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    1. Rules of the Game: The Rules of the Game shall be the “Laws of the Game” of FIFA, except as modified by US Soccer, US Youth Soccer, the Southern Ohio Youth Soccer Association, and the Blue Chip Showcase. all decisions related to the rules and regulations, including the interpretation of the same, the classification of the teams, the schedules of the games, etc. are at the sole discretion of the tournament committee. the rules of play for midwest regional league games will supersede all rules and regulations for first-rate exhibition tournament games for all games identified as mrl.

    2. inclement weather: check website for all updates, the tournament rules committee reserves the right to make changes to the schedule in the event of inclement weather. these changes may include relocation or rescheduling of matches, change of division structure, reduction in the length of a match, or even cancellation of matches. b. in the event that inclement weather forces play to be suspended and prevents the match from being completed during the scheduled time, the score at the time of suspension shall prevail as the final score. if a match cannot be completed at all during the event, it will be marked as a 0-0 result. the tournament director and facility administrators will have the sole final decision on course closure. see the severe weather policy for more information.

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    3. Payments/Cancellations: If the request is accepted, the teams acknowledge that their payment will be deposited upon acceptance and if the payment is declined, the request may be revoked and the teams acknowledge that 1) the payment must be made Prior to acceptance, applications may not be considered until payments are received. 2) The application must be reviewed by the tournament directors before the team is accepted. 3) submitting an application does not guarantee acceptance 4) if the application is not accepted, the team will receive a full refund and notification letter, but 5) once accepted, no refunds are allowed.

    4. Team and Player Registration: Registration for this event is through gotsoccer only, unless otherwise approved by the tournament registrar. Each player must be registered with an association recognized by US Soccer and must be on a state or league-approved roster. up to four invited players per team duly registered and listed are allowed. As part of the registration process, each team must provide an approved roster and travel permit. Invited players must be listed on a tournament invitee list form approved by their state association. each team must provide player passes for registration and for each game. each team can include up to 22 players maximum for the event. up to 22 players can be allowed to play in a match; however, if you are playing league games at the event, you must follow the league’s roster policies.

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    5. Uniform Colors: The home team must wear a light-colored uniform and the away team must wear a dark-colored uniform. in case of conflict, the home team must be prepared to change uniforms.

    6. Match Length: Unless shortened due to inclement weather, all U-15 – U-19 exhibition matches will be 80 minutes in length, split into two 40-minute halves. U13/14 matches will last 70 minutes, divided into two 35-minute halves. In the U13/14 age groups, if a semi-final or final match is still tied at the end of regular time, the winner will be determined by penalty kicks. only those players on the field at the end of regulation time are eligible for penalty kicks. all matches that are league play are subject to league rules, including the length of the match.

    7. player substitution: a player may be substituted after a goal has been scored, at either team’s goal kick, at either team’s throw-in, at either team’s corner kick or, in any other stoppage of play, at the referee’s discretion. discretion. each substitution must be with the approval of the referee. for age groups under 14, free substitution is allowed.

    8. red and yellow cards/expulsions: any player or coach who receives a red card during a match must stay out of the next game regardless of the offence: double yellow card, foul and abusive language, violent conduct or any other expulsion. . if the seriousness of the red card offense justifies it, a player or coach may be suspended from playing in the following two matches. the decision to impose a two-match suspension will be made by the Tournament Director and the Referee Coordinator. if a player is sent off for any reason, the team must downplay the player for the remainder of the game. if a player receives a red card in the team’s final game, he will be returned to his team and a report will be sent to the ohio soccer association for him to forward to the respective association. per ohio soccer association rules, all red and yellow cards, as well as any matters related to team or coach misconduct, will be recorded and forwarded to ohio soccer in the post-tournament report. if a player or manager is sent off during a league game, the league rules regarding red card suspensions will take precedence over the exhibition rules. any subsequent suspension is solely at the discretion of the host organization(s) of the team.

    9. Distribution of Player Profiles: Team profiles may be distributed by team managers or designated team representatives. Blue Chip Showcase distributes player profile books, however we recognize the desire of teams to develop and distribute their own materials. we ask that you distribute materials outside of your matches.

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    10. Tournament Champion: Teams will be placed into an age group. A champion will be named in each group according to the following points system. for each match, points will be awarded to one team, as follows:

    1. three (3) points for a win
    2. one (1) point for a tie
    3. zero (0) points for a loss
    4. If a team receives a forfeit for any reason, the team or opponents are declared the winner with a score of 2-0. the team that loses a game will lose all “exhibition” games and receive a 0-2 loss in all “exhibition” games, regardless of the actual result. league games are subject to review.

      In the event of a tie in your division bracket, the following tiebreaker will be used to determine the champion:

      1. winner of head-to-head competition
      2. teams with most wins
      3. goal difference (total goals scored minus total goals allowed)
      4. fewest goals allowed
      5. goals scored
      6. most shutouts
      7. if teams remain tied, they will be declared co-champions

      11. Protests/Appeals: All referee decisions are final and will only be reviewed by the Tournament Director for misapplication of law. all decisions of the tournament director are final. no protests/appeals from individuals or teams will be heard.

      12. exceptions: the tournament director reserves the right to modify any rules/regulations at any time with or without notice.

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