Astros vs. Braves final score, results: Jose Urquidy shuts down Braves as Houston bats jump early to even World Series | Sporting News

    for the first time since 2018, home fans got to see their team win a world series game.

    just as the braves huddled early in game 1, the astros pounced on atlanta from the get-go in game 2. jose altuve scored after an opening double when alex bregman lifted a sacrifice fly; A big four-run second inning, with hits from Jose Siri, Martin Maldonado and Michael Brantley, put Houston out to a commanding 5-1 lead.

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    The Astros added two more runs later in the game, and the Braves were never able to regain their level when Houston evened the series at one win apiece with a 7-2 victory on Wednesday.

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    While the astro bats kicked in, it was also a strong start by Jose Urquidy that helped calm an Atlanta offense that scored six in Game 1. Urquidy pitched five innings and allowed just two runs on six hits and he struck out five. His counterpart, Max Fried, allowed six runs on seven hits and one walk in five innings. he struck out six.

    Atlanta was quick to match Altuve’s run in the first, but Houston exploded in the second, due in part to some defensive errors by the Braves. With runners at the corners, center fielder Jose Siri dribbled a run-scoring infield single that gave Houston a 2-1 lead. Then catcher Martin Maldonado grounded out to left field that scored the runner from second. On the play, left fielder Eddie Rosario tried to throw out Siri advancing to third, but no one covered the base. The pitch bounced around the dugout fence to the backstop before coming to rest, allowing Siri to score. Michael Brantley’s single later in the inning put Houston ahead and made it 5-1.

    The Braves added another run in the fifth, but a fielder’s choice in the sixth allowed Houston to score one more. Altuve led off the bottom of the seventh with a solo shot to put the Astros up 7-2.

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    The series will have a travel day on Thursday when the two teams head to Atlanta for the next three games. luis garcia will start game 3 for houston and ian anderson will be on the mound for atlanta.

    Sports news tracked live scoring updates and highlights from the Astros vs. the Braves in the 2021 World Series. Follow below for full Game 2 results on Wednesday night:

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    stars score vs. bravos

    results of the stars vs. the brave, the highlight of the 2021 world series

    11:20 PM m.: Swanson strikes out and the stars have evened the series at one game apiece.

    11:19 PM m.: d’arnaud grounded to first with one out remaining in game 6.

    11:17 PM m.: Duvall pops out to left to start the ninth inning.

    23:16: kendall graveman comes out of the bullpen to try to finish game 2.

    23:13 bottom of the eighth: altuve is also called out watching as wright hits the side. the brave will bat with their last chance before the series returns to atlanta.

    11:11 PM m.: strike three looking for maldonado, and there are two out in the bottom of the eighth.

    11:09 PM m.: kyle wright starts his night with a punch from jose siri.

    23:06 top eighth end: Pederson doesn’t like the call, but he’s down looking at strike three to end the top eighth.

    11:04 PM m.: A fly ball deep to left fooled just about everyone in the park except Brantley, who catches the second out.

    11:01 PM m.: pressley catches riley looking at a slider near the top of the zone for strike three.

    10:59 PM m.: albies takes an initial walk.

    22:57: ryan pressly is the new pitcher for the stars.

    22:53 bottom of the seventh: smyly strikes out gurriel to leave the bases loaded.

    10:51 PM m.: tucker walks and the bases are now loaded for gurriel.

    10:49 PM m.: Alvarez goes up to second on a wild pitch.

    10:47 PM m.: Correa flies to center, though it’s deep enough to allow Brantley to advance to third. corner runners, two away, for tucker.

    10:45 PM m.: Alvarez just got hit by a pitch to get to first, giving Correa a chance to hit with runners on first and second with only one out.

    10:44 PM m.: Bregman hits it to third, which keeps Brantley on second.

    10:42 PM m.: brantley keeps rolling as he gets his second hit of the game, this is a double to right center field.

    10:40 p.m. astros scoring play: first pitch for drew smyly is thrown to left field by altuve. The stars extend the lead to 7-2.

    josé altuve has tied bernie williams for the second most hours in #postseason history. they only follow manny ramirez (29).

    22:36 end top seven: freeman rolled into turn to end the inning. the stars need to get six more outs to tie the series.

    10:35 PM m.: rosario flies to center, and swanson has to retire to first with two out now.

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    10:30 p.m. m.: after walking towards swanson, phil maton arrives to confront the top of the order.

    10:26 PM m.: javier gets d’arnaud to hit the first of the seventh inning.

    22:22 bottom of the sixth: Jesse Chavez comes in and gets Maldonado to jump into short to end the inning and keep the runners where they are.

    10:17 PM m.: dylan lee picks up the out with a siri strikeout, but he will be the last batter he faces with maldonado coming up.

    10:13 PM m.: tucker and gurriel get the double steal while tucker advances the throw to third on the slide.

    10:13 PM m.: Officials stay with the call and Tucker and Gurriel are safe at first and second with only one out.

    22:11 astros touchdown play: swanson fields the ground ball and passes it to albies, but albies fumbles the handoff trying to convert the double play. The ruling on the field is that Albies never had control of the ball and that Tucker is safe at second, but is under review. The stars extend the lead to 6-2.

    10:10 PM m.: tucker groundes him to second, and albies manages to force second, but they can’t convert the double play. one away now for gurriel.

    10:05 PM m.: A walk to Álvarez and a single to the left of the belt has the stars threatening again with no outs. brian snitker comes out to take the ball from fried.

    9:59 p.m. end top sixth: javier escapes the jam causing duvall to jump onto bregman in foul territory.

    9:56 PM m.: pederson picks up a straight to center for a shallow fly ball to center.

    9:53 PM m.: Soler hits a double to left field to give Pederson a chance to hit with a runner in scoring position and one out.

    21:52: the stars hand the ball over to cristian javier, who begins his appearance with a strikeout to riley. Urquidy ends his night with two earned runs allowed on six hits with no walks in five innings. he struck out seven.

    9:47 p.m. bottom of fifth: to the sixth as fried keeps rolling with another 1-2-3 inning by having bregman chase down a low slider for strike three.

    9:45 PM m.: brantley swings down for another strikeout for fried.

    9:43 PM m.: altuve hits a hard grounder to third, and riley takes him out to make the eighth game followed by fried.

    9:39 p.m. end top fifth: albies connects a strong ground to gurriel, who steps first for the third out.

    9:38 p.m. braves scoring play: freeman singles to left field to score d’arnaud from third. the brave cut the deficit. The stars continue to win 5-2.

    9:36 PM m.: Rosario hits a grounder to belt, playing just to the right of second on the at-bat, which will move d’arnaud to third with two away.

    21:35: passing the ball allows d’arnaud to move to second.

    9:33 PM m.: swanson strikes out swinging on a slider. urquidy has reached seven ks so far tonight.

    9:31 PM m .: d’arnaud now has a multi-hit game as he singles up the middle to open the inning.

    21:27 bottom of the fourth: Another 1-2-3 inning for Fried, who has beaten seven straight batters since giving up the rbi single to Brantley.

    9:26 PM m.: fried has siri chase down a 74 mph curveball for his third strikeout of the game.

    9:23 PM m.: gurriel flies to the left for the first out of the inning.

    9:20 p.m. end top four: duvall fly to the right and the inning is over. urquidy continues to keep the bats of the braves quiet.

    9:18 PM m.: Pederson goes down swinging for the second out.

    9:16 PM m.: urquidy gets used to hitting the breaking ball for the first out of the inning.

    9:12 p.m. Bottom of Third: Fried works a 1-2-3 inning after the four-run point in the fourth inning when he gets Tucker to jump to second.

    9:10 PM m.: belt failed short.

    9:09 PM m.: The third base umpire says that Álvarez went to the third strike for the first out.

    9:04 p.m. bottom of top third: duvall flied to center as urquidy closes out third in seven pitches.

    9:04 PM m.: albies falls short and urquidy advances in the third.

    9:02 PM m.: freeman starts the second with a groundout to second on the turn for the first out.

    8:59 p.m. bottom of second: Bregman hits ground at third to finally end the inning, but not before four runs appear.

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    8:58 p.m. Astros scoring play: Brantley singles down the right side and Houston is really stacking up now. The stars extend their lead to 5-1.

    8:55 PM m.: altuve flies to the center, but it is not deep enough for maldonado to score. brantley trying to increase the astros advantage.

    20:53: A wild pitch from Frito allows Maldonado to move up to third.

    8:51 p.m. scoring play by astros: single by maldonado down the left side scored by gurriel. rosario tries to throw to third and make siri try to go up, but no one is on third and the errant throw allows siri to score and maldonado to get to second. The stars extend their lead to 4-1.

    that was crazy. 😱

    8:48 p.m. Astros scoring play: Speedy Siri dribbles a slow pass to second that allows Tucker to score. siri beats the throw to first since the stars have one out with martin maldonado pending. The Astros take a 2-1 lead.

    hey siri give us the hint.#fortheh

    8:47 PM m.: gurriel connects to one just to the right of second base against the turn and tucker advances to third. the stars have corner runners for jose siri.

    8:46 PM m.: kyle tucker reaches with a base hit up the middle.

    8:44 PM m.: fried makes Correa swing the curveball for the first out.

    8:40 p.m. end top second: rosario hits a hard line drive to yuli gurriel early on, but he raises his glove to catch it for the third out.

    8:39 PM m.: Dansby Swanson hits a hard short grounder that bounces off the glove of Carlos Correa short for a two-out single.

    8:38 p.m. Braves scoring play: Travis D’Arnaud’s first home run of the postseason is a big one, as he sends Urquidy’s 3-2 shot down a line drive to Crawford’s boxes to tie the game. The Braves tie the game 1-1.

    travis d’arnuke. #worldseries

    8:36 PM m.: adam duvall flied out to jose siri snapped for second out.

    8:35 PM m.: urquidy keeps rolling, striking out joc pedeson to start the top of the second.

    8:31 p.m. bottom of first: yordan alvarez hits one to freeman, who flips fried for out at first.

    8:29 p.m. astros scoring play: alex bregman lifts one to center deep enough to allow altuve to score. Houston has its first lead in the series. The Astros take a 1-0 lead.

    @astros are on the board first when bregman brings in altuve on the sacrifice flight!

    8:26 PM m.: a fly ball deep to center by michael brantley allows altuve to move up to third with one away.

    8:24 PM m.: jose altuve starts the stars with a double down the left field line.

    8:19 p.m. end top first: another strikeout for urquidy as he swings more to get the pair on base.

    Three strikeouts for José Urquidy in the first. 🔥

    8:16 PM m.: austin riley connects a base hit to the right and the brave ones go into action with two outs and jorge soler waiting.

    8:14 PM m.: ozzie albies is still getting infield hits. he dribbles one up the third base line against the turn that stays just inside the line for a hit.

    8:13 PM m.: freddie freeman gets caught watching a fastball for strike three.

    8:11 PM m.: jose urquidy swings rosario down on a changeup for the first out. no leadoff home run tonight.

    8:09 PM m.: The first pitch is a 93 mph right-hand fastball from eddie rosario for a strike.

    7:40 PM m.: Here’s a look at the starting lineups for game 2.

    game 2. presented by @truistnews | #battleatl

    game 2.#fortheh x @nationalpro

    world series start time today

    • date: Wednesday, Oct. 27
    • time: 8:09 p.m. et

    The first pitch between the Astros and the Braves is scheduled for 8:09 p.m. m. and Wednesday.

    how to watch the 2021 world series

    • TV channel (USA): fox
    • TV channel (Canada): sportsnet
    • live stream: fubotv

    all world series games will air on fox in the united states and on sportsnet in canada. On the Fox broadcast, Joe Buck will handle every play with John Smoltz providing in-booth analysis. reporters ken rosenthal and tom verducci will report from the field level.

    streamers can find the game on the fox sports go app or by using fubotv, which comes with a seven-day free trial.

    2021 world series schedule

    *if necessary.

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