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    nfl fans can celebrate once again. we’re past the slower part of the league schedule.

    June and the first few weeks of July are typically the least hectic parts of the NFL season, with most players and staff taking a break before the season begins. that does not mean that nothing happens. there are some minor signings; And this year, we saw a major trade when Baker Mayfield was sent to the Panthers for a draft pick.

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    Still, it’s not as busy as NFL free agency or the pre-draft period, and NFL fans often get restless waiting for the 2022 season to start.

    Now, you won’t have to wait long to see that happen.

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    nfl training camps are now starting to open up and it won’t be long before all 32 nfl teams are back in action. rookies will report first for most teams, but some teams prefer that all players arrive at once.

    Either way, the first of the NFL camps will open on July 18, and in just a few weeks, we’ll be deep into the action of the NFL preseason.

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    Here’s everything you need to know about NFL training camp, including when each team performs and what they’ll be allowed to do during the seven-day event.

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    2022 nfl training camp dates

    • Rookie Report: July 18-26
    • Veteran Player Report: July 23-26
    • start of full contact practices: July 30-August 2

    Almost every year, the start of training camp varies by team. The only time it wasn’t was during the 2020 NFL season, when all teams kept the same schedule and the preseason was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

    This year, the earliest rookies will report to training camp is July 18. both the bills and the raiders will start their activities that day. The last one will be on the 26th, which is when about a dozen NFL teams will begin their preparation period with rookies and veterans.

    Below is a summary of when training camp begins for each team. reporting dates for rookies and veterans are listed; training camp doesn’t fully begin until veteran players are asked to report.

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    2022 nfl training camp schedule

    Although NFL training camps don’t all start at the same time, they follow the same formula. no contact is allowed in the first three days of training camp for any team. they gradually increase over the next four days, with day 6 being a mandatory day off, before full contact practices begin on day 7 of camp.

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    Below is a breakdown of each of the boot camp mini-stages:

    once the preparation period is over, nfl teams will be able to treat each week as a week of play during the preseason. Additionally, teams will be able to conduct joint practices with other NFL teams. these help simulate game action and create better live practice replays.

    Below is a list of known joint practices planned between the teams in 2022, courtesy of

    • buccaneers will receive dolphins (August 10 and 11)
    • broncos will receive cowboys (August 11)
    • patriots will receive panthers (August 16 and 17)
    • Chargers will host the Cowboys (Aug 17-18)
    • Vikings will host the 49ers (Aug 17-18)
    • Falcons will host the Jaguars ( August 17 and 18). . 24-25)
    • Dolphins to host Eagles (Aug 24-25)
    • Raiders to host Patriots (dates to be determined)
    • Giants to host jets ( dates to be determined)
    • flares to house rams (dates to be defined)
    • brown to house eagles (dates to be defined)
    • titans to house buccaneers (dates to be defined) determine)
    • titans to house cardinals (dates to be defined)
    • colts to house lions (dates to be defined)
    • packers to house saints (dates to be defined)

    2022 nfl training camp locations

    Nearly all NFL teams host their training camp in the state where they are primarily located. however, not all of these teams work out at the team facility.

    Some teams have their own training facilities. others do not and use their stadiums as their main venue. others pack up and move out entirely, either to available college campuses or other places, both public and private, to prepare for the season.

    Some teams do a little of everything, as numerous squads will be doing joint practices with each other. they usually end up being pre-season opponents and the away team travels a week before the game to practice against the team they are playing against. that gives talent evaluators more situations, and replays, in which to evaluate their players.

    Below is a complete list of NFL training camp locations by team for 2022:

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