2022 Boston Marathon Men&039s Report Cards –

    by letsrun.comApril 20, 2022

    the 2022 boston marathon was glorious. elite star courses, exciting pro races, and ability courses from Hopkinton to Boylston Street on Patriots Day.

    that’s what’s supposed to happen in boston every spring.

    The return of normalcy in boston also means the return of the boston report cards. It may be spring break for much of America, but the team at have been hard at work qualifying the pros for the 2022 Boston Marathon.

    and since this is letsrun and not the rest of the media sycophants, there’s no ratings inflation here. each a+ wins.

    we’re going to give ratings to the top 10 in the men’s and women’s races, some of the non-top 10 Americans, and some other random stuff.

    Below are the qualifications of our men. our women’s qualifications are here: the 2022 boston marathon women’s report cards.

    boston marathon 2022 overall = a+

    boston was back on patriot day. loaded fields. glorious time. perhaps the deepest set of results in boston. exciting men’s and women’s races. We said we weren’t going to raise the ratings, but we loved everything about it.

    1. evans chebet 2:06:51 kenya a
    2. embed from getty images

      when you destroy a huge group in the last 5 miles running 13:55 5k to get your first victory in a world marathon, you definitely get an a. Chebet ran 2:03:00 to win Valencia in 2020, which was the most impressive marathon performance of 2020. He now has a win in the deepest race yet of 2022.

      2. lorenzo cherono 2:07:21 kenya b+

      Cherono was possibly the number 2 marathoner in the world and he did what he does almost every time he runs a marathon these days: run well and rank high. but he was beaten for a better performance. he only gets a b+ because he is one of the best in the world.

      3. benson kipruto 2:07:27 kenya b+

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      kipruto was the defending champion, but this year’s boston was packed with london switching to fall, while last year’s boston was diluted with london (and three other majors) falling. Kipruto lost to two of the best marathoners in the world. if they had been in boston in 2021, they probably would have beaten him too. time makes no sense in boston, but kipruto’s winning time was only 2:09:51 last october.

      4. gabriel geay 2:07:53 tanzania b+ prior to this, geay was best known in the united states for baying out to the breakers, tinker, lilac bloomsday triple in 2019. he dropped out of his first two marathons , but then last year he ran 2:04:55 (only for sixth place in milan) and 2:06:10 in valencia and dropped out of the olympics. performing really well in a major world marathon is a nice addition to the resume. He was the athlete who stayed with Chebet the longest when Chebet made his break. It may have cost Geay to finish on the podium, but he established himself as someone to watch in the future.

      5. eric kiptanui 2:08:47 kenya bkiptanui was third in chicago so fifth here is a good performance.6. albert korir 2:08:50 kenya b-

      korir was the surprise winner in new york, so finishing sixth here won’t help his resume, but it was expected of him. is a modern Kenyan version of meb. very good in races without rabbits. it’s hard to believe that in the era of super-sneakers a man can have finished 13 marathons in his career and never break 2:08:02 but have a big world marathon win on his resume. more than that, in fact: korir’s second and first place in new york in 2019 and 2021 meant that he was the champion of the xiii series of world marathon races.

      7. scott fauble 2:08:52 uses a

      fauble won the fa crown (first american) by running the fastest ever in a marathon. the most impressive thing was how she did it herself. he bet on himself before and during the race. At the end of 2021, he opted out of a secure contract with Hoka One One in hopes of rejuvenating his stalled career, and as a result, he entered Boston without sponsorship. that increased the pressure to run well. then, during the race, he let the lead pack get away from him because he felt the pace was too intense. fauble was just 22nd in 1:04:26 at the halfway point. but he ran a perfectly even split of 1:04:26-1:04:26 to finish seventh in 2:08:52. All things being equal, he could argue that it’s a mistake to run a light pr in super shoes for the first time deserves an a-, but he gets an a for executing his race perfectly under a lot of pressure. but from here on out it will take a top 5 or much faster time for fauble to get an a from us as he has established that he is a very good marathoner and this performance is not that different from what he did in the past . *interview with scott after boston *interview with coach joe bosshard

      8. jemal yimer 2:08:58 ethiopia b-

      The 25-year-old was one of the best half-marathon runners in the world, setting the Ethiopian record at 58:33 (2018) before making his debut at the Valencia Marathon in 2020 (DNF). He ran a PB on Monday, but was third in Boston in his only other marathon finish last October (2:10:38).

      9. elkanah kibet 2:09:07 use a

      embed from getty images

      kibet placed fourth in new york in the fall, but if you think his ninth-place performance in boston was underwhelming, you don’t realize boston was loaded (new york wasn’t). The reality is that Kibet stayed out front for 21 miles and ran a big PB (previous PB of 2:11:15) at age 38. that’s excellent, easy to. he said his focus is the world championships in eugene, and these are two big marathons in a row for kibet. Although he finished behind Fauble for first American honors, he was not overtaken by Fauble until about a mile from the finish. He hit a home run swing and ended up sliding for a double, while Fauble focused on making solid contact and finished with a stand-up double.

      10. kinde atanaw 2:08:16 ethiopia c atanaw was surprisingly good in his debut at the valencia marathon in 2019 as he won in 2:03:51, very good race for someone with a modest time of 60:13 bp. since then the results have only gotten worse, a dnf in valencia in 2020 and a 6th in prague in 2021. a dns in london in 2021 due to a positive covid-19 test led to his return to valencia last fall where he was 7.

      13. cj albertson 2:10:23 uses b+

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      talking to the self-taught albertson after monday’s race, he seemed caught in two minds. Albertson, the athlete, was disappointed by his fading late in the race at Brooklyn, where his muscles began to cramp, causing him to split in just 16:15 for the 35k-40k downhill segment. But coach Albertson has to see Monday’s race as a step forward. he was three places down from 2021, but ran 81 seconds faster, posting a bp of 2:10:23 (previous bp: 2:11:18).

      and arguably albertson had a bigger impact on the race in 2022 than he did last fall. While Albertson had a lead of more than 2 minutes at the halfway point in 2021, what he did had minimal effect on the rest of the field. Albertson and the pack were basically running two different races, and once they caught him in Newton Hills, the best of them passed him by and didn’t pay much attention to him. This time, Albertson deliberately ran a very fast mile 16 (4:34), hoping to hurt the leaders and make them less reluctant to pick up the pace and drop it in the hills. That strategy worked as planned, except for one thing: Albertson himself had nothing left on top of the hills. but running a great bp and still being a factor in the race for 20 miles is worth no less than a b+.

      14. matthew mcdonald 2:10:35 uses b+

      A guy runs a 2:10 pb in boston and only gets a b+? Perhaps McDonald’s deserves an A- but McDonald’s has run 2:11 before and ran 2:12 on the difficult Olympic Marathon Trials course to place 10th. boston got a lot more depth this year with london moving to the fall, but in the age of super shoes (which may not have as much of an effect in boston), 2:10 isn’t what it used to be.

      16. reed fischer 2:10:54 uses b+

      As we go through the results, more and more guys have to be a little upset that there was no London this spring. Just about any other recent year in Boston, this could have been a top-10 performance. fischer is discovering that his event is the marathon. his marathon debut was 2:24 in trials on a tough course. he then he was ninth at chicago last fall (2:14) and improved again here after a hot run at the nyc half (7th place). but he was only 16 and we didn’t notice until we saw his name in the results.

      17. mick iacofano 2:11:48 use b

      if you’re after just the bottom line, maybe iacofano, who’s running for the idaho distance project, deserves a c. but he also deserves credit for putting himself in a position to do something great. He hit the half in 63:24, more than a minute faster than his official bp of 64:42, and was one of three Americans in the leading group at 25K (Albertson and Kibet were the others). yeah, some guys ran him over in the last 10k, but you don’t make a breakthrough without taking some risks. some at wanted to give him an “a”, but that doesn’t give him any credit for running 2:09:55 in the marathon project in 2020.

      18.geoffrey kamworor 2:11:49 kenya d-

      If you had told us before the race that Kamworor would be part of a 15-man lead pack at the top of Heartbreak Hill, we would have loved his chances of winning the race, or at least finishing on the podium. However, Kamworor completely collapsed in the last five miles and barely made it to the finish line, running the last mile of it in 6:56. Kamworor has had his share of injury problems the last two years, but everyone in his camp said he was ready for this one and he finished almost five minutes behind the winner. he didn’t mention any injuries in his post-race instagram post, though he did have to be supported in the meeting hotel lobby after the race.

      19. colin bennie 2:12:08 use c

      bennie has run three hilly marathons and ran between 2:12:14 and 2:11:26 in all three while running 2:12:14 in the us olympic marathon trials. uu. 2020, 2:11:26 for the seventh in boston last october and now 2:12:08 in boston. This was an average result for him and his drop in place shows how much more competitive Boston was in 2022 than 2021, but he was hoping for a breakthrough but couldn’t make it after going out in 64:26.

      26. jared ward uses 2:15.25 d

      Ward recounted how he cut back on his mileage and started taking thyroid medication to try to get back into the shape that got him on the Olympic team in 2016. Later, he said he felt like he used to for part of the race and saw the race. as a step in the right direction. but he is an olympic athlete and has run 2:09 in boston before (2019).

      one more crazy stat on how much deeper boston went this year. This year, Ward ran 3 seconds faster than he did in 2017. Guess where he finished that year?

      10. but we still gave him a c- for that performance. this one gets a d, even all things considered, it was pretty much what I needed.

      34. jake riley united states 2:30:48 f

      When you’re a male Olympian and you hit a half time that’s much slower than the women’s (68:36), you get an f pretty much no matter what. he finished but only in 34th place in 2:30:48.

      birhanu legese ethiopia dnf f/incompletelegese, the fastest man in history with no name kipchoge or bekele (his bp is 2:02:48), was with the leaders in 21 miles but had dropped out by 40k. After sensational 2019 and 2020 seasons, Legese is moving in the wrong direction as he was fifth in London in his only marathon of 2021 and is now marooned in Boston.

      lelisa desisa etipia dnf f

      The two-time boston champion and two-time boston runner-up have struggled ever since they had a great 2019 when they were second in boston and first in worlds. In 2020, he was 35th in Valencia. in 2021 he dropped out of the olympics and now he didn’t even hit 30k in boston

      other notes

      A record 12 people broke 2:10 this year in Boston, only the fourth time 10 more have done it and the first time it’s happened without the help of a little wind. Monday’s race was run in a slight headwind (dark sky shows 5mph wind out of ne at 10am). 11 people broke 2:10 in both 1994 (huge 19mph tailwind) and 2011 (16-20mph), while 10 people did it in 2019 with a small tailwind.

      1994 boston marathon results sub-2:10 *51 f, 19 mph northwest wind

      1. cosmas ndeti kenya 2:07:15
      2. andres espinosa mexico 2:07:19
      3. jackson kipngok kenya 2:08:08
      4. hwang young-cho south korea 2:08:09
      5. arturo barrios mexico 2:08:28
      6. boay akonay tanzania 2:08:35
      7. bob kempainen united states 2:08:47
      8. luketz swartbooi namibia 2:09:08
      9. sam nyangincha kenya 2:09:15
      10. moses tanui kenya 2:09:40
      11. lee bong-ju south korea 2:09:57
      12. boston marathon 2011 sub-2:10 results *46 f, 16-20 with sw wind

        1. geoffrey mutai kenya 2:03:02
        2. moses mosop kenya 2:03:06
        3. gebregziabher gebremariam ethiopia 2:04:53
        4. ryan hall united states 2:04:58
        5. abreham cherkos ethiopia 2:06:13
        6. robert kiprono cheruiyot kenya 2:06:43
        7. philip kimutai sanga kenya 2:07:10
        8. deressa chimsa ethiopia 2:07:39
        9. bekana da ethiopia 2:08:03
        10. robert kipchumba kenya 2:08:44
        11. peter kamais kenya 2:09:50
        12. sub-2:10 results from the 2019 boston marathon *58f, wind wnw 1-2 mph

          1. lawrence cherono kenya 2:07:57
          2. lelisa desisa ethiopia 2:07:59
          3. kenneth kipkemoi kenya 2:08:07
          4. felix kandie kenya 2:08:54
          5. geoffrey kirui kenya 2:08:55
          6. philemon rono kenya 2:08:57
          7. scott fauble united states 2:09:09
          8. jared ward united states 2:09:25
          9. festus talam kenya 2:09:25
          10. benson kipruto kenya 2:09:53
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