Browns sign jadeveon clowney to pair with garrett on d-line

    cleveland (ap): While considering her next stop in the nfl, jadeveon clowney said there was something about the browns that made them very attractive.

    “They are winning,” he said.

    They are now, and Clowney wants to help them win it all.

    The dynamic free agent defensive end signed a one-year, $10 million deal with Cleveland on Wednesday, joining pro end Myles Garrett on the defensive line of a rising team looking to dig even deeper into the playoffs in the 2021 season. .

    Clowney turned down a multiyear offer from the Browns last year (he said his old agent didn’t want him to visit), opting instead to sign a one-year deal with Tennessee.

    Things didn’t go as expected with the Titans, as Clowney was slowed down by a knee injury that stopped him after eight games.

    He’s healthy post-surgery, motivated and intent on proving he can still make an impact in a game.

    “I can still dominate this league,” said the 28-year-old clown. “I know”.

    the browns will field clowny on the opposite side of their line from garrett, another former no. 1 overall pick who has developed into one of the best defensive players in the league and is a sack threat on every play.

    and while much has been said about bringing in clowney to improve garrett, the 28-year-old said the opposite is also true.

    “I’ve been double-teamed many times in this league and in my career,” Clowney said, smiling broadly. “I really want to play someone who is dominant on the opposite side like myles garrett who can draw a double team.

    “maybe I can go one by one more.”

    Cloney’s signing excited Browns fans along with quarterback Baker Mayfield, who celebrated his 26th birthday on Wednesday. mayfield posted a photo of clowney on his instagram page with the caption: “this is a nice birthday present…”

    the no. 1 pick in 2014, Clowney hasn’t always lived up to his reputation, and his stats haven’t been impressive in recent seasons (three combined sacks in 2019, 2020) due to injuries. But Browns general manager Andrew Berry has been intrigued by him for two years, and Clowney appreciated the team’s dogged pursuit.

    “He was relentless in pursuing me and trying to get me here, and I’m going to be relentless on that field for him,” Clowney said of Berry. “He knows I can play. He told me he likes my style of play. I told him I’d bring him here.”

    For some critics, Clowney has never lived up to its potential. She had microfracture knee surgery, “probably the worst thing you could have in this game,” and while she’s been to three pro bowls, there are those who want to see more.

    clowney is one of them.

    “If I ever reach my full potential or get back there the way I feel right now, they say the sky is the limit, but it’s probably higher than that,” he said. “They have footprints on the moon though. That’s where we’re trying to get to. I just want to stay healthy. If I play 16 games, I think we’ll be good to go. Just let me work on that.” /p>

    berry spent this offseason improving cleveland’s defense, with clowney, a three-time pro bowler, his signature move. addition may affect berry’s plans in next draft; Cleveland’s greatest need had been a front running back to complement Garrett.

    they made fun of j.j. Watt, who signed with Arizona. the browns weren’t going to let the clown get away again.

    “he’s one of the most disruptive players in the game and we think he’ll add an element of robustness along our defensive line and mesh nicely with a lot of the guys we already have on the roster,” berry said. the other thing we love about jadeveon is the versatility of him, the ability of him to play up front and impact the game regardless of his lineup.”

    The Browns ended their nearly two-decade playoff drought last season by going 11-5 in the tough AFC North. they beat rival pittsburgh in the wild card round and came within minutes of defeating the defending champion kansas city chiefs before losing 22-17.

    cleveland was already a super bowl contender. The signing of Clowney, who has 32 sacks in his career, has only increased expectations.

    Clowney was in a similar situation last season with the Titans, and he knows that expectations can change a team.

    “When the guys are trying to win and everyone is going for the win, it brings out the best in everyone on the team,” he said. “When you start winning, everyone is happy and everyone wants to go out there and make plays and play.

    “I’m looking forward to it. Hopefully, we can get on that winning bandwagon and everyone just wants to go out and dominate and make plays.”


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