Brad Aldrich used NHL names, memorabilia to build trust, alleged victim says –

    Content Warning: The following article contains references to sexual assault

    a former miami, ohio college student who alleges he was raped by brad aldrich says the former chicago blackhawks video coach set him up using his stanley cup ring, silver olympic medal and other hockey memorabilia .

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    During a Zoom video interview with TSN last week, the alumnus said he met Aldrich in the fall of 2011 when they both worked for the NCAA men’s high school hockey team.

    The alumnus, now 30 and working in the hockey industry, has asked to remain anonymous. TSN has a policy of not naming sexual assault survivors without his permission and will refer to him in reports as John Doe 3.

    john doe 3 is one of three potential plaintiffs weighing lawsuits against the blackhawks. The three are represented by Christopher Cortese, Esq. of the Chicago law firm Hurley, McKenna & mertz.

    cortese said he contacted the blackhawks in december 2021 to detail the potential plaintiffs’ allegations against the nhl team, two months after kyle beach and a former high school hockey player who was sexually assaulted by aldrich settle their lawsuits against the Blackhawks.

    cortese told tsn in an interview that his firm is preparing to file litigation against the team. the claims made by the plaintiffs have not been proven in court. A Blackhawks spokesman did not respond to a request for comment.

    john doe 3 said aldrich confided in him that he was gay and told him the blackhawks had helped aldrich get a job at ohio school after he left the nhl team.

    “brad told me he was tired of the nhl travel and that after winning the stanley cup, he had achieved his goals in that league,” said john doe 3. “he said the blackhawks recommended that he work with miami of ohio because the school had really supported the you can play program that had been established thanks to brendan burke.”

    burke, son of pittsburgh penguins executive brian burke, worked as a student manager on the university of miami redhawks hockey team. After Brendan was killed in a car accident in 2010, his family started the You Can Play program in conjunction with the University of Miami as a tribute to Brendan to fight homophobia in sports.

    Aldrich met John Doe 3 during the 2011-12 school year when Aldrich was hired as a video coach for the school’s hockey program.

    “The whole time I was talking about patrick kane, jonathan toews, stan bowman and how cool all those guys were and how I was friends with them,” said john doe 3. “I just thought, ‘holy cow, this is awesome . This guy’s life is exactly what I want.’”

    john doe 3 said he was assaulted by aldrich in october 2012. he said that after he finished working on the college hockey field, aldrich suggested the two of them go to a local pub and told john doe 3 that he could spend the night in his apartment.

    “we went back to his apartment and he has this memorabilia wall with the olympic silver medal and his [women’s] juniors gold medal,” said john doe 3. “there’s a picture of him holding the stanley cup and also he’s got his stanley cup ring on the shelf, which he lets me try.”

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    (aldrich worked as a video coach for the silver medal-winning united states men’s olympic hockey team during the 2010 winter games in vancouver and for the united states under-18 women’s team in 2011 ).

    john doe 3 said that after the two had a few more beers, he went to sleep on aldrich’s couch and woke up in the middle of the night with aldrich on top of him.

    “When I woke up, my pants were around my ankles, he was playing with my penis and it was all wet,” said John Doe 3. “He had clearly been performing oral sex on me. I got up and said, ‘what are you s-doing?’ and I left the apartment of him ”.

    aldrich resigned from the university of miami on november 1. 27, 2012, according to school records. An independent investigation commissioned by the university concluded that there were two credible allegations of sexual assault against Aldrich at the school between July and November 2012.

    The first credible allegation of sexual assault, which did not involve John Doe 3, occurred over the American Thanksgiving weekend and involved a non-student who previously worked at the school’s summer hockey camps as intern. A week after the alleged incident, the school informed Aldrich that he was investigating the allegations and he resigned.

    barnes & Thornburg, the law firm retained by the University of Miami to investigate the allegations involving Aldrich, reported in September 2021 that the John Doe 3 claims were also credible.

    john doe 3 said he didn’t tell anyone what happened for several years and started drinking heavily to self-medicate.

    “I was drinking every day, school was never the same and in 2013 I ended up transferring to another university,” he said.

    john doe 3 said aldrich kept texting him, at one point telling him news would break that aldrich had been charged with a sexual assault in michigan involving a former high school hockey player.


    “he told me not to believe him because he was just a kid complaining he didn’t have ice time,” said john doe 3. “he kept texting, on facebook, on snapchat and i just tried to ignore him “.

    After sharing that he was raped with the video coordinator for the hockey team at his new school, John Doe 3 contacted University of Miami Police to report the assault.

    He said the school told him he had no jurisdiction. After John Doe 3 in July 2018 contacted police in Oxford, Ohio, he said an officer told him not to bother making a report because the statute of limitations had expired and Aldrich could not be charged. /p>

    “I insisted on making the report because I wanted a record of what happened in case Aldrich tried something like this again,” said John Doe 3.

    john doe 3 said he is still reeling from the alleged sexual assault.

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    “I haven’t been in a relationship since then,” he said. “Not one. It’s so hard for me to trust someone.”

    Another potential plaintiff who has retained Cortese is the former Blackhawks player referred to as Black Ace 1 in a report by the Chicago law firm of Jenner & block that was made public in October.

    That report concluded that after Beach and Black Ace 1 reported Aldrich’s sexual misconduct to the team, the Blackhawks covered it up and refused to report Aldrich to the police.

    The report also details Aldrich’s interactions with Black Ace 1, who, like Beach, still plays professional hockey in Europe.

    black ace 1 told jenner & block lawyers aldrich told him he was gay at some point during the 2010 nhl playoffs. after this discussion black ace 1 said he received a text message from aldrich in which aldrich wrote that he could make a “blowjob” better than any woman.

    black ace 1 recalled receiving a text message from aldrich on may 21 or 23, 2010, which included a picture of a penis. ace black 1 told jenner & block investigators that a Blackhawks front office employee was standing next to him when he received the text message with the explicit photo.

    black ace 1 said the employee later pushed him to report aldrich’s inappropriate text message. The employee also told investigators that she told a hockey operations employee about the text message and that Aldrich was harassing Black Ace 1.

    While Black Ace 1 told investigators he never had any sexual contact with Aldrich, rumors of an incident between the two followed Black Ace 1 for years.

    former blackhawks skills coach paul vincent also retained cortese and is also exploring a legal claim. Vincent alleges the NHL team blacklisted him after he said he urged his top executives in May 2010 to report Aldrich’s alleged sexual misconduct to the police.

    Vincent said Blackhawks management lashed out at him after he pressured senior team executives to report Aldrich’s alleged abuse of Beach and Black Ace 1 to police.

    “i did my job helping blackhawks players in the nhl and minor leagues get better and more prepared,” vincent said in an interview last week. “and after we won the stanley cup, i went to a meeting with [then vice president of hockey operations] at macisaac and he told me he was going to offer me a contract for half of what i had been making, and i was going to be with the team of the American hockey league of the team. they were punishing me. they didn’t like that he pressured them to report brad aldrich to the police.”

    vincent said his life was thrown into chaos during the summer of 2021 after he publicly corroborated beach’s accusations during a series of interviews with tsn.

    “The stress of stepping up and putting my name out there to corroborate what kyle had said was really hard,” said vincent. “But I was also burdened with shame because I realized that after I told the Blackhawks what the players told me Aldrich had done, I never followed through. And look what he did. It was overwhelming emotions all last summer that They went with me every day.”

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