Brewers Collective Packages the 24 Craft Beers of Cheer Advent Calendar Pack

    24 Craft Beers of Cheer Advent Calendar Beer Box - 24pk:12 fl oz Cans

    Another beer advent calendar joins the stock for the 2021 holiday season with the new 24 Joy Craft Beer Advent Calendar Pack. This one comes from the Brewers Collective, the craft arm of Anheuser-Busch, and features, you guessed it, 24 different beers.

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    Joy’s 24 craft beers include beers from Widmer Brothers Brewing, Elysian Brewing, Redhook Brewery, Kona Brewing, Goose Island Beer Co. and golden road brewing. This variety of beers includes some that are seasonal in the winter and some that are not locally available here in the Portland metro area.

    On the 24 Craft Beers of Joy website, there is a note-taking beer checklist and descriptions that allow beer drinkers to learn more about each of the 24 different beers. this list also highlights the 9 award-winning beers that are part of this vacation package.

    Five years ago, anheuser busch launched the brwbox holiday craft beer calendar that included widmer, kona, redhook, goose island and golden road beers. this pack featured a mix of 12 oz bottles and cans. Alegria’s new 24 craft beers feature just 12 oz cans of 13 different beer styles from seven different breweries.

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    Locally in the Portland metro area, cheer pack’s 24 craft beers can be found at fred meyer, safeway, target, total wine & more, bevmo! among other retailers. we’ve seen a price of $49.99 at many of these retailers. this seasonal pack makes a great gift or to explore new beers and revisit some you may not have enjoyed in a while!

    and if you want to know which beers comprise the 24 beers in the bundle of joy, the list of all 24 beers with descriptions is below.

    • get out of elysium & seed an easy drinking watermelon goes with lemon-lime tartness, herbal characteristics and a mild salty flavor.
    • elysian night owl a very drinkable pumpkin ale , made with puréed pumpkin and juice, and seasoned with ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves and allspice.
    • elysian added contact an electrifying ipa cake with a demeanor juicy.
    • elysian split shot milk stout made with coffee from stumptown coffee roasters.
    • golden road mango cart a light wheat beer packed with lots of fresh mango flavor and aroma.
    • golden road christmas cart wheat beer packed with bright cherry flavors and spiced with cinnamon, walnut nutmeg, cloves and allspice.
    • golden road golden state beer a light and smooth Mexican-style lager with a hint of citrus.
    • golden road hefeweizen a Bavarian-style wheat beer with hints of banana and cloves.
    • redhook winterhook our take on the classic winter warmer: sensual malts create a beer full of caramel flavors.
    • redhook storm surges into a hazy ipa with tropical fruit and citrus hops that converge with a light malt body and crisp finish.
    • redhook big ballard an imperial ipa that pays homage to our original grounds in the ballard district of seattle.
    • 10 barrels crushed with apricot bitters Brewed to appeal to any bitter fashion palate, this award-winning beer is light, crisp and refreshing.
    • 10 Barrel Cucumber Smash This award-winning sour is light, crisp and refreshing.
    • kona big wave a golden ale from lighter body with a tropical hop aroma and flavor—smooth, easy to drink, and refreshing.
    • kona longboard a crisp pale gold lager brewed with select malts and aromatic hops , traditionally brewed lager-style.
    • Kona Pipe Porter A smooth, dark porter with a distinctive roasted aroma and earthy complexity.
    • goose island 312 an immensely refreshing urban wheat beer inspired by the city of chicago.
    • goose island christmas ipa a balanced, dry and malty ipa that uses 6 hops different.
    • goose island so-lo ipa a full-bodied ipa with great aroma, citrus and herbal notes, and a nice balanced bitterness.
    • gan so island ipa an award-winning, flavorful ipa with bright citrus aromas and a bold hoppy finish.
    • widmer brothers hazy jack pale ale pale ale pine haze bold & citrusy hops and mild malt notes.
    • widmer brothers brrr hoppy red a one-of-a-kind Northwest-style red ale with a citrusy hop aroma and mild bitterness.
    • widmer brothers green skies a bright, fruity ipa with a light malt base and juicy finish.
    • widmer brothers hefe american -hefeweizen style with a bold, clean flavor and pronounced citrus and floral aromas.

    The beers included in the 24 Craft Beers of Cheer Advent Calendar Pack.

    The beers included in the 24 Craft Beers of Cheer Advent Calendar Pack.

    To learn more about the 24 Craft Beers of Cheer, visit

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