Boris Sadecky died after collapsing on the field

    Boris Sadecky died after collapsing on the field

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    We have known that sport is not what it is for almost 2 years. covid 19 has changed a lot of things. We watched matches without fans and couldn’t feel the atmosphere in the stands, which is why we follow this sport with such passion.

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    In addition to the fans, there were many games postponed due to positive cases in the team. the teams were weak, they were not mentally focused on the game and therefore there was a drop in the quality of the performances. however, the biggest problem is that many young athletes are dying, either from heart or lung disease, and there is still no solution for those things.

    some believe that the vaccine is the greatest evil and that it is the reason for it, while others believe that the vaccine is the only solution that can lead to the end of the pandemic. One of the deaths is Boris Sadecky, a hockey player who collapsed on the field and was rushed to hospital.

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    However, sadecky did not survive and doctors were unable to save his life. he was only 24 years old at the time of his death. “It is with deep sadness and heavy hearts that we announce the passing of our player Boris Sadecky. Our deepest condolences to his family and friends.”

    “after consulting with boris’s family, we will not publish any more information at the moment. we ask everyone to respect his privacy, “said vice president and general manager dusan pasek, quoted by iihf sadecky was a great talent and played in the Slovak league.

    he achieved great results with his team and was one of the important links in his team. He also played for the Slovakian youth teams where he played an important role. Like any death of a young man, the death of Boris raises many questions.

    While we don’t know the answers to many of them ourselves, we’d like to provide you with the information we do have,” the statement read. Both his girlfriend and his family decided to announce: “Today we know that Boris had a mild inflammation of the heart muscle on the day of the collapse.

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    so mild and insignificant that he himself did not even know that something was wrong with his heart,” the statement continued. “Doctors had to repeat several tests to be sure of the inflammation.”

    “This cardiac inflammation probably caused his heart to stop working during the game. He received top-notch medical attention the following days.”

    covid-19 and vaccine

    “nobody dared to guess how long his brain had been without oxygen and when would be a good time to bring him out of his medically induced coma.”

    “the worst case scenario we were afraid to even think about was confirmed on Wednesday afternoon when doctors declared brain death.” “Just as he was constantly surrounded and supported by his immediate family during the final days of his most difficult struggle, he was surely in the thoughts and prayers of many of you.

    thanks for all the support shown. “We can confirm that doctors have ruled out covid-19 in Boris. at the same time, any thoughts on the topic of vaccination are just idle speculation, and we humbly ask that it not be spread.

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    It is important to spread the message of life of our Boris. ” “we all loved boris. he was a great athlete and an even better person. he was kind and selfless. health was a priority for him. he spread nothing but kindness and optimism throughout his life.”

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