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    There’s nothing like watching an underdog rise from the ashes to defy the odds and leave a stadium full of spectators speechless.

    Whatever the level of competition (high school, college, pro), postseason comebacks tend to strip one set of shoulders of the glory of winning and place it on top of another in an instant. Before you can blink, history has been rewritten.

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    wait, who won?

    The NFL is not immune to shocking playoff comebacks, as evidenced by an unprecedented 2022 divisional round in which the Tampa Bay Buccaneers attempted a Super Bowl LI knockoff against the Los Angeles Rams and 49ers. San Francisco stunned the Green Bay Packers for the fourth straight time in the teams’ postseason appearances.

    how do those thrillers compare to these memorable nfl playoff comebacks?

    what is the biggest comeback in nfl playoff history?

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    the most memorable comeback of the fourth quarter was actually called “the comeback”.

    this afc wild card game featured the houston oilers and the buffalo bills in january. 3, 1993, at the rich stadium in new york. the tickets recovered from being 32 points down and finally won in overtime 41-38.

    what is the largest margin of victory in an nfl playoff game?

    The largest margin of victory in NFL history occurred on December 1. 8, 1940, when the Chicago Bears faced Washington in the NFL Championship. Chicago thrashed Washington for the entirety of the 60-minute contest, finishing 73-0.

    Bears running back Bill Osmanski scored the first touchdown just seconds into the game, contributing to Chicago’s 28-0 lead late in the first half. In fact, the Bears dominated so greatly that late in the second half, officials asked Bears coach George Halas to stop his team from kicking for extra points. according to the story, “they were running out of soccer balls after many had been kicked into the stands.”

    what are the biggest comebacks in super bowl history?

    Here are three of the biggest comebacks in Super Bowl history:

    super bowl li: new england patriots vs. atlanta falcons

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    The Patriots trailed the Falcons by 25 points, 28-3, with just eight minutes left in the third quarter. Tom Brady and his team scored on five straight drives, two of which were touchdowns, to tie the Falcons at 28, sending the Super Bowl into overtime for the first time. New England’s James White scored a touchdown in free time, capping off the stunning 34-28 victory.

    super bowl xlix: new england patriots vs. seattle seahawks

    With no points scored in the first quarter for either team, the score was tied at 14 at the end of the first half. The Patriots were 10 points behind the Seahawks late in the third quarter, entering the fourth facing a 24-14 deficit after a Doug Baldwin touchdown. Brady found Danny Amendola and Julian Edelman for two touchdowns in the fourth quarter, while Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson threw an unfortunate interception to Malcolm Butler, diminishing any chance of victory. the pats beat the seahawks by a final score of 28-24.

    super bowl xliv: new orleans saints vs indianapolis colts

    peyton manning led the colts to a quick 10-point lead in the first quarter, dashing new orleans’ hopes. However, the second quarter consisted of zero points for the Colts and two consecutive field goals by Saints kicker Garrett Hartley.

    Saints quarterback Draw Brees set the tone for the third quarter with a touchdown just three minutes into the period, ultimately giving the Saints a lead. The Colts connected for a touchdown in the third quarter to regain the lead for a quick instant, only to allow 11 unanswered points thanks to another field goal from Hartley, another touchdown pass from Brees and a two-point conversion. but he did not stop there. The fourth quarter ended with Manning throwing a pick-six to Tracy Porter, making the final score 31-17 in favor of the Saints.

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