated UFC star Conor McGregor in a boxing match, and the pair earned more than $100 million in purse and pay-per-view money. Mayweather won handily by TKO in the tenth round and said it would be his last fight.

    paul’s latest fight against ksi falls under what some would call “white collar boxing”, a fight in which white collar professionals with no boxing experience train for a special event.

    “this is all surreal,” said paul. “all about it. I told my manager, and we kind of had an inside joke that until I got in the ring with him, I didn’t think this fight was happening. But I think it’s safe to say I can believe it now. I think what is happening is the week of the fight. I can’t imagine Floyd backing down now, but who knows? the old man fakes an injury. he is scared of the big boy. I’m excited.”

    paul’s brother, jake, has thrown himself into professional boxing. He fought former MMA star Ben Askren last month in a sanctioned fight, knocking him out in the first round. Jake Paul is scheduled to fight former UFC Champion Tyron Woodley in August.

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